i’m just gonna go ahead and throw this out here, first thing…

go get you some peaches!!  like, right away.

’cause they ain’t playing around this summer.  you will need to grab a peach and a napkin.  place the napkin under your chin, take a bite, wipe the juice off your face, and repeat.  oh, and lick your fingers after you suck all the peach pulp off the seed. 

and while you are at it, grab up some juice dripping strawberries, ’cause they are rocking my world here lately.  matter of fact, cantaloupe, raspberries, and watermelon hold a very dear place in my heart during the summer.  not only are they just so sweet and delicious to the last dripping, but they have a way of cooling your soul during the hottest of summery days.

so check it, go stock up on all this yummy, in-season goodness.  thank me later.

we have been sitting around a giant bowl of fruit of some sort almost constantly.  Nathan said this morning, “mommy, which one is the healthiest…a peach or a strawberry?”.  i simply reply, “both of them are the healthiest, bud?”.  he said, “i like them more today, they are messier and juicier.”

i like how even he knew they were in season based solely on his little five-year-old taste buds.  man i love him.

i am totally loving these past few weeks.  i feel that in the process of bettering certain areas in my life, little by little, by way of de-cluttering, reorganizing, more prayer, more reading, more praise music, less social media, i’m starting to see a shift in almost every single area of my life.

a good shifting taking place.  i am starting to revisit our reward board for good behavior, i’m doing cheers from our cheer box when the children do their chores instead of just praising them.  i’m re-reading some books that I’ve been needing to get lost in.  books that help me stay focused and on track with the way i desire to train my children.  i’m ultra inspired to write lately, which is so very good to my core.  i am just so very thankful for what’s been going on inside my heart.

i am recently reading, “don’t make me count to three!”, by Ginger Plowman.  i strongly recommend this book to any mama out there who desires to speak to your children in such a powerful way.  i like how it refers to the tongue as a little part of our body, but so incredibly powerful.  in the book of James, it talks about how the tongue is compared to fire.  that even a small spark can light up a whole forest, just the same as our tongues can destroy someone we love.  but also, fortunately, our tongue can do just as much good as it can damage when it’s used properly.  it can heal, comfort, uplift, and nurture those we love the most. 

i love re-reading books that i remember making an impact, even if i’ve seemed to have lost some of the main points.  by gosh i’m grabbing them back now. 

this book helps me reevaluate my own heart behind training my children, while helping me see straight to their heart.  i’m finding that when i believe that they are doing something that isn’t good behavior, that most of the time they aren’t doing it with a bad heart, but more from an innocent place of exploring their big world.  this book is full of wonderful examples on how to teach them how and why we act a certain way, without condemning them.

anyway, i guess i’m in a promote-y mood today.  i vote yes to summer fruits.  and yes-yes to awesome books about raising wonderful little people.  i’m always a sucker for both of those mentioned items. 

last week, we were freely given a nice chunk of cooler days.  it was such a nice treat.  and i took full advantage of the switch in climate. 

i woke up one morning and decided that everyone gets to romp around town in their long-sleeved pajama’s. 

and those three seriously thought that i just passed out free tickets to Disney World.  and you throw in a quick pit stop to krispy kreme in the mix and you might as well consider it lunch with mickey mouse himself. 

no for real.

and those cool evenings provided such a perfect, intimate date night-in on the back patio for the husband and i.  we ran over our list of family goals, made some new ones, and reconnected over sparkling lime water and delicious food.

i couldn’t believe it was july.  especially being new to the summers here.  florida never gave a cool night in july.  so i was extra happy to jump up in the middle of our conversation to grab a hoodie. 

my boy did so good during his soccer game.  he had about three good assists during the first half.  the second half he was tired and ready for that picnic that i had promised him after the game. 

cutest soccer boy I’ve ever laid eyes on, yes indeed.

and lucy insisted on bringing her American flag to the game, you know, “i need to cheer for my bud.” she informs me. 

and sister didn’t disappoint.

our family night was equally as wonderful.  i decided to rent two movies.  one for all of us to watch as a family, and one for the husband and i to watch after the kids went to sleep.  i was so up for a long, relaxing night in front of the television.  i was really looking forward to vegging with my favorites.

mary’s bedtime is 6pm so after we put her down, we drug the mattress in the living room and we all snuggled up.  lucy got to hog daddy under one blanket, and i got to snuggle up with my boy.  it was one of those moments that you will forever cherish.  a moment in parenting where it’s easy, rewarding, and just down right perfect.  and well, most moments are far from easy and perfect. 

but that night was. 

we let them all bounce around on the mattress before the movie.  and i just sat in the corner snapping pics, smiling at their joy, while taking every opportunity to remember how blessed i truly am.

i am so thankful that I’ve been able to hear God’s soft whispers lately as he has been fine-tuning my heart.  i hope i never stop growing and loving and changing and striving and breaking and pushing.  i’m so deeply, madly, and one million percent sold out to this family.

i love being refined. 

pause button please!!


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  • k.mart

    A whole post of cute pictures, especially the three lined up in a row. Go right now and hug them for me. For real.

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