Okay so I’m going to keep this as short as I can while saying what’s on my heart.

For whatever reason, I have felt daily convictions about eliminating certain foods from my families diet.

The ONLY thing holding me back was fear.

Yes.  Fear.

Gluten Free was something I had read up on for YEARS concerning children with sensory disorder.  My son has SUCH a heightened level on sensory overload.  It shows up most in his food choices.

I was afraid that I was going to take away the only few foods that my child enjoyed.  I feared he wouldn’t eat.  I feared the time (that I don’t have) it would take to make this a non-negotiable way of life for him…for all of us.

But.  When you truly empty yourself out and hear from God.  You find your HOW TO.

It all started with eliminating Gluten.

Which made me research other foods that cause gut issues.

Which led me to the Whole 30 movement.  I’ve heard SO MUCH about this and the more I looked into it.  The more SOLD I became.

Then this weekend I was at a Mary Kay party with my neighbors and one of the women there raved about it.  That was my LAST SIGN.

Aside from the Gluten Free decision (which was for completely different reasons),  I began to find it interesting the effect that grains, soy, diary, and legumes also had on your gut.

Your gut is basically your second brain.  So if any one reading this thinks I’m cuckoo for coo-coo puffs, then please STOP reading.  You’re not ready to receive this information.  And that’s totally okay.


I was ready.  Fear was OUT OF THE WAY.  And my focus became more of a brain-to-gut issue.  I started feeling so fatigue.  I know I go and do a lot.  But I also have a balance.  People think I workout a million hours a week.


I workout 30 minutes a day.  Except on Tuesday and Thursday when I teach 1 hour.

I workout like a normal person.  And my workouts are my daily source of energy (mixed with coffee, ha!).

I have actually cut back on the amount of classes I teach and my energy was starting to vanish.  And.  My ADHD (undiagnosed) became overwhelming.  I started to forget stuff.  Forget what I was doing.  And the list goes on.  It was truly driving me BONKERS!

And.  I started really fighting cravings.  I normally do NOT crave junk food anymore.  I mean I indulge in a weekly treat, but I don’t bite-at-the-bit wanting and dreaming about it.

I have recently been feeling all these things.  Fatigue, unorganized, extra scatterbrained, and fighting cravings like nothing I’ve experienced in a LONG time.

So.  When I landed on this information about this whole Whole 30 thing, I wanted to see if I could still stay true to my little portion control system that I swear by.

The 21-Day-Fix has been a road map for HUNDREDS of folks that I coach–myself included.  It re-trains folks on WHAT and HOW MUCH to eat.  It’s the most fool proof nutrition system I’ve ever heard of.  And I seriously pair most of my clients with this plan and their life completely changes.

And.  After a few hours of eliminating certain foods from my FIX meal plan, I found the perfect list to accommodate my LOVE for the 21-Day-Fix while staying on this path of food elimination to achieve some of these non-scale victories that I desire.

Will my body change on this path?

Oh I’m certain it will.  That’s not even a question.  But that is far from my reason behind taking this journey on.

I’m reading, Made To Crave, as I walk this new journey.  It’s so RIGHT ON TIME as I’m finding that when I crave certain foods…it’s JESUS I need to crave.

We were MADE to crave.  But none of us will ever crave the Lord if our mind is set on other addictions.  For some it’s food.  For some it’s alcohol.  For some it’s sex.  For some it’s shopping.  But we ALL fight cravings of some sort.


I’m ready for this.  My soul is being ministered to.  I find Him on these journeys.  THESE are the places I go that ALWAYS take me to that next level.

This is going to be hard.  I decided a LONG time ago that I didn’t want to skip the hard places in life. I want to LEAN into them.  Learn what I need to learn so that I can MOVE ON.

I’m giving this list out as a guide for those who are on the 21-Day-Fix.  These are the foods you CAN have.  If you have no clue what the 21-Day-Fix is, then allow this list to serve you still.  Just eat the foods on this list.  For 30 days.

You can open the Whole 30 Meets 21 Day Fix here:

Whole30 Meets Fix Doc

You’re welcome.

If you are reading this and you’d like some accountability for your journey.  I’d LOVE to be your coach.  This next month will be a wild ride inside my virtual challenge group.

Because when I go deep inside my soul, I coach from my overflow.  And it’s so much richer in these seasons.

Send me a private Facebook message if you need that extra help.  Otherwise, rock it out from afar.  I’m here in spirit.

I pray you align your journey with a deeper craving for Jesus.  He will NEVER lead you where you aren’t meant to be.


In HIM and health,

Christy Marshall

(P.S. Grab some hot tea and check out my archives.  I have years worth of blogging if you’d like to stay around!).

Christy Marshall

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