I’m in SUCH awe of how God manifests his faithfulness in my life.  I believe God meets every individual in different ways.  This is just where I’m personally confronted with His precious love for me.

I find such rest through physical movement.

Sitting still watching tv or scrolling social media isn’t where I come alive.  Actually, that kind of motionlessness kills my spirit.

Idle time is no good for me.  It’s actually no good for anyone.

When I put everything I have into physical movement…it puts this girl at SUCH peace.
Yesterday I shared (on Facebook) my raw feelings toward this new season I am in.  Closing a 10 year old chapter that happens to be my favorite season of life to date.  Staying home and raising small babies were so full of life and fun and busy and chaos and clutter and joy and peace and love and growth.
It’s been the best.
So yeah.  This new chapter is hard.
But today wasn’t.
Yesterday I wasn’t home sitting around with nothing to do.  I still have plenty to do.   I worked out, grocery shopped, cleaned the house, made homemade chili & cornbread and worked some focused hours in my business.
Yet, even through the busyness…I felt lost.
Then a sweet friend reached out inviting me to workout with her (today!).  She even suggested that we get lost in the woods to a nice run after our crazy lifting session.
I took her up on it.
My soul finds rest when I move.  Especially when I run.
Todays run confirmed my purpose. I felt this undeniable sense of motivation (particularly on the way home).
It was electrifying.
God has placed a specific passion inside of me.  No matter what I go through in life…fitness continues to provide me the rawest form of freedom.
A place to empty out and fill up, simultaneously.
And ESPECIALLY when I polish it off with loud, blaring, roaring praise and worship music.
Talk about an explosion of abundant living.
Faith and Fitness, y’all.
It’s a powerful duo.
I pinky promise.
I know where I am headed and I am determined to take along as many women that want to join me.
I believe in movement.
I believe in what I do.
I also remember when movement was torture for me.  I had zero motivation and was living in a sphere of depression.  Like a hamster spinning around and around with no answers.  Just a continual cycle of sadness and lacking any motivation.
So.  When I get the opportunity to shine this path onto someone else it makes my story become something that was WORTH living through.
Otherwise.  My story and my truth are in vain.  I don’t believe for one second that God’s perfect design for my personality (the bold, loud, wild side) was to be silently passionate.
Nope.  I believe that the ultimate freedom is inside each and every story.  We ALL have a story.  And inside our individual stories has the power to unlock the same prison inside someone else.  I’m just willing to be used.
I believe that I have everything inside of me to transfer this same belief to others.  The belief that an abundant life of freedom can be found through faith, fitness, and a deep walk inward.
Today lit my fire.
Just running….moving….deciding….living….breathing…hoping…and loving this one blessed life of freedom that I get to orchestrate.
I want to live out the rest of my life adding value to the lives that are around me.
I guess this next chapter isn’t going to be too shabby after all.
Today was good.
And if tomorrow isn’t…I’m okay.  I will lean into that as well.
But for today…I sucked the marrow out of life.
I went all in.
In HIM and Health,
Christy Marshall
“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
-Albert Camus

Christy Marshall

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