Here I sit, writing.  And brushing my teeth, drinking hot tea, texting my friends, talking to the husband, and reading the kids a bedtime story….

…it’s what i’d like to call time management.

okay okay, i’m just writing.  well, and sipping hot tea.  but that’s all.  i promise.

I’ve always wanted to write a blog post where I fully document a full day in our world.  so I picked today.  Tuesday

i’m noticing that you really DO create your own path.  and come hail or high water, you do NOT have to accept things as they are.  you can change them.  remake them.  and conquer the crapballs out of them. 

a few months back, i unplugged for a whole month from social media.  my heart was heavy and I really needed to get some things in order (as I mentioned in this post).  I began to lay out my game plan for my best life.  even though my life was happy and exciting for the most part, i was definitely off balance.  I needed some time to reorganize and prioritize my one blessed life. 

I began to make small strides like conquering my laundry problems once and for all.  i used to say, “i just don’t have time for laundry, there are to many of us.”.  i would also say things like, “i’ll never be caught up on laundry and i’m okay with that.”. 

that was a lie.  i wasn’t okay with that.  i wanted to be like my mom who threw yesterdays load of laundry in the wash every morning, threw them in the dryer when she got home, folded them, and put them away all in the same day.  and that mama of mine was always busy and working her fingers to the bone.  but she managed to conquer the laundry room. 

so i made up my mind.  (boom!  i own laundry these days.)

also, during that month unplugged, i started to see just how these small tweaks that i had made in my life were starting to positively effect the entire flow of our day. 

and then HE (the good Lord) began to show me numerous times that my heart is exactly where he wants it.  because I was asking him to show me his will for my life and to show me where my heart is wrong (which he did!). 

during that month I wrestled with thoughts of shutting down my blog, my facebook, and just quit the whole social networking journey even though i didn’t want to.  i was all ears during that month.  just steadily seeking.  willing to do whatever.

and thankfully, that month was meant to strengthen me.  painful?  yes it was.  very.  but the older i get, the easier trials seem.  because there might be a lot of questions i have pertaining to my faith (don’t we all?), but one thing i know for certain is that HE HAS NEVER LEFT ME OR FORSAKEN ME. 

so as i fight the undeniable fight of life, i can’t help but feel victorious.  I have created a path that i always wanted to live as a child.  maybe i didn’t get a healthy childhood.  but my kids sure will. 

best.  freaking.  believe.  that. 

i now know that HIS will for me is to NOT waste my pain; rather use it to help others. 

so allow me to invite you into a day of our little world as i fervently grow, and relentlessly create a beautiful NOW.  and a healthy future.

Tuesday, September 10th.  (please note that i was on my A-game today.)

5:30 am.  Mary cries.

I nurse her while groggy and still half asleep.  she swats at my face, plays with my hair, and we bond. 

6:00 am.  i hear lucy from the room, “nate…nate…wake up.”.  and this aggravates me because they share a room and he would probably sleep until at least 7:00.  but it’s still cute and i always smile as i hear her nudge him awake.

husband actually is the one who walks to the kitchen every morning and brews the coffee as i snuggle in bed still with mary.

then i sit with the husband and either watch the news or sit on the porch over our first cup of coffee. 

i have social media guidelines for myself.  i am not allowed to hop on unless the kids and i have had our morning devotion. (takes a total of ten to fifteen minutes max).

our bed is made. (takes maybe sixty seconds.)

yesterdays laundry is in the wash.  (takes about five minute after i round it all up.)

i believe in riding my day instead of it riding me.

then i reward myself (yes, it’s a reward…i LOVE to socialize!) to peek on line to either post something or check in with my fitness challenge group.  but i don’t stay on but about ten minutes max.

then i prepare breakfast for my family.  and we all sit around at the table to eat by no later than 7:30.

then i prepare the husband, Nathan’s, and the girls’ lunches.  and yes, since my boy can read, i send him off with a little love note.

i should start doing that for the husband.  i used to.  hmmmm?  :)

once the husband leaves (around 7:45 am), i start getting myself ready, and by ready, i just throw on gym clothes, a head wrap, and maybe a little lipstick (totally five minutes).  Nathan and lucy dress themselves so all i have to do is get my babybear ready.  it’s usually around 8:00 am by this time.

boom.  we are definitely riding our day.

then i dabble online answering emails, messages, and just comment on all the lovely people in my life while the littles do their kids aerobic video.

they are usually so very easy in the mornings.  i can easily sneak a good fifteen minutes of social networking during their aerobic video and still find time to wash those dishes from breakfast all before time to take Nathan to school. 

i am not against electronics, television, and video games, but i do believe in limits.  i don’t allow my children any electronic until after nap time, which is after 3:00 pm.  obviously some days i throw all sheets to the wind and let them get a little more than i’m proud to admit (which is usually on sundays.).  but most days, we stick with our rule.

