As you can see from the title, this post is going to be a bit of an attention-deficit-disorder kind of post. 

My favorite post to write.  Woohoo. 

You see, these kids of mine???  Yeah, they are hilarious.

HA-FRIGGIN-LARIOUS!!  I almost wish I video blogged so I could tell this story via video. 

So here it goes: (the funny part)

Tonight, while husband took brother to soccer practice, I gave lucy three choices at bed time.

1. Play I spy.
2. Read any book she wanted.
3. Mommy will make up a story.

And she always loves when I run wild on an impromptu bedtime story.  And if I were being perfectly honest, I like when I get to be silly with a mommy-original.  I always put their favorite colors, foods, and sayings in there to make them smile really big.  I like that. 

Lucy always has specific characters she’d like to have in her story.  I always comply.  She is always a princess who is extra sparkly.  And the rest is always different. 

Sometimes she wants two bumble bees, a butterfly, and King Daddy in the story.  Sometimes she wants Nathan to be her best friend, Queen mommy, and two puppies. 

I just go with it.

But tonight, I was given quite the plot. 


No seriously, are you ready?

Tonight she wanted, and I quote from her darling, three-year-old mouth:

“I am Lucy-Princess.  Nathan is black.  And daddy speaks Spanish.”

I laughed so very good.  I squeezed her a little tighter as I said, “that sounds like such a fun story, sister.”

And off we went.  I loved telling this story.  I loved how she would smile so big when I would say things like, “You could hear Daddy’s footprints down the hall as he said, “Hola…where are you guys?”.” 

or when I simply said, “There stood Prince Nathan, who was black.”

Yep, that is all I had…”who was black.”

Go ahead, laugh.  Like you could come up with anything better. 

I so very love her like something crazy.  She’s the funniest.  Ever

(The awesome part)

I love living life in a super awesome way.  I like turning something ordinary into EXTRA-ordinary.  Simple little things that make life just a teensie-weensie better. 

I was teaching bodypump last Friday, and since I had my microphone strapped to my head, I simply asked, “hey, do you guys know if those tiki torches really help keep the mosquito’s off?  I’m going to Wal-Mart after this and don’t want to waste my money if they don’t work??”

That’s when my sweet friend, Alisha, spoke up, saying, “I have two–with the liquid that goes in it, that you can have.”  So our date night-in was not only saving us money, it was coming together perfectly.

What my sweet friend doesn’t know is that such kindness motivates me to keep spreading kindness on a continual basis.  Giving and kindness is never a bad idea, my momma taught me that early on. 

We have enjoyed those tiki torches almost daily since she generously gave them up.  Making the perfect ambiance for our date night-in.  Complete with fresh veggies from our garden. 


I loving re-falling in love with my husband. 

Like I said, awesome.

Then we get the privilege of hosting some house guests.  And they come in the form of cousins.  I didn’t realize how much I needed a crew of cousins to take over my home. 

Dude, I love little people so much better than big people. 

True story.  Sorry.  Not sorry.

(The perfection part)

Perfection is definitely a double edged sword in my life.  I strive for it in all areas.  It’s the best thing behind my drive.  It’s my worst enemy.  Constantly fighting for balance in that area.

i’m thankful to be driven.  It’s fun to dream.  I must dream to exist.  I am finding that sometimes it’s okay to fail.  It’s beautifully humbling.  Failing isn’t a bad thing, actually.  I recently realized that on my path of my dreams, it’s not necessary the one I began with, but the one that will take me to my destination. 

So yes, facing failure is a good thing.  Only then am I able to grow.

This probably makes no sense to anyone.  That is okay.  This little spurt was for me.  I needed to write it. 

It’s all good.  I’m a writer.  Other than the fierce power that my faith and fitness provides me, there is a certain power I feel in putting my thoughts to words. 

I like telling my story.  I just like it. 

Catching my reflection while running downtown. 

with all deepness aside…how freaking funny was Lucy’s bedtime story

i mean seriously…a black brother???  a Spanish speaking daddy??? 

Life really is incredible.  If you choose for it to be. 

pause button please!!


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