ever felt like you were blowing bubbles with rainbow brite while eating ice cream with sprinkles on top, simultaneously?

that’s kind of how I felt last week when my momma was visiting.  her visits are always so refreshing on so many levels.  i love the way she effortlessly loves us.  i love how easy it is to be my authentic self around her.  i love the joy she brings.  i love how much she helps out.  i love her energy.  i love that she is the kindest person on this planet. 

and mostly, i love that she survived breast cancer.  i am eternally grateful for that.  i love my momma.  she is truly my best and favorite friend.

she is a pretty big deal in this house.  so big, in fact, that lucy thought it was necessary to wear her fancy, lace gloves, you know, “to look my very best for nana.”, she confidently states..

how could i argue with such a darling welcoming team?

we certainly didn’t waste time.  we zipped straight to the nearest ice-cream parlor within hours after her arrival.  and it just so happened to be national ice cream day.  no lie.  since we (momma and i) are natural born celebrators of all-things-fun, we just so happened to accidentally celebrate such a holiday, unknowingly

yay us. 

and listen, you get lucky enough to capture a shot like this, you might as well order one more ice cream cone to-go. 

i mean seriously, it’s almost to much to handle.


after i was done blowing bubbles with rainbow brite, we caught  a unicorn a train to the city of Chicago.  without the kids. 

we crammed that day to the total maximum:  sears tower, deep dish pizza, starbucks coffee, millennium park, barnes & noble, dunkin donuts, and back on the unicorn on the train. 

it was lovely, indeed.  kind of perfect, actually.

the rest of our week was filled with thrift shopping, pool days, late nights, early mornings, and maybe a cup or twelve to much coffee each day.

i enjoyed staying busy with my family last week as well as slowing down enough to show them pretty places that i like around town. 

(if you are local, grab a sack lunch, a quilt, and phone a friend for a free picnic on these beautiful grounds.  look up ewing manor.  it’s a fantastic spot.  for free.  it’a one of my favorite places in this city to have a special, free day of fun.)

but this week, i miss them.  i want my momma.  she pairs so warmly with my first cup of coffee.  lucy wants that homemade macaroni and cheese.  there is definitely an emptiness in my heart after she leaves. 

i love you, momma.  i know you are reading this!! 

but then there is this thing called routine, which didn’t exist while she was here.  i do like getting back in the swing after a week full of throwing all things to the wind. 

so while yes, i wish she were still here, i am finding comfort in waking up and sliding right back into our daily routine:

1.  coffee
2.  breakfast
3.  morning devotion
4.  make my bed (this is a new habit that is here to stay!)
5.  do yesterday’s load of laundry (this is new, too!!  and i’ve proudly kept all laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away for the past 21 days.  and every book I’ve ever read about forming good habits says to do something consistently for 21 days.   so this calls for a celebration, folks.  this was one area that i just seriously thought i could never accomplish.  hello, new good habits…oh how i love thee!)
6.  put on the kids’ aerobic video.
7.  re-heat that cup of coffee and try drinking it again. 

life is well. 

in my soul

i need structure just as much as they do.  it keeps me in line.  i need for every-other tuesday to be library day so that i am certain to get them returned and all that responsible, adult stuff. 

so that is exactly what we spend every-other tuesday morning doing.  and it’s on the calendar just to keep my free spirit in check. 

sweet lucy returning her newest favorite book.  and yes, we re-checked it out.  sister wasn’t quite done loving it. 

but i also need last minute text messages from my illinois girlfriend that says something like, “hey, wanna take me to goodwill today?”.

with a quick, “ummm, OK!!” later, we are sipping coffee at the mcdonalds play-land.  we strategically went there first in hopes that our children would get their wiggles out before we got lost in used clothing racks.

it worked (sort of!).  they were little jewels for us that day (sort of!).  matter of fact, they were more than jewels, they were more like fabulous little nerd kids. 

and i do mean fabulous.

and lastly….

invest in good words and good thoughts.  it’s so worth it.

here’s to reality.  i like mine.

pause button please!!


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  • Abby Hix

    Love this post, might be my fave…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for a big Wednesday morning smile. I love your energy Christy. You can truly say you make the best of everyday(If I only had a do-over). Thankyou for sharing your life and the your family's,your mama looks great.Keep on writing sweetie-pie. Amy

  • Cris

    Have you been in the "woods" of Ewing Park? If not, I'll have to take you and all our kids some day. Super fun!

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