nathan:  “mommy, you know why i love you so much?”

(drop everything i’m doing.  ’cause i’m so excited to hear his response.)

me:  “why, bubba?”

nathan:  “because your butt is bigger than daddy!”.

go ahead, laugh.  i did.

and please note that he didn’t say that my butt was bigger than daddy’s butt.  no, my butt is supposedly bigger than the actual daddy himself.  which is huge.  which brings me to my next thought…

i love my kids.  they make my world the brightest i could have ever imagined.  they are funniest and cutest when they don’t even mean to be.

lucy:  “mommy, can i have sushi and broccoli for dinner?”  (no seriously, how cute?)

lucy:  “knock, knock”
me:  “who’s there?”
lucy:  “shhhh!” (with cute little finger over her mouth)
me”  “shhhh who?”
lucy:  “shhhh, baby is sleeping.”

(as i double over in an over-dramatized laugh.)

but really, it was the defying moment that sister’s knock-knock jokes actually made sense.  and we carried on for a good fifteen minutes.

that was my favorite part of today, actually.  i love the chance to get lost in quality time–accidentally, and unplanned.  and by getting lost, i mean forgetting that dishes need washed, the towels need dried, and the living room needed picked up.

all i needed was her.  i love that little turkey.  she makes me happy all the day long.

nathan:  “mommy, why do you smell like poop?  i can watch lucy and mary while you wash your hands.”

i smelled like poop because i was holding mary.  verdict:  mary smelled like poop due to a full diaper.  i got blamed.  and no, nathan, you may not watch mary and lucy.  you’re five.  besides, lucy knows darn good and well that he is not her boss.  sister is well aware that they are equals.   nathan had a good run ruling the roost for a while.  but dude, those days are long gone.

i swear though, it’s just like that little nathan of mine to offer to help.  his heart is totally beautiful.  that’s my bubba-head-brother-boy.  he’s quite the big deal in my heart.

and our baby, mary?  she’s just so tasty.  i could be brought to tears just thinking about the words to describe her budding personality.  she can melt anyone with her perfectly perfect smile.  and if you get lucky enough to see the little white dot (birth mark) on her tongue, then consider yourself blessed.

every single smile she gives is exchanged for a kiss.  i swear it’s like a reflex.  she smiles.  mommy kisses.  baby rocks our world.

now that i’ve smothered each one of my kids with a little mama love writing, i’d like to explode on my mama.    her visit was all to short.  but….

it.  was.  so.  freaking.  fantastic. 

mama’s know how to love harder than anyone in this world.  now that i’m a mama myself, i like to watch her love me.  i appreciate it so much more.  just little things like how i finished my icecream cone first, and she didn’t hesitate to reach over and offer me the last of hers.

now that might not sound all that loving to you, but my mama loves her sweet treats.  and lets face it, i already had mine.  but you see, she’s a mama.  and i might be thirty three years old, but she’s still a mama.  and she would have enjoyed watching me enjoy the last of it much more than if she finished it herself.

i didn’t accept her ice cream cone.  instead i kissed her cheek really hard, and told her, “mom, you’re the nicest person on this planet, but i’m not going to eat your ice cream cone.  you are.  i love you.”.

and she laughed.

that lady came here with bucket loads of joy and helping nana hands.  we ate her up.  she helps out so much that i get a tad bit spoiled.  i forget that i will be able to manage my household again when she leaves.

but, we sure enjoyed her while it lasted, albeit short lived.

i enjoyed our little intimate breakfast each morning.  we would feed the kids first, then i would scurry off to the kitchen to serve her and i a small feast.

we did what we do best when we get together.  thrift shop.  and yes, we drove over an hour to hit up this one goodwill that i heard had a coffee shop inside.  so yes, my dream came true last week.  i thrift shopped, with mama, at a goodwill, with fresh coffee in hand.  holler.

i got to take her to work with me which was so special.  i wanted her to see this turbo kick thing that i’ve been raving about for years.  and given that i teach with a microphone strapped to my head, i certainly made mention of her cute little self to my class.

it went a little something like this, “hey everyone, i just want to say that my sweet mama is visiting and she’ll be watching us today.  she’s a breast cancer survivor as of recently. i’m so proud of her.  and i’m so happy she’s able to be here with us today.”

sporting my breast cancer hat and splashes of pink.

i really am proud of her.  she fought cancer with the most positive spirits i’ve ever seen.  she basically kicked it’s ever loving tukus.  that she did.  i’m so thankful for such a positive mama.  i believe her outlook had plenty to do with her healing and fighting process. 

during my countless hours of studying up on how to fight cancer, naturally; not only to share with my mother, but for what it meant for myself and my daughters–since it’s genetic. i found that a positive mind is a great way to combat cancer. 

along with a long list of foods that people just should not eat.  i’m not going to go there (even though i’m holding back), but it’s serious.  and when my mama got the diagnosis, i became a lot more vocal with my love for the organic world.  and i desperately want to help others get their healthy on.

anyway, don’t want to go there.  at least not today, ha. 

oh and her new hair growth?  it’s precious.  i hope she keeps it all salt-and-peppery. and short. she’s such a beauty.  all she generally wears is a dab of lipstick, and wah-lah, perfection.  bless her.

she did all-things-nana and entertained the littles with bubbles, indoor easter egg hunts, and snuck in a few reces cups here and there. 

oh and she never told them no.  which caused a little back-pedaling after she left.  i had some bossy kids that wanted their nana  way. 

i wanted their nana back too.

after she leaves i always get sad.  but then i stop being sad because i like being happy.  it’s my favorite.

and she left right at the onset of a fun-packed weekend.  which kept me busy. 

and happy.

so yay. 

i win!!

and speaking of happy….


i’m blessed.  and so are you. 


pause button please!!


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  • Anonymous

    Christy love your PAUSE per usual. Your mama looks great,Cherish your time with her.My mom has Dementia I don't get those moments any longer I miss them my heart aches for just 1 day she could be the way she was, she has always been my best friend. Fridays were our day Walmart and Lunch, oh How I miss that.I keep
    telling myself the real her is locked away in her mind she just can't get out. well enough said. Your kids are so precious they are at the cutest ages. Miss your pretty face~! Amy Orris

    • mom

      I am so blessed to have you as a daughter and always love being with you and my grandbabies!!!!!

  • k.mart

    Hold the press. A Goodwill WITH a coffee shop? For real? Booking my tickets to Illinois stat. You beautiful people– icing on the cake. :) Seriously, though, breast cancer hit close to home {hard} when my Mamaw lost her valiant fight several Februaries ago. Your Mama looks beautiful! I know what a true fight that can be and it looks like she's done it with tremendous dignity and courage. I applaud her and give so many thanks to God above!

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