I do not think it’s possible to be happy all the time, but I certainly believe that you can be happy much of the time. 

I don’t like to wrap circumstances around my happiness.  i don’t want my happiness to be determined by how much money is in the bank, my children’s irritable moods, my husbands bad day, or the heaping piles of laundry.  I want my happiness to be influenced by what I do on a regular basis. 

as I sit here, inspired to write about things in my own personal life that contribute to my happiness, I catch myself smiling and daydreaming a mile a minute.  because there are so so so soooooo many things that I do to encourage joy on a regular basis.  and before I start firing out my list of daily happy-fillers, I’d like to say that I believe true happiness isn’t ready-made.  it takes a beautiful, healthy amount of self-love mixed with a pro-active, on-freaking-purpose kind of living.  it’s totally obtainable.

three things right off the gate that i swear by: keeping praise and worship music on throughout the day at home, eating super clean, and exercise.

for me, those are the real deal-sealers.  the main ingredients to optimal spiritual, emotional, and physical happiness.  but then there is icing on the cake.  and who doesn’t like icing?

i believe icing comes in the form of spreading kindness.  you let an opportunity to bless someone present itself to me.  i’ll be all over that.  i swear that if you try to help at least one person a day, your whole entire perspective on life will begin to shift.  it will shift from you to them….to others.  which is a much more blessed perspective.  if you continue to focus on your woeful state of mind, you are basically decreased to just that.  yourselfand woeful

but when you stop to recognize that someone else may be sad, even if all it means is that you aren’t alone, there is much power in giving just a little of yourself to their situation.  you begin to feel good from within.  and there isn’t anything in this world better than feeling like you’ve made a difference. 

i wish this world would explode in an epidemic of kindness.  the benefits are definitely two-sided.  you help someone.  you help your own heart.

here lately, I’ve nurtured a side of me that I truly never knew existed.  and really, it doesn’t, but i’m purposefully making it exist.  I have somewhat introverted myself.  on-freaking-purpose.  but I needed to in order to sift through all the noise and get a good reception to the Lord.  to only allow myself to hear his still, small voice for my path.  and he is delivering. 

oh is he ever delivering.  I’ve never felt this excited about my little life.  ever

i’m realizing that even the smallest amount of change can potentially effect the course of your path.  and I do believe that my little changes as of recently are already serving it’s purpose in my heart, and in my world.  things I’ve needed to do for a long time are finally taking precedence. 

i’m so much more clear headed about things I want.  i’m aware of some of the places my heart was that was incorrect.  and i’m fixing those areas.  i’m finding such sweet grace in the hands of God as he teaches me, corrects me, and humbles me. 

I have really stopped and assessed my faith, my family, my friendships, my responsibilities, and my dreams.  I like what i’m being taught about each area.  but I am no where near finished with this little life lesson. every single day brings a new “a-ha” moment, clearer direction, and an abundant amount of goodness.  it’s been good and hard and rewarding and wonderful and exactly what I’ve needed.

our recent happy-fillers.  on-freaking-purpose

perfect rainy mornings that send us straight to the local library.

play dates that consist of carpet picnics and rain-boots.

beautiful mornings where nothing in the world really matters as long as you have sticker books and praise music humming. 

afternoons of harvesting those green beans that we all sowed as a family.

family day out at the bowling alley. 

finally letting Mary-berry have a shot at the game.  while oozing with pride and adoration.

completely melting over a certain long-haired boy whose hair isn’t so long anymore.  well hello there, handsome.  i die.

running the backyard sprinklers in our new life jackets.  just because they are new. 

hopscotch, drawing, and big-wheel riding out front until well past dinner time.  soaking up togetherness to the last possible drop.

if you want to be happy, then be.

no seriously.  it’s really that simple.


have a blessed week.  on-freaking-purpose.

pause button please!!

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  • cris

    N's hair! I die! Soooo handsome! Can't wait to see you, him, and the girls sometime this week? weekend at the latest! Keep up the soul searching and awesomeness.

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