have a seat.  help yourself to a fresh cup of coffee or hot tea.  I have a feeling that this post will pair beautifully with something warm.

believe it or not, there are things that don’t bring me joy. 

like holding a baby on my hip while the heat index is 110 degrees as she’s stubbornly trying to nose dive out of my arms, forcing me to hoist her back onto my hip with every step.  meanwhile, big sister has decided that she does not want to wear her flip-flops anymore, so she takes them off. 

the pavement is scorching hot, so she does this whole pavement-is-hot-please-hold-me-i’m-dying plea.  my hands are full with a nose diving baby, my diaper bag, my gym bag, and her flip flops.  I clearly couldn’t help her.  except I figured it out, ’cause well, her freaking feet were on fire.  and i’m a mama. 

so now I’ve got a baby on my hip-whom is now switched gears from nose diving to pulling my shirt off trying to get to my breasts so she can nurse (impeccable timing, i know), my gym and diaper bag on the other shoulder, and lucy on my back with her hands choking my neck as she fears she might fall.  i can’t hardly breathe.

and nathan?  oh nathan was just marching to the funky beat of this song he has picked up from VBS, which was bothering lucy.  so now he’s singing it for the sole purpose to make her squeal, and I mean squeal, “stooooooop it, Nathan, I DON’T LIKE IT!!”  now remember, she’s on my back, which makes her mouth only inches from my ears. 

it was fun.  tons.

luckily, those moments are just that…moments.  they leave as quickly as they came.  as soon as I got everyone in the car, I took my sweltering hot, and highly irritated self straight to the starbucks drive-thru for a well deserved iced coffee. 

this story was so fresh on my mind that I had to refrain from telling the drive-thru chic about what had just happened moments ago as she peeks into my car, complementing how “precious and well behaved they are back there.” 

i usually am so appreciative of compliments toward my children.  and i ultra-mega love when someone tells me that they are well behaved.  but that day, i laughed.  kind of in her face.  and then drove off. 

oh but then there are things that do bring me joy.  and these things are many and plenty.

and so easy for me to fire off…

*checking out library books simply because the title makes me smile.  then getting home to discover that they were every thing I thought they’d be.  little heart lessons.

*coffee, devotion, story time, and sidewalk chalk in the driveway before 8 am.

*splash parks.  yeah, i’m so not sick of those.  add in good friends who slap sunscreen on your little ones and make you laugh the whole time….jackpot.

*bangs.  not sick of those at all.  got a little face framing done to them recently by my talented brother-in-law.  i’m very pleased with them.

*dancing, twirling sisters.

*slapping butcher paper over the kitchen table, throwing out art supplies, and telling them to make something beautiful. 

*a full week of Vacation Bible School put on by our church.  I absolutely adored the production they put on every night for the parents.  and I really enjoyed hearing my children recap stories about Jesus. 

*lucy’s little dance friends.

*sidewalk chalk on little baby skin.

*thrift shopping. dancing in the car (at red lights) to miley cyrus.  fun and funky head wraps.  uno.  laughing.  workout clothes.  lipstick.  changing.  making lists.  checking them off.  text messages that make me laugh.  complimenting.  cooking.  harvesting from our garden.  protein shakes.  self-given pedicures.  going to bed early (this is new!!).  soccer and dance practices.  kindness.  parenting books.  being a dreamer.  teaching aerobics.  inspiring.  running.  picnics.  fresh box of crayons.  hot tea.  positive people. 

*and lastly, little crafty projects.  i’ve had this old, paint stained ladder for over a year.  i hadn’t decided what i wanted to do with it until recently.  after a quick dose of spray paint later…

I decided to turn it into a fabulous and bright shelf for the master bedroom.  to hold a few of my favorite things.  you know, like a little tribune that will make me smile every morning.

it’s working.  i smile each time i pass by.

it holds:  three of my favorite head wraps, my fake nerd specs, some of my favorite books, my half marathon medal, Oprah’s 50th anniversary dvd’s, and a great pair of yard sale vintage shoes.  this shelf is subject to change as i grab new favorite things.  but so far, i’m smitten over this.

you really can live your life by design.

change your thoughts. 

pause button please!

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