10 Healthy Snack Ideas
1. Unsalted rice cake with almond or peanut butter, and sliced bananas on top.  I eat this every. single. day.
2.  Carrots and hummus.
3.  Apple slices with a spoonful of peanut butter.  I am addicted to peanut buttah.

4.  Plain greek yogurt (sweetened with stevia), fresh strawberries and blueberries, topped with a very light dusting of granola. 
5.  Celery filled with Peanut butter or Cream cheese.
6.  Tomato and cucumber slices drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a teensie amount of crumbled feta.
7.  Edamame.  I like them in the pods.  I love eating them while husband and I watch a movie.
8.  Popcorn.  No butter.  No salt.  Another movie night snack.
9.  Mix together equal parts almonds, pecans, raisons, and cranberries.  Boom.  You’ve got a little trail mix.  (eat a heavy handful per serving.)

10.  My newest, all time favorite snack.  Is my Shakeology.  There is nothing healthier on the market.  I can promise you that I’ve researched until my eyes were dizzy from reading and comparing.  This shake tastes amazing, has 70 organic, uncooked nutrients, phytonutrients, prebiotics, and probiotics.  My OB actually saw the ingredients and said I didn’t have to take my prenatal while nursing because all the vitamins it contains. 

So yeah, my newest favorite snack/meal-replacer.

It’s bomb.  This is my favorite recipe to date.

If you are interested in trying Shakeology, let me know.  I will hook you up for sure. 
Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this great little healthy snack list.  I swear by these go-to snacks.
In health,
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