Here’s the deal. I do not have time. YOU do not have time. But. I’ve noticed that we always MAKE TIME for things that are a priority in our lives.

And whatever you decide to make a priority is YOUR decision. If you think that you should be last on that list. You REALLY need to read this. And you need to open your mind for a moment and allow me to speak this truth into your heart.

I hear so many Mama’s wear busyness like some badge of honor. And their personal health and fitness is on the back burner as they allow their mama hearts to pour everything into everyone they love. Leaving them empty….and often times, lost.

It’s SOOOOO easy to do.  And I even feel like the pressure to perform is so heavy that we feel like there is no choice but to place ourselves…..last.  And THAT is our Mama-badge.  Being last.

Ya know.  Sometimes I’m thankful that I had no other choice but to tend to my health to fight off depression and anxiety.


Because I bet I would fall into that exact same category.  My nutrition and fitness journey is my choice of medication.  It’s just non-negotiable.

That badge of honor can turn into resentment, bitterness, and one more fight for your health because you’re so busy that you’re shoveling fast food down just to get to your next stop. And the guilt that follows the fast food choices that you’re feeding your children will cripple you into a dark hole if you’re not careful.  You don’t want to be feeding them that.  But you’re just too busy.  Never mind the physical toll this kind of poor nutrition takes on you.  And I’m not just talking about weight gain.  Fatigue, mood swings, low self esteem, and the list goes on and on.

After all, you’re doing the whole busyness rigmarole……..for them.


I want to help folks put a STOP to that kind of living. Because a 30 minute daily workout and a dedicated few hours a week of food preparation will give back in ways that you don’t realize is even possible.

Most people only focus on the time they DO NOT HAVE for this lifestyle. They build that case up so much that it becomes your truth. But the truth is: excuses are just little lies wrapped up in reasons. Please re-read that last sentence.  No.  Don’t.  I’ll just re-write it….

Excuses are just little lies wrapped up in reasons.

If you’re blessed like I was, you’ll have no other way.  Yes.  I consider myself blessed.  Even though I had to walk through the fire to find it.

For me?? 17 years ago?? I didn’t just want it bad enough. I truly was left no other choice. I was depressed, anxious, heavily medicated, fatigued, hopeless, 90 pounds heavier, and the most unmotivated person alive.

I was lifeless….yet I had a heartbeat.


Yes. Me. I was once that girl. And my passion is to link arms with that same girl and walk her OUT.

I’m going to list some non-scale victories that are in your reach if you simply move this journey to the FRONT burner:

-I’m just happier.
-I’m more patient with my babies.
-I’m confident.
-I’m energized.
-I live with less stress.
-I’m completely depression and anxiety FREE.
-I’m closer to the Lord.

All of these things make me a better and more capable Mom + wife. All of these victories help me wear my badge of busy without the resentment and bitterness. I’m equipped with energy to handle my load. I’m able to release my stress in those quick 30 minutes.



And in return, I feel confident in my compression pants and racerback tanks.

Don’t get me wrong, I experience waves in life just like anyone else. I go though storms and I fight back with fitness and my faith. None of us ever truly escape life’s hard spots.  But you CAN make them more manageable during those storms.

I’m not promising that it’s going to be this easy stroll in the park.  But. I promise that once it becomes a habit, you’ll workout simply because your heart…… beating. I don’t wake up motivated to workout anymore.

I workout because:

-It’s one of my life’s non-negotiables.
-It’s where I find my juice to rock out my busy badge.
-It’s my daily anxiety pill.
-It’s where I find (and lose!) myself all in the same half hour.

I eat clean because:

-When I don’t, I feel fatigue and unmotivated.
-I believe that my stomach is my second brain.
-Again…it’s my daily anxiety pill.
-I want to live a long and purposeful life.

I also believe that this lifestyle was designed by The Lord. He hand crafted our bodies to actually release endorphins. How friggin’ cool is He??  We get that option EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Can I get a HALLELUJAH!!


He thought about us so intentionally when we were created. And anything that is man made (processed foods, sugar, etc.) was not placed on this earth by God. So. When He made the earth. He thought about us so intentionally, yet again, by making our earth…..WHOLE.

So yes. I believe this lifestyle is for everyone. Whether you are a hundred pounds overweight, or twenty pounds underweight.

I’m so fired up to help lead so many more willing folks on this path. I’m just a vessel. A vehicle. An unqualified girl who is qualified by The Lord.

I know that He redeemed my life.  And I know that he wants me to lead with my hands DOWN….helping others UP.

I believe in redemption paired with grace.  Because my life was redeemed and I’m continually being  poured a new cup of daily grace.  And the fact that I get to help others is just grace upon grace.

My prayer is that if you are reading this, and you are THAT GIRL.  That girl who feels that you’ve gotten lost in the shuffle of busyness.  You are last in line every day.  You’re on empty.

You.  I want to help YOU.

Link arms with me and let’s go after the life that you deserve.  Your goals become mine.  I will invest in your journey.

Send me a personal message on Facebook.  I want to help you cast a vision, set your first goal, and give you HOPE.

Everyone you love will benefit the most.  Trust me.


In HIM and health,


Christy Marshall

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