i know i operate a little different than most folks.  and until this year i always wondered how i was being perceived.  and for some reason i would actually consider other peoples opinions about me as truth and allow it to hurt my heart.  but not anymore.  i don’t need permission or approval from anyone to be who i am. and that, my friends, is such freedom.  

i know i have made mention of this lately, but i can’t get over the stronghold it had over me.  and once i was actually able to be healed, and i’ll go as far as to say delivered from it, i began to see my life’s purpose fall in tact.  so anytime that little seed tries to come back up in my life, i can quickly recognize it, put it in it’s place, and keep being ME.  
i am bold.  i am colorful.  i am a promoter.  i am an encourager.  i am a proud believer in Jesus.  i am a wife, mother, and friend.  i am a fitness coach.  i love teaching aerobics.   i love so big and i cry when someone is sad.  i would much rather give than receive.  and i love to read or write in my free time.  and i love my first cup of coffee every morning while reading my devotion and writing out my daily list. 
(those are my strengths.  and trust me, i’m fully aware of my weaknesses, but since this is my blog, i will only leak out one of my weaknesses.  i am scatterbrained.  there!  that’s all.  i’ll just keep working on the rest of my weaknesses every day.  just know that i have just as many weak spots as i do strong ones.)
you see, a few months ago i was pushed by my mentor, Susannah Johnson, to set a goal that was scary.  so i said i wanted to be a DIAMOND BEACHBODY COACH by 1/1/14.  i said it out loud.  i told my husband.  i put it on my vision board that i look at every. single. day.  i even started telling those closest to me.  then i began to start DO-ING.  i worked the model that was given to me.  and sure enough, i reached my goal.  and it is so empowering to set a goal so scary and crazy…..AND CRUSH IT!!  
so when i saw all the recognition on my page today and in my team, i was elated.  since i’m a natural-born compliment-er, my love tank went through the roof today.  i appreciated each comment, text message, and little piece of encouragement that came to me today.    
if you are a goal setter, you might appreciate this.  and i’m SO SO SO glad i told people what my goals were.  i think it had A LOT to do with my success.
this has certainly been a balancing act.  i’m the mom who wants her son to sell the most cookie dough and when i got the cookie dough flier in his folder i threw it in the trash.  i knew it was just not something i had time for.  i hated it because i knew it was for a good cause…his school!  i always envisioned myself setting up booths outside of walmart for a month of saturdays and sellinh the crapballs out of this stuff.  and maybe in the future, but right now i just can’t.  and my bathroom needs a good scrubbin’.  and my legs need shaved.  so yeah, i do NOT do it all.  i have plenty of areas that need some attention. 
but some areas are non-negotiable.  and that is my family.  they are the center of my vision board i created a few months back.  no matter how busy i get, i will always keep my priorities in order.  and if i see them fall off tracks, i’ll get right back on.  
since i haven’t been able to blog like i’d like in the past month, allow me to drop a big fat bomb of unicorn and rainbow sightings.  
the week before thanksgiving we wrapped up all the doors in the hallway as presents because i just couldn’t hardly stand it.  we NEEDED it to look CHRISTmassy.  
nobody complained.
we’ve been keeping the crafts at an all time high.  i like keeping their imaginations stimulated.  and i like hanging fresh kid art.  i smile.
and we’ve had dance recital day.  i can’t even begin to describe how important that day is to me.  i love the whole fuss of her getting into her costume and make-up.  i love how we turn it into a HUGE family ordeal that starts with a little candle flickering at breakfast.  
and then topped with that moment when daddy hands her a bouquet of flowers.  i can’t hardly handle that part.  totally pulls at my heartstrings.
that girl knows she’s some kind of wonderful.  i’m so happy she knows that!!  it took me WAY to long to realize that.
breakfast and devotion picnics and basketball practices.
crafting in front of the CHRISTmas tree.  because…where else?
family board games in front of the CHRISTmas tree.  because…where else?
nursing my 20 monther.  sometimes i gripe about how often she nurses (because it’s ALL THE TIME), but i secretly adore her dependence and littleness.  not rushing it.  
season passes to the local children’s museum.  we go almost every saturday.  it’s winter.  it’s cold outside. best investment ever. 
having a girls night in with my little lucy while nathan was out with daddy and mary was sleeping.  i love one-on-one time with my littles.  i crave it.
i told lucy to pick out her colors.  she did NOT disappoint. she stayed true to her punky brewster style.  and she even painted my toes to match her awesomeness.
i believe that MY success is found in all these little small moments.  i believe that my happiness lies in all the littles things i do, say, and think.
don’t waste your time on anything that isn’t good.
have a happy filled weekend.  i loved writing tonight.  i hope you felt my JOY!!
pause button please!

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