you know those friends, the really, really good ones?  the ones that you don’t hear from for a few months and then, bam, you pick right back up where you left off?  like not a single day has passed?

well, let’s do that with this blog post.  i’ve been busy putting my time in other baskets lately.  like, my book for instance.  but, i’d like to pick right back up where i left off, if that’s alright??

okay, good. 

where to start, where to start….?

how about here:

me: “lucy, please put your coat on.”
lucy: “no!”
me:  “please don’t tell mommy no.”
lucy: “okay, i won’t tell you no.  and you don’t tell me no.  okay?”

yeah, that threw me off guard.  i had no idea we were about to bargain. 

or how about this little tid-bit:

me: “nathan, i think you are the most awesome boy in the whole world.”
nathan: “mommy, you are so kind, and nice, and a sexy lady.”.

yeah, he has no clue what sexy means.  which makes it that much more hilarious. 

those above mentioned moments make the ones where they are fighting over who ate dinner the fastest, or who got buckled into their car seats fastest, worth the while. 

especially this one part of the week where i literally was so aggravated.  the snack i had provided wasn’t pretzels, which totally pissed lucy off.   nathan’s sock was mashed down into his shoe, causing a conniption fit.  nathan’s leg was touching lucy’s car seat, which made lucy loose it.  and mary needed my breast.  oh, and all of this simultaneously. 

i was driving.  couldn’t really help anyone at the time.  so, i did what any joy-seeking mama would do.  that’s right, i started singing, “hakuna matata“, from the lion king.  as i was singing it, it really resonated with me, strangely enough.

the words go like this:

“it means no worries, for the rest of yours days.  it’s a problem free, philosophy.  HAKUNA MATATA!!”.

and just like that, i started to smile, and operate in that perfect peace that i am certain only comes from my good GOD. 

it was draped over me like a warm quilt on a cold night.  i felt it.  i needed it.

in times like that, i can’t help but stop and acknowledge that i am a child of God.  as silly as it may sound, i know this certain peace that can be found in such unperceived places, has got to be supernatural.

and when i find it, own it, and operate in is much, much better

i wholeheartedly believe that no one is in charge of your happiness, except you.  and when it comes to these little people, i’m the one in charge of their happiness as well.

at least for now.

and come hail or high water, i’ll be sure to make those little people happy.

here is our most recent happy’s:

Easter crafting and egg hunting:

cousin’s visiting due to popular demand:

big brother telling me, “mommy, i can read this to lucy.  i can read now.”:

on two different occasions:


home school victories.  i love being their first teacher:

dinosaur and baby doll parades.

while nathan and lucy steal the show and throw candy to their audience:

bowling birthday parties for a sweet friend that we cherish here in Illinois already:

happy 3rd birthday, caden!!

dollar tree stained-glass crafts that turn into a quick home decor project; after a quick trip to the garage for an old frame and some left over spray paint:


backyard, morning soccer.  nothing yells, i’m-totally-sold-out-to-a-fierce-soccer-match-while-wearing-my-bath-robe, quite like this:

receiving little gifts in the good ole’ fashion mail box from extra sweet friends.  gifts that keep on giving. i used the stationary that i received to send off a few mailers myself.  and lucy enjoyed scribbling along the way:

i’ve enjoyed tea parties, bubble blowing, and watching sisterhood evolve:

and the husband…oh have i enjoyed the husband.

he is such a hero in this home.  no seriously; nathan, lucy, and mary thinks he has powers.  they are totally awe-struck by him.

so am i.

being happy is a very blessed state of being.  all it takes is respecting yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or causes you joy.

please, don’t be sad.  you deserve the most astronomical smile slapped across you face.

if for no other reason, be happy…….


pause button please!




  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the Sunday morning smile,love your posts. love your kiddo's.Mary baby-doll is growing like a weed! Your better than the The Pantagraph!

  • cris

    We have "classic Disney" music on CD in my car – for these such occasions. one includes Hakuna Matata. Enjoy you and your family so much!

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