our family has learned so much this summer-especially the kids and i.  the husband grew up, traveling and singing with his brother and sisters, while his dad would bring the message.

but the kids and i?  we have never experienced this lifestyle.  

and by different, i mean wild.

and by wild, i mean crazy.
and by crazy, i mean BANANAS.  
and by bananas, i mean FABULOUS.  but, i’m so happy to be settling down and gaining my ground again.   
those camper walls were slowly closing in on me, and my laundry was done at who ever offered up their washer and dryer.  and we had to do mini trips to the grocery store because our fridge only fills up enough food for 3 days of meals, and there was no way under the sun to live in a clean headquarters with three littles dragging out toys and crafts while a mom preps food.

i like things clean.  this summer was far from that.  and, our hot water heater always ended a little too soon.  

but…there’s so much that went on that pointed my family towards the face of God.  the husband and i have such clear focus and we are a constant stream of ideas and ways to help others, that it truly crosses out all those traveling woes.  there is no price tag you can put on traveling the country with your family and truly experiencing life.     
it feels so amazing
i’m going to be honest and say that for the most part we were parked at either a local rv park (nothing fancy, no amenities), or at the actual church we spoke at.  we were not living in the lap of luxury.

at all.  

the only time we got to experience the great outdoors was in-between states.  that’s when we did our very best to cram in an excellent memory before we hit the road yet again.

oh, lucy…your style is so legit…
we were trying to conserve, save, and stretch our money this summer.  we rarely ate out.  but when we did, we truly felt like royalty and we genuinely appreciated it.  we have financial goals and we can’t reach them without a little self control.

and trust me, it would have been much easier to go grab dinner rather than cooking three meals a day for a five member family in a weenie-teenie kitchenette.  

so you might be asking me how this is the best summer of my life??  
it’s called being humbled and brought down to a place where nothing really matters but God, your purpose, and HIS perfect will.  
truth is, i live in complete peace.  i know without a doubt that this was exactly where HE wanted our family this summer. 
i’ve experienced a different kind of living.  a purposeful and meaningful kind of living.

when i started packing up for our summer and selling all sorts of household items and furniture, i began an inward journey that i don’t think i truly understood until recently.  

i’m realizing that all those things that made up my home didn’t bring myself, or my family, a single bit of lasting joy.

matter of fact, simply removing all those things has actually brought about so much joy.  it has made me realize that life is actually really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

although from the surface, this summer looked as if we were ducks, calm on the surface, but we were paddling like the dickens underneath.  i can promise you that. 

as we took a trek up pinnacle mountain, i was blessed with so many amazing revelations.  as we were climbing: the husband, the son, the second born, and the little one (mostly being carried), and myself…i was amazed.  i was amazed at the amount of effort it took to get to an amazing place.  it took pain.  it took exhaustion.  it took moments of resting and regrouping.  but never quitting. that was never a thought, option, or spoke of. 

nobody wanted to quit.  we wanted to see what was at the top.  i was so excited to teach this valuable lesson about half-way up to our littles, who were getting weary.  i shared with them that it was supposed be hard…that if it were easy, everyone would be climbing.  

to be successful in life, at anything, it’s going to be tough.  as a parent, it’s easier to let them have their way.  but i don’t want the easy route.  i want children who can appreciate the fight that life offers, so i guide them and train them and redirect them and speak good over them all day long. 

they began to understand the powerful lesson and they began to push through.

i was proud of them.  i was proud because i was a 35 year old woman who was in great shape and my legs were burning.  i wanted to be done with the hike a while ago.  but yet my babies were climbing and sacrificing to get to the top.

they had a vision.  they were told it would be worth it.  and they believed in the journey.

just because this picture looks like pure bliss, i can promise you that we had to run through a few family quarrels to achieve such joy.  guaranteed.

it takes a family effort to achieve joy while traveling to-and-fro.  it takes busy bags (may GOD richly bless one of my very best friends, Auntie Dawn, for cramming four bags full of road trip busy-ness).  

it takes crackers, water bottles, crayons, the soundtrack of frozen, puppet shows, and many more distractions to get us to a place of utter captivity.

it takes every single thing we’ve got to capture some of the most magical moments we’ve ever entered.

stuff is great.  i love stuff more than the next.  but, what i’ve learned more than anything this summer is that when i truly tune into what i have, what i have is more than enough.

yes, that is exactly how i feel in my heart at this very moment.

so full.

so rich.

so overflowing.

yet exhausted.

i have thirftly replaced all my things, and while yes, that makes me happy, it doesn’t make me near as happy as looking back on our summer adventure.

i don’t think i would have changed a single thing about how we uprooted, sold our things, and lived our lives outside of our comfort zone.

nope…wouldn’t have changed a thing.

if you truly look for the good.  good is all you’ll see.

just trust me on this.

in HIM and health,

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