Dear America,

While I was in the middle of blissfully planning a bright and cheery birthday party for my 4-year-old, and literally skipping through my house without a care in the world, I got a phone call that put chills all the way through my body and sent a trail of tears down my eyes within seconds. I had such a hard time swallowing this devastating news. And I’m still choking back tears today.

Yes, my day moved on after that phone call and we still went about our birthday party. But my heart kept returning to this news. Over and over and over. I woke up thinking about it. I couldn’t shake the devastation. I hate feeling helpless. Then I remembered that there was something I could do. And something you can do too.

One of my dearest friends from high school texts me yesterday letting me know that her brother-in-law passed away after his tires caught ice, his car swerved into the oncoming traffic lane where he slammed into a F350 (HEAD ON!). He was killed instantly.

And this tragedy doesn’t stop there.

He is survived by his wife, Angela, age 36. Greg was only 44 years old. He have six children who lost their daddy in an instant. A happily married woman turned into a widowed single mother over the matter of a few seconds. Their children: Alex-18 year old, Kristen-11 years old, Danielle-8 years old, Amber and Brianna are 3.5 year old twins, and Elijah is 2.5 years old.

Greg served in the navy when he was younger and he loved the navy and our country. He was dedicated and felt honored to serve. He worked third shift so that either him or Angela would ALWAYS be home with the kids. She just got a job at a preschool and she loved it. She was also working toward a college degree.

Angela already has had to walk through every single mothers worst nightmare as she had to burry her 1.5 month old to SIDS. I can only imagine what that road has looked like for her much less her new reality.

They just bought a home back in November. They’ve been renting for about 5 years and they were thrilled to buy this house just 3 short months ago.

Although Greg will be burried in a military cemetery, the cost of the funeral home, casket, and vault will be approx. $6500.00, and that is the cheapest casket and vault. The funeral home fee alone is $4300.00.

Angela is very worried about the children’s mental, emotional, and spiritual needs as they are all having to wrap their innocent brains around the fact that daddy will never be coming home as they have to learn what dying means.

When Angela saw her 18-year-old at the door at 2 am talking to the Coroner, she noticed the jacket and collapsed to the floor and immediately became inconsolable. She knew without anyone saying a word.

I don’t want to sit over here just sad about something so horrific. I don’t want to share this news to my best friend and just mention the tragedy. I don’t want to just pray for peace over her. I want to do anything I can do to help.

I have attached a donate button. If all you can donate is five dollars, please do so. And please ‘share’ this post and encourage your friends to read and share. Please do not read this without giving. This family sure does need your help. We can’t bring their daddy back, but we can make sure his funeral is paid for and that maybe her mortgage gets covered.

I love how America gives. So please, America, bless this family who just lost everything.

You will be blessed in return because that is just how it works.

Thank you SO much,



  • Anonymous

    Don't know you but praying for this precious family. where are they from? ~Kristi

  • Anonymous

    My heart is breaking with you and the family. I'd love to donate, but I'm sure you can understand, in this day and age, why I ask the following questions: Can you provide any link to a reputable news story or obituary for this? Can you give more details, such as city and state? Did the man carry life insurance, which often can help with the funeral expenses and beyond? I'd be willing, after some more research, to donate to this cause. Thanks for understanding. Sincerely, Alta Johnson

    • Anonymous

      Please see the news article below. The accident happened in Castle Rock, CO.

  • Tiffany Jolly
  • Matt D

    This family lives around the corner from us. We're all fairly new to the neighborhood as it is still being built. Our hearts go out the family. What a tragedy!

  • Anonymous

    Christy, love to donate, but how do we know the donation site is legit, how are the donations getting delivered? Usually an account is set up at a local bank, this seems a bit strange?


  • Anonymous

    Please check out the website Greg was a friend and co-worker and will be missed.

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