TMI alert:

I just want to say that on Monday of this week I woke up nauseated.  It was dull and lingering all day.  Also, I was two days late (yes, you read that right…I was TWO DAYS LATE!). And I just KNEW that I was pregnant.  I mean, I’ve been there three times.  I know what pregnant feels like.


I texted my husband to bring home a pregnancy test. With this picture attached to the text:

Okay so calm down.  The outcome was NEGATIVE. Crazy thing is that while yes, I was relieved, I was also disappointed.  So that was just a weird emotion.

Any who.  That is NOT what this blog is about I just thought it needed to be stated since I was in a roller coaster of emotions on Monday.

Do I want another baby?  No.  But kind of yes but mostly no…I think.

Moving on to the subject that is HUGELY on my heart this week….

When I first decided to take this coaching opportunity, I was determined to keep my family BEFORE my business.  That meant, get the bulk of my work done when they are sleeping.  And for the most part, I do that.

I wake up one hour before my family (that’s my POWERHOUR!), and I am able to work during nap time as well.  Also, I made a decision that the MOMENT this little dream of mine started to come before my family (because I’m driven and love the heck out of what I do!), I will throw in the towel, cash in ALL my chips, and turn my back on it entirely.  And.  I would do that PROUDLY.  I really would.

But, that just makes me MORE determined to fight for this dream while keeping my priorities lined up.

Okay.  So before I go on, I must be REAL and say that I totally botch this up and my priorities go all sorts of WHACK some days. But.  Here’s the truth.  On those days I feel so much guilt and heaviness that it’s a LOOOOOOONG time before it happens again.

And before anyone tries to give me some parenting award, please note that I am DAILY telling my children that “mommy is very sorry for (fill in the blank with something like: being so angry, yelling at you, for not really listening, and the list of ‘sorry’s’ go on and on and on!).

Okay so.  Truth is, I don’t ONLY work while they are asleep.  And I’m not the kind of Mom to push them in front of the television or iPad just so I can focus on my work.  I’m not saying that I’ve never done that but I don’t like the way it feels and the guilt of it makes me dig up creative and artistic ways to keep them busy. That way I can throw in little bouts of work here and there throughout the day.

(These ideas also go for Moms who don’t work at home but just need a hot bath or a brain break without turning on the television!)

If you take NOTHING away from the post, I hope you really listen to this ONE THING.  And oh man…it’s like GOLD.  It’s simple.  It’s this magical thing called QUALITY TIME.

Yep.  I find that on the days I try to work before a good quality moment…I get NOTHING done and wind up frustrated and feeling overwhelmed, guilty, and none of that sits well with my soul.

So, you can find me on the floor with my phone completely put away (after I stage a really cute picture to document with-haha!).  I become so ever present in our moment.  Whether we are playing a matching game, a board game, doing a puzzle, or letting them pick what they want to do.  I give them 15-20 minutes of my UNDIVIDED attention.  I pour all of myself into them during that time frame and here’s what happens….are you ready for it…..are you??

Their cup is FULL.  And they aren’t going to bombard you all kinds of attention starved.  Their cup will be running over and they will play independently like a champ…………..usually.


My absolute FAVORITE game to play with my 3-year old is Zoominos.  All three of my kids have passed this down and it’s been a hit every time.  I love how smart they feel when they find a match.

And UNO is the best as it allows you to help them recognize numbers and colors long before their time. And adding her dolls in the mix just makes her downright jolly.


I am always amazed at how well she plays with her toys on her own after I’ve given her ALL of me for just a few quality minutes.

And never….I mean NEVER underestimate the power of new stickers, a day time bath even when they don’t need one, and crayons.  Those are my little go-to’s for sure.

IMG_0492 IMG_0478


Okay so besides quality time (which again, is the BIGGEST TIP of all!), I stock up at the dollar tree about once a month. I spend anywhere from 15-20 bucks and nab up some amazing stuff.  It’s always different based on what they have, but it keeps our craft closet very flavorful.  Crafting is something that my kids get lost in every single day.

And I’m sure to race off and respond to a few messages or emails, load the dishwasher, and prep dinner while they color Mommy something amazing.

Another awesome idea I stumbled on is grab up some pipe cleaners and a colander from your very own kitchen.  No instructions necessary.  Even my older, school aged kids enjoy this activity.



I wish I had a picture of this but something I LOVE to do is cover my dining room table with butcher paper after they go to bed at night (I always find these at the Dollar Tree and grab them every month!).  Then, they wake up with markers, stickers, colored pencils and crayons all over the table and they can draw their hearts out on it throughout the entire day.

We do this a lot.  And it NEVER gets old.

And when my older two get home from school, they now know that there will be NO ELECTRONICS on a school night.  I made this an all-or-nothing rule almost six months ago simply because when I tried to just do 30 minutes, it always ended in an hour, and then we started to inch into longer.  I mean, it can get real quiet when you turn on a movie.  And let’s me honest, mama’s…quiet is good.

I allowed the electronic time to get out of hand over the summer and I was embarrassed to admit that as it was a huge conviction to me.  But oh well.  My kids got to much electronic time in the summer of 2015.  So what.

It’s all or nothing for me.  I just can’t do the limited 30 minutes as I’ll want more quiet time.  To each their own out there….please don’t feel judged reading this.  I want to inspire you to join us on this *NO ELECTRONICS ON SCHOOL NIGHTS* rule. You have to KNOW that I’m guilty of allowing it to a fault and that is why I’m passionate about inspiring this inside of anyone.

My kids are so much better off having set this boundary.  They are more creative and they are having a lot more family fun.  I seriously want to go as far as to say that I despise electronics (even though we still enjoy them on the weekends!). I’m the parent. It’s not the electronics job to keep them busy.  It’s mine.  It’s yours.  Period.

One night this week I gave my kids a roll of toilet paper and said, “Here, go roll the house…roll each other…just have fun, make a mess, and let me know when you’re done so I can come see it!”  And off they went for a good hour.  You better believe I was able to get some serious laundry folded during that time….and, I even put it away.  SCORE!! (and even some mindless Facebook scrolling, too!)



I’m not a perfect Mama.  Those don’t exist.  But the good news is that there are no ways to be a perfect mom.  But there ARE millions of ways to be a good one.

And I’m certainly a good one.

And you are too.

Now go get your Momhood on.

In HIM and health,

P.S. If you’re new to my blog.  Grab a cup of tea and get lost in my archives. I have 6 years worth of writing. Vulnerable posts, funny posts, and just all the in-betweens.  Be blessed.

Christy Marshall


  • Rayna

    Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing. I always feel guilty about the movie thing and doing school work or other things that need to get done after I get home from work. We don’t watch TV and don’t allow electronics already but sometimes they will watch a movie so I can do my homework. I will be trying some of these very soon. 😊

  • Tereasa bowers

    Christy I thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your sharing and caring because as a geebee I need to keep up with all these things for little 2 year lucy bug! You rock

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