I need to throw a little praise out to my son.  he’s really doing fabulous in kindergarten.  he actually was bummed this morning when he found out it was only sunday.  he so badly wanted to go back to school.  he loves his teacher and wants nothing more than to please her.  I really wanted my boy in a different school and tried to put him on the waiting list for an in-district transfer…to no avail.

but what I really prayed for was that the Lord gave my boy the perfect teacher for him.  no matter his school.  even though he didn’t get into the school I pushed for, I think it worked out just how it was supposed to.  and you would think that hearing him say that he wanted to be in school instead of home with me would have stung, but it didn’t. 

I think the hardest part about letting go and sending him off to school was the unexpected.  all the “what if’s”.  what if he gets picked on.  what if he doesn’t like his teacher.  what if he begs me not to send him back.     

before I continue the boast-about-nathan-fest, let me admit that i’m a nerd who believes in jinxing things.  so first let me knock on wood, cross my fingers, and punch the husband in the arm three times before I continue.  haha. 

okay, i’m back.  all un-jinxed and ready to keep boasting.

Nathan comes marching up to me every day with a giant smile, proudly stating, “I was on green again!”, while I praise him all the way home.  his teacher emailed me, saying, “Nathan is doing every single thing I expect from him.  he is a joy in the classroom.”

so yeah, this whole school business?  I dig. 

but last week I get a phone call from the front office.  it went a little like this: “hi mrs. marshall, I have Nathan in the office.  he has had an accident and needs a change of clothes.”

I was a bit thrown off.  Nathan doesn’t have accidents.  but I hurried to school with a fresh outfit.  when I walked into the office, I looked at him, and said, “bud…you peed you pants?”, then I carried on to say, all hyper-enthusiastically, “MOMMY DID TOO…SO LET’S GO GET INTO SOME DRY CLOTHES.”.

the office ladies laughed.  Nathan smiled.  life went on. 

but later that evening when he got home I questioned his accident to see if he was afraid to ask to be excused, or if he was playing and forgot.  I was so curious why he had that accident.

and he matter of factly states (prepare to crack up, y’all.), “no mom, I didn’t pee in my pants.  I was pooping and my penis peed on my shorts.”. 

so yeah, he was sitting on the potty and just misjudged his aim.  so it looks like I was the only one peeing my pants that day after all. 

ha!  ha!  ha!

you know those days where nine hours goes by and it felt like it had only been ten minutes because you genuinely had that much fun?  well that was my Friday. 

my best friend and her family were passing through, and, lucky for us, we were on their beaten path.  they show up around eleven that morning and stay until eight that evening.  I had the most relaxing, easy, friend-fueled day.  i’m literally still running off the joy that day provided. 

she has three children the exact same age as mine.  and we may or may not have planned our last two babies simultaneously since we enjoyed our journey into parenthood together with our first borns. 

the bond and friendship that I have with this woman is unmatched.  I thank the Lord for sending her into my life and being such a good, strong, positive, Godly, and helpful sounding board during the best–yet most challenging years of my life. 

sometimes I don’t know exactly what I did to deserve such a great friend.  but i’m definitely not complaining.

my Friday was just totally rad!

and Saturday did a superb job trying to keep up with Friday.  after teaching turbo kick and catching the last bit of Nathan’s swim lessons, I hit up the local farmers market with one of my turbo-kick junkies. 

I like buying local.

I just love when good people cross your path.  and she’s good people.

after that I get the best phone call of the day.  here it is only eleven o’clock and the husband calls, saying, “where are you….uptown is buzzing and i’m off today!?”.  little did he know that i was actually headed that way. 

I said, “SHUT…UP!!”, only to be corrected by lucy, “mommy don’t say shut up.”

I apologized to lucy for using potty words to describe my joy and carried on. 

we ended up having so much fun on Saturday just buzzing around uptown.  just the five of us. 

we ate at my favorite little vegetarian -friendly sandwich shop.

then we took advantage of our local childrens museum.  it was only three bucks a person that day (and mary was FREE!!).  josh and I really enjoyed tinkering around all the exhibits with our littles.

family time is so delicious. 

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.  -oprah winfrey.

I’ve always liked oprah.  she’s smart.  and i’m doing everything in my power to live out my dreams.

but mary?  oh, she just dreams of a land far away where clothes are few and blessings are plenty. 

have a happy week!!


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  • cris

    You always make me laugh! And you add a little nudie batooty at then end!

  • Latrice Ryan

    TEARS!!!! Of Joy of course!

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