I am hyper-aware of my life.  I am aware of things that make me happy. I am aware of things that make me sad.  I am aware of things that try to cripple me from becoming the healthiest version of myself.  And I am aware of things that I desperately need to change in order to be who I want to become. 

I’m a constant work in-progress.  And will never ever change that about myself.

But tonight, I want to share 5 little secrets that I truly believe keeps me healthy, fit, active, and full of joy.  It’s just five small things that I habitually do to keep myself on track.

Secret 1:  YOU MUST EAT!!

so many women try to lose weight by not eating.  and trust me, I was very successful at that when I was 18.  it resulted in an eating disorder.  did I get skinny?  you betcha.  I was teensie-tiny–weighing in at a whopping 90 pounds, yet still somehow managed to keep my bubble butt (ha!).

and I was miserable.  all I thought about was food.  I wanted it.  but I denied myself.  it was the worst season of my entire life.  horrific, actually.

please do not follow in my miserable footsteps.  there’s a much greater path to follow.  a path that allows you to eat wholesome food that actually serves to put your body at it’s greatest state.  you will operate at your maximum potential when you fuel your body with goodness and health.  it’s just how the Lord designed us to live.

but he never intended us to starve ourselves.

i know first hand what starving yourself does.  it messes with your brain and it messes with your metabolism.  food is fuel.  don’t be afraid of it.  you need it.  it is actually the single most important source of energy.  it can cure you of diseases and it can actually help you lose weight forever.

i am living proof that skipping meals and not eating enough on a regular basis will result in rapid weight gains. because what happens is that you send your body into starvation mode.  and our bodies are smart-as-a-whip.  what happens is that it begins to slow down because it is out of gas.  and when you do finally eat again, it will hold on to every single bite for dear life because it fears you will starve it again.


please do NOT starve yourself.  it’s not worth it.  win your battle with weight by feeding yourself with education on a healthy lifestyle and feeding yourself with whole foods. and please do not ever hesitate to reach out to me and ask me to help.  i have more passion in this area than i know what to do with myself.  i know the secret.  and i share it.

Secret 2:  Meal Prep And Meal Prep…oh….and MEAL PREP!!!

i’m a busy mom, wife, aerobics instructor, online fitness coach, and so much more.  i DO NOT have time to meal prep and plan out my meals.  oh no.  I MAKE TIME.  period.  it’s VERY important to me.  if i don’t have my meals set out before me and ready to grab, i will snack and reach for those empty calories that add up and serve no purpose to give my body that fuel it needs to operate at its maximum.

i love riding this lifestyle rather than letting it ride me.

Secret 3:  You Must Indulge!

That is right.  I said you need to get your grubby hands on a little junk food in moderation.  You will not survive if you do not.  I had grease running down my hand as I drill-sauced a veggie pizza tonight.  I didn’t over stuff, but i indulged.  And i have zero regrets.  It’s essential to give into those temptations if you want to stay in for the long haul.  I never consider it a “cheat meal”.  I like to be in control of my journey.  It’s my “choice meal”.  I made the choice.  It didn’t overpower me.

I wanted it.  I ate it.

I generally give myself one meal a week to get off tracks.  And I never plan on stopping.  A few weeks ago the husband and I indulged in an overnight getaway and we had ourselves a blast.  it was centered around food that we normally do not indulge in.

we carry no regrets.  it was necessary.  you will not be successful if you do not allow yourself a splurge.

it’s deserved.

Secret 4:  Hydrate…Hydrate…Hydrate.

This might be my biggest secret of all.  I should have put it first.  I believe water is KEY at flushing toxins and weight loss.  If you are working out and eating clean but aren’t chugging away at your water bottle…you will not be near as successful as if you took charge of that water.

i will not be caught without a water bottle in tow.  never.  

just trust me.  drink a-flipping-ton of water.  SOOOOOOOOO many health benefits:

*helps with digestion
*transports nutrients
*flushes out toxins
*helps with circulation
*improves skin

and so much more…

Secret 5:  You Must Do Something For YOU!!

Yep.  As a mother to three and a wife, it’s easy to place yourself last.  And unfortunately I watch mothers lose their identity and motivation because they are so busy being fabulous women that they forget to treat themselves to a little something special.

For me, my something special comes in the form of a little lunch date or starbucks date with a dear friend or an allotted time I have carved out to paint my nails.

And not just any kind of nail painting session.  I make it fabulous by adding a wild green with two “party nails” thrown in the mix.  
And just like that I feel refreshed and well taken care of.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate.  and maybe being all girly-girl isn’t your thing….but I’m sure you can carve out some time to do something that will bring you joy.  
I know that looking at my nail art for the next few days brings this mama enormous joy.  it really is the smallest of things.  but oh so necessary…

I am a believer in treating yourself well.

That is all.

Much Love to YOU and YOU and YOU!!



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