right now, i am really content.  and that feels so good.  I say that to warn you off from reading another word if you are not in the mood for unicorn and glitter sightings.  ha. ha.

no but seriously, a happy life can not be earned, won, or bought.  it comes from living a life full of love, thanks, and grace.  and tonight, i’m full of all three.  i’m actually crammed full with it.

I am just so thankful in my very beating heart tonight for where life is leading me and my wonderful family.

sometimes, I pinch myself.

“how did this happen?”, I ask myself.  “how did I get so blessed?” 

then I remember that you really can change your world if you change your words.  SPEAK LIFE.  SPEAK GOODNESS.  it freaking works, y’all.  it just friggin does.  just trust me.  i’m begging you.

here are my latest unicorn, bliss, and glitter sightings…in no particular order.

meeting big brother for lunch last week.


taking my three littles to lunch at panera….just because i wanted a new scenery.  and a yummy greek salad.  


executing a glow-in-the-dark TURBO KICK class.  

(total unicorn!) 

family night-in that consisted of granting Nathan’s wish of, “seeing a rocket take off.”.  with just a little google searching later…i had all the tools i needed to make such a thing happen.  (click on the link to find out how to execute this, your kids will love it!).


i love capturing their amazement.  i love those happy-heads.  they are my most favorite.

add in nursing a sixteen monther….i shall call that glitter!

husbands who decide to show up at your monday night bodypump class.


friends who invite to do something you’ve never heard of.  like, Stand-Up-Pilate’s…on a freaking paddle board.


watching your babies praise Jesus while your husband leads worship.

(total glitter!)

watching your husband begin to teach your oldest how to harmonize…..
(might as well put me on a unicorn…giddy up.)
cousins on a trampoline.  
and Lucy’s perfectly perfect dancing form….?
(yeah, flying unicorns who spit glitter and breathe bubbles):
happy fall, y’all.  
pause button please,
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