since today was Tuesday, we drop Nathan off at school at 8:45 and then zip a mile down the way to scoop up my three-year-old nephew for a little preschool lesson.  we also grab his cute self up on Thursdays too.

today we went straight to the dunkin donuts drive thru all while i called it a field trip that was all about the letter ‘D’.

sprinkled donuts for the littles.  coffee for the mama.

we get back to the house by 9:45 and we immediately start the writing lesson followed by the letter lesson.  then the highlight is always the craft of the week.  and today we made sprinkled donuts. you know, because duh!…they just ate one on their way home from the ‘D’ field trip.

then by about 10:45 i allow lucy and isreal to tinker around and play independently while i jump online to get a little work done.  mary cat naps.

i actually think that having isreal over makes our Tuesdays and Thursdays better.  lucy adores him.  i adore him.  and mary just follows him around the whole time.  he definitely fills the void of  a little boy named Nathan that i miss with all my heart.  and he also holds me accountable to teach lucy with the same intensity i taught Nathan. 

don’t mistaken me, Nathan being in school has been quite nice if i might add.  i’m able to crank out little bits of work here and there since i’m not refereeing fights on the constant.

my sister in law usually scoops israel up by 11:20.  and usually i don’t have to teach classes on Tuesdays so i do something fun with the girls until naps, but today i subbed for an instructor so i left the house by 11:30 and taught a class at the Y from 12-1:00.

then an opportunity arose.  my sweet friend from the gym was having quite the dilemma with a HUGE business deal.  she is precious.  didn’t deserve her stress.  and she’s freaking pregnant for pete-sake.  so i zipped to starbucks and make a pumpkin steamer delivery with a note attached. 

boom.  kindness.  woohoo….i squeezed it in.  that’s my favorite.

1:30 pm.  girls were snug as a bug in a rug.  yay for nap time.

i finally folded the laundry while overlooking the preschool mess, then sat down to eat my yummy salad for lunch. 

2:00 pm i began to write a little in my book.  I’ve been so inspired lately so i’m taking every opportunity that arises.

3:00 pm. both girls wake up.  i quit writing.  i rush shoes on their feet, grab a ziploc baggie of fruit for them to all snack on, and head out to get big brother.

3:15 pm.  big brother gets in the car, excited to tell me about the chicken dance he learned at school and was utterly amazed when i started interjecting with all the moves.  he says, “how in the world do you know that?”, to which i reply, “mommy’s know everything.”.


we no sooner get home and we YouTube, “the chicken dance”, and he gets the liberty to show his little sisters how it’s done.

it was such a happy moment in my today.  possibly my favorite. 


Nathan chose minecraft.

lucy chose some dress up game online.

and me?

i chose to put that laundry away, prep dinner, and clear off the preschool supplies.

by this time it’s about 4:30.  i make everyone turn off their electronics and go outside to play while i finish dinner. 

with mary riding my ankles, of course.

then after i take a look at the kitchen mess, the house mess….my energy starts fading, i go outside for some fresh air and a little picture just to further document my day.  whew, i am always so beat at this time of day.  and always slightly overwhelmed with my ending duties.  my patience is running on E.

5:00 pm, dinner is served.  usually husband is home but tonight he had a late night.  tonight was pasta and veggie night.  a fan favorite.  they gobbled it up in no time.  dinner time is the time that we all sit around and go over our, highs and lows of the day.  i want to hear from their little hearts.  what made them the happiest today?  and what made them the saddest?  it’s very important to me.

look at those teeny fingers.

then 5:30 pm, i squeezed in a little more work while they watched a show.  at 6:00 pm, i begin to get mary ready for bed and nurse her to sleep.  after she’s down i clean up dinner and have Nathan sit down to do his homework. 

tonight–since i’m documenting my day, lucy was our photographer during homework. 

at about 6:30, i began to have Nathan and lucy clean up the toys thrown throughout the house and their bedrooms.  they don’t even hesitate.  i really am so proud of them.  i never have to clean up toys unless i’m just wanting it done right then and there.  of course it’s always encouraged with a cheer from the cheer box.  they freaking love my cheers.

blessed with some pretty fabulous littles.

then we start wrapping up their day by brushing their teeth and having them pick out two books (one a piece). 

then we pray.  and i tuck the blankets up under their chins, kiss them a few times all over their face, reiterate how much love i have for them, and i turn off the light.

then, i almost melt to the floor in pure joy.  I MADE IT ANOTHER DAY!! 

exhausted?  VERY!!

blessed?  CRAZY YES!!

pause button please!


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  • nicole

    You are one seriously amazing person! Your family is so lucky to have you! Xoxo – Nicole

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