Okay so I am just going to get straight to the point.  I promised 5 quick and clean recipes and I will get that blog post wrapped up soon, but I felt like sharing my new favorite CLEAN MEALS that have made their way into my kitchen lately and into our hearts. 

yes, our hearts.  because husband and I delight in a warm and flavorful meal.  we love the idea of a nice meal to finish our days.  we talk about what’s for dinner throughout the day.  and husband is addicted to sending me recipes he finds.  he calls me his personal chef. 

like for instance, he really pushed and begged me to make a tofurkey this year for thanksgiving. 

it was awful. 

we concluded that we will just make a mean dish of cranberry stuffing next year.  but we sure had fun making it together.  so it was still worth it. 

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

first of all, this stuff makes you want to stand up and raise the blasted roof after every single bite.  I am totally blown away and amazed at this stuff.  to me it tastes better than actual pizza dough.

you will need:
whatever toppings you decide
pizza sauce or marinara sauce
1 head of cauliflower
fresh parmesan cheese
1 egg

it is time consuming.  so here is what I decided to do the second time I made this.  I broke it up in two parts.  so during the girls’ nap time I send the cauliflower through the food processor and got it all heated in the microwave and ready to drain (quit looking at me funny, i’m about to post the recipe link and that will all make sense.  I pinky promise.). 

then I finish the rest around dinner time. 

here’s the recipe to the actual crust (click on link).  when it comes to toppings, I think to each his own.  we went wild both times and both times were equally amazing.  and we actually used marinara sauce out of a jar as the pizza sauce.  hello easy street.

however, I always tweak recipes I find and make them a bit cleaner.  so in this recipe I omit the mozzarella cheese and use just a touch more of the parmesan.  and do yourself a favor and use fresh parmesan.  just cause it’s way better for you.  oh, and I also omit the salt.  it does NOT need any.  trust me.  it’s fine without it.

first time around we roasted veggies (broccoli, green peppers, onions) in the oven and then completely covered the pizza with them.  then topped it with spinach and feta cheese.  dude…yum!!

tonight we topped with whatever I had in the fridge: (jalapeno, kalmato olives-halved, tomato slices, spinach, mushrooms, and chunks of goat cheese goodness.).  I think I liked this recipe a touch better because I love the spicy kick.  i’m such a sucker for spicy.  so i’m adding them japs every time. 

Stuffed Bell Peppers:

so yummy and easy.  and quite frankly it’s an American classic. 

you will need:
four bell peppers (I used all colors to make it pretty)
1 yellow squash
1 zucchini squash
1 yellow onion
1 16oz. can of black beans-drained and rinsed (and if you are not a vegetarian, you could add some lean meat as well)
1 can of rotel diced tomatoes (or any brand, I just like the rotel)
and 1 cup of cooked quinoa (or brown rice or barley)
and spice to your liking.  (I use cumin and garlic powder)

cut tops off bell peppers and shake the seeds out.  put them aside. 

in a medium sauce pan I sauté: yellow onion and squash until done.  then I add the diced tomatoes, black beans and quinoa and seasoning.

meanwhile the oven has been preheating at about 350.  you will then place the mixture and cram those peppers full.  I pack those jokers as full as I can.  I then place them in a backing dish and cover with foil. 

you need to bake them about 40-50 minutes or until the peppers begin to wilt on the outside.  you’ll just know when they are done. 

we’re having stuffed peps on the reg.

White Chili:

disclaimer:  it’s not the creamy and fattening white chili.  sorry.  it’s a very good-for-you, yet delightful dish. 

you will need:
1 yellow onion
5 garlic cloves
1 green pepper
3-4 heaping handfuls of kale or spinach (I like mine extra leafy green so I go wild here)
2 16 oz cans of navy beans
1 16 oz can of red kidney beans
1 1/2 containers of vegetable stock.  not the can but the carton-like containers (unless you want to use chicken stock and you can also add chicken chunks if you are a meat eater.)
4 cups of water
3/4 cup of wheat pasta of your choice (I use shell pasta)
1T cumin
1T chili powder
1/2 t garlic powder
add any other spice you think it needs. 

in a soup pan, sauté with olive or coconut oil: onion, garlic, green pepper.  after that is done, add beans, vegetable broth, spices and water.  bring to a boil.  once it boils, add in kale and pasta.  return to a boil then turn it down and simmer for 20 minutes. 

it was SO SO good.  especially when served with a green salad and a happy heart.

I hope you find these meals light and delicious like I did.  I will keep sharing as new little recipes find their way into my home. 

happy clean eating to you and you.


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