I will never live my life any other way then the way i’m about to share with you.

 ever.  ever.  

i remember watching folks live life and they seemed to always crush all their goals.  i thought they were “lucky”.  I had so many dreams that i often times felt like i was drowning in a sea of awesome ideas, without a single plan of attack to achieve any of them.  so i would just watch and marvel at all the other folks around me.  and at times it would almost make me more discouraged as i would wish that i could be that “lucky” too.

i have finally figured out how to move through life by my terms.  i’m finally starting to live with focus. and vision.  just by simply setting goals.  setting goals isn’t something you should do because it’s a new year. i believe you should reassess them quarterly–if not monthly.

I am going to share my little secret with you.  it’s the most doable at-home project you could ever do.  and it’s even cooler to turn it into a date-night and do it as a team.  the husband and i will forever do our vision boards together.  three (or more) times a year.

now before I go any further, i would like to just say that back in october of 2013-when i did my very first vision board, i did it all by myself.  so if your significant other isn’t as sold out to this idea as you are, don’t pressure him/her.  trust me, when they see your new found focus and they begin to watch you tackle goal after goal after goal after goal…they will catch on.  actions speak louder than words.  and for myself and the husband’s experience, he kind of thought it was one of my crafty projects.  little did he know that my focus was going to be tuned into something powerful beyond measure.

i had vision.  i had all my countless dreams tied to a plan with an actual date-of-completion attached.  a deadline if you will.

when thinking of setting goals, don’t set goals that you know you can obtain with no effort.  for example:  i don’t want to put on my vision board to run a 5K knowing that i can lace up my shoes right this very moment and knock that out.  instead, go bigger.  go a little outside your comfort zone.  when in doubt, always go outside your comfort zone.  that’s where all the magic happens.  i pinky promise.

another thing to consider when setting goals is to make sure that all things honor your key priority.  for me, that is God and my family.  I will not set a goal that could potentially take me away from either of those.  i am driven.  i have to fight for balance, and believe it or not, i could easily neglect my number one priority if i didn’t engineer my day to protect those most important to me.

if you notice, i placed those who matter most to me front and center. i had weekly intentions that i wanted to stay true to.  and again, this stared in my face day in and day out.

and i always set fitness goals. for example:  i am currently holding strong at 4 unassisted pull-ups.  I’m hoping to have 6 by the end of Summer.  this goal in-particular had me cranking out pull-ups on the monkey bars while the kids played on the park.


because it’s on my vision board and i have a date tied to it.  and that date is arriving.  and i’m going to arrive at that date and slash that sucker off my board and reset a new goal.

that’s why!

then i’m gonna get all hyper and post about it on my social media sites, followed up with a #BOOM (hashtag and all).

back in october, when husband wasn’t really all that interested in my little craft project, although he thought it was cool and totally supported me.  I went ahead and made him a little corner on OUR vision board.  and yes, i say “our” because at the time i had just became a health and fitness coach and had found a part of my purpose.  i was receiving an actual paycheck to inspire others to lead a healthy and happy life, and the husband was installing cable.

i knew he had much bigger dreams for himself than that, so i took it upon myself to put a deadline to his quit date for cable on there.  without his permission, hehe.

but i knew he wanted nothing in this entire world more than he wanted to find a way to deliver his passion for music to many.  he’s the most driven, talented, and incredible artists i’ve ever met.  and more than that, it’s his language.  he comes alive when music is mentioned, just like i do when health foods or working out is the main topic.

so, i decided i was going to match my husbands income by June of 2014 (which was last month) so that he could FIRE HIS BOSS, and live out the life that i knew he truly wanted.

and i had NO CLUE how on earth i was going to make that happen, but i was dreaming BIG.  I slapped that sucker on there with a picture of a keyboard and got busy retiring my praise and worship leader.  and sure enough, June came and he got to put in his two-weeks notice and we got to wave goodbye to our cable guy for the last time.

and by the way, this traveling summer was not on our vision board.  i had no intentions to go this far outside of my comfort zone but something inside of our family started to birth.  it was the birthing of OUR MINISTRY.

we had never had that.  he had his goals, i had mine.  but we never found where our passions united until mid-march of 2014.  and i couldn’t be happier with our wild and crazy summer.  i am certainly living outside of my comfort zone.  you know, where all the magic happens.

i believe it, y’all. i am seriously loving this summer to much and hope it never ends.  but getting to this place was definitely uncomfortable.

not all my goals are these huge, hairy, and scary goals that seem way to far off.  some of my goals were simple as write at least 4 hours a week in my book.  that might seem like an easy goal but finding four uninterrupted hours each week was definitely a feat within itself.  but because i saw it staring in my face day in and day out, i carved out time for this very important task.

one goal that i remember crushing was going diamond in my business.  when i set that goal i remember hesitating on the date i was placing on it.  it truly seemed obnoxious and unobtainable.  i was a ways from diamond but i had to at least try.  i was willing to arrive at that date and then reset it if need be.  i knew i was going to reach diamond but the time frame i had set for myself was a little bit ridiculous.  but i’m a little bit ridiculous.  and i like a nice, healthy challenge.

and sure enough, as the day approached, i reached this goal and it felt so amazing.  i especially like the way it made me feel like i really was unstoppable.

and always set financial goals.  the husband and i have goals to be completely debt free by the end of 2014. and since i’m an open book, i can proudly state that we will have that goal completely tackled months before the end of 2014.  simply because we have vision.  the bible states that without vision, man perishes.

we want to live our lives free from debt so that we can GIVE more, save more, send our children to college (fully paid), and to simply lead by example in all areas.  i don’t want to just be physically fit.  i want to be spiritually and financially fit too.

and that is why i feel so impressed to write this particular blog post today.  because i am no different than anyone else.  if i can do this, so can you.  maybe you have all these aspirations and dreams but can’t seem to birth them.  maybe, if you are like my past self, all you are lacking is a simple ole VISION BOARD.  don’t let your dreams just keep being put off year after year after year.

find a few magazine’s and start flipping through the pages.  its actually really fun to dive into the areas that make you come alive.  create your VISION board.  It doesn’t have to be anything to earth-shattering, but maybe you just need to focus more on your children, your husband, or your intimate time with God.  Put it on the board.  Statistics vary but it’s reported that folks who write down their dreams and goals are 50-70% more likely to achieve them.

those are some pretty astronomical stats, yo.

i will forever have a vision board hanging up in my house.  i will have it somewhere that i look at continuously throughout the day, and it will hold little bits of my heart, my priorities, and my hopes and dreams.  and all of them will be centered around my key priority, which is God and Family.  As long as my goals honor those top two things, I am free to dream BIG.

dare to dream, would ya?

in HIM and health,

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