as praise music whispers and steam rises from my hot tea, I finally get a chance to unravel a very, overflowing-with-goodness weekend.  I needed a weekend with my family and girlfriends more than I ever realized. 

I just love old friends.  you know, the ones that knew you when you use to skinny dip, pee like a boy, make prank calls, the inside jokes, the deepest-darkest secrets that only they know about you.  how proud they are of you.  how proud you are of them.  because we know each others journey.  it’s really a beautiful thing, friendship

I cherish my friendships.  and this weekend, I felt cherished

It felt so good to be surrounded by so much love.  the way they love me, the way they love my husband, and most importantly, the way they showed loved to my babies.  I couldn’t hardly believe their efforts at seeing to it that our family had an incredible mini-vacation. 

i’m still kind of in shock with all the kindness bestowed upon us.  but i’m mostly left feeling so thankful that I know such good people. 

the moment we arrive, my best friend no sooner helps us up to her high-rise that overlooks downtown Nashville, then she takes off and gives up her whole entire place for my five member family to populate and inhabit.  and do not even get me started on the plethora of organic food that her pantry and refrigerator was stocked with.  all for us to gobble up at our leisure. 

the first morning, the husband and I woke up, looked over at each other, and without uttering a single word, we both stood up and headed straight to the patio with our fresh coffee in hand.  husband and I sip our coffee together every morning on our patio at home, but there is just something extra warm and refreshing about a vacation patio.  a new scenery.  and mountains to-boot. 

the kids were just as fond of that exact same vacation patio.  lucy joined me that first morning to a little coloring while I sat there and stared at her precious little concentrate-y face.  it’s among one of my favorite lucy faces. 

but I like her smiley face the most. 

actually, her patio was a family favorite.  we spent a nice chunk of our time out there.  especially since I wouldn’t allow my children to consume any food in her house.  three kids mixed with white carpet and white sofas? 

outside we ate.  outside we drank.  outside we snacked.

the next morning, my girlfriend shows back up to spend the day with my family.  she suggested so many different things we could get into.  instead we decided to take a nice little walk down to the pond, blow bubbles, and feed the ducks.  and i’m so glad we opted for a much more relaxed and chill day.  it’s much more intimate.

and it brought me nothing short of pure and sweet joy to sit back, snap pics, and watch her love on my family.  I love you so much, Bethany.  I know you don’t miss a blog post!

then amy shows up later that afternoon.  we discuss again the many different things we can get into with the kids.  instead we decide to park it.  she teaches my son a dance (which was a team effort as he added in a few hops to her crazy moves), she chased him around until he began to sweat.  he was so happy and felt so important. 

she adorned my little Mary’s hands with a pair of pink socks just to be silly.  and mary actually LOVED it. 

I like when people love on my babies.  actually, I love it. 

I love you so much, Amy.  I know you don’t miss a blog post either.

since my littles have a seven o’clock bedtime, Bethany arranged (AND FREAKING PAID FOR!!) us a babysitter.  so after a day full of spoiling my babies, it was time to get all gussied up for a night of honkytonking.

we started out with taking pictures before we got all honkytonked and sweaty.

(nevermind the pretty blonde who holds true to the inside joke of resisting the “ugly face” picture.  i would be mad if she participated.)

then we ate the best freaking sushi I had ever put in my mouth.  I made them order for me and the husband and I were not disappointed.

we went to a place called “the stage”.  there was a live band playing all the country top hits.  I danced, sang along with every single song as loud as I could possible sing, took pictures with every person wearing a cowboy hat, and laughed the whole night long. 

I wanted to keep honkytonking because it was so much freaking fun, but when I saw that it was midnight, I knew I had better head home since the littles wake up at 6am.  they don’t really care if I was out being rowdy.  they need breakfast, diapers changed, and a rested(ish) mama.

so I turned in.  went home.  got a a good five hours of sleep.  and we rocked out another day in Nashville. 

the next day, I made an early morning trip to the local trader joe’s (man I wish we had one here in Bloomington.) and stocked up on a good weeks worth of groceries and then we spent the rest of the day being all lazy by Bethany’s pool. 

Bethany took dibs on story time on sunday night.  I could get used to all this loving-on-my-babies business. 

and after the kids went down, we spent our last night over cheesecake factory take-out, old school music playing, side pony tails swaying, and a very competitive effort at trying to learn how to do the worm

you know what the worm is, don’t you?  if not, watch this quick little video I found online to show you why I am still sore to this day.  I can’t figure out how to execute this.  but man did I try like the dickens:

enough of the worm.  the only thing that is important is that i can not do it.  i want to.  and i’m very sore.  i’ll achieve it someday.  believe that!!

i was sad to leave.  our family left feeling like royalty. 

i love you girls so very much!!

i fell a little more in love with my husband this weekend.  for sure.

pause button please!


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