I’ve been so excited to give you guys a power packed playlist.

Nothing fills my soul quite like moving my body to the sound of worship music.

Like.  N O T H I N G!

I meet Jesus in these moments.  I feel warmth, chill bumps, and freedom.  I feel truly ALIVE.  A oneness with Him takes over and it’s amazing.


The very last song on this playlist is there to be a powerful ending.  A slowing down.  An arms-raised moment of gratitude.

Just say the name of JESUS!

When you decide to change your life.  God helps you lose weight. Not pounds.  But he will help you peel back layers of guilt, shame, rejection, and any other junk that is standing in your way of God’s best.

Let HIM help you lose that ‘weight’.  The pounds will fall after you tackle the weight that comes from within.

Here’s a powerful playlist that I drummed up for you guys.

I hope you fuse this lifestyle with a deeper dependence on Christ.  He’s all you need.

I pinky promise.


In HIM and Health,

Christy Marshall

Christy Marshall

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