i’m constantly fighting for balance.  constantly.

i’ve been reading the book titled, PUSH, by: chalene johnson.  and yes, she’s the creator of turbo kick, and yes-yes, i’m a groupie.  so what!!  she’s freaking awesome, positive, fit, organized, successful, and one more beautiful advocate for a healthy, strong, and dynamite family life.  and here lately, she’s helped push me right to where i need to be.  which is focused. 

i’m quick to switch from one subject to the next, as well as one dream to the next.  and end up right where i started in the first place.  then, repeat

some call it ADHD, but i’d prefer the term, dreamer.  it’s less medicating.  ha!  ha! 

but either way, i’m stoked about how this book has improved my focus on what i’m meant to do, (aside from being a mom and a wife), which is to pour myself into writing my book and have it completed by fall of this year.  that’s my deadline.  this book isn’t to be replaced by my next great idea.  and trust me, i’ve had a dozen fabulous-at-the-time ideas since then to distract me, but i’m choosing to chill the freak out and get this sucker done.

i’ll really get to dive into the meat of this book come march.  i’ll be getting a mother load of classes to teach at the Y (insert cartwheels and split leaps, ’cause i’m excited about that), which will give me the extra financial ability to hire someone to come into my house, two days a week, for four hours (two of which are napping hours), so that i can write.  it’s almost impossible to write after the kids go to bed because once i get into the flow, it’s time for this mama to get some sleep and recharge, leaving me torn between staying up and finishing my thought, or being mature and going to bed.  staying up usually wins.  and that decision is almost always regretted.  nobody likes a tired mommy.  she isn’t the most patient person.

so yeah, then there’s that balance that i’m constantly fighting for.  i want to write this book.  i have dreams of it helping people.  and oh what sweet dreams those are.  but i refuse to allow it to take away from being a mother and wife.  REFUSE!! 

so hiring someone it is. i will be allotted eight hours a week to write my heart out.  my children will be just doors away so that if i’m needed, i’m here.  and my writing will not interrupt time with my husband since i’ll choose hours that he is working.  and eight hours a week is merely a stitch in our weeks time. 

i’d like to call that balance.  

and while i have dreams by the groves that i so badly want to fulfil.  dreams of writing this book, dreams of executing exercise videos, and writing a healthy food plan–geared to help folks train their brains how to eat to achieve their fullest potential, running a full marathon, and the list could seriously go on for months. 

but, oh but, my role of a wife and mother trump all those said dreams.  every. single. time.  always will. 

because the biggest dream i’ve ever had–and has never been interrupted by any other, is raising great kids and having a great marriage. 

effort.  that is what it takes.  daily striving.  daily trying.  and daily failing at some point. 

getting off balance. 

getting on balance. 

i’m realizing that a life with balance is the very essence of effectiveness.  i’m starting to feel a peaceful balance with my one blessed life.  it feels good.

some days i fill up on all-things-mommy so much that i’m able to back off the next day and fill up on all-things-wifey.  and some days i find the perfect balance within that day to do both, beautifully.  and then, there are some days that kick me in the arse, and i do both jobs horribly.  but i always find my way back on track.

because like i said, being on feels good.  and i like good. 

i like the balance of praise music playing while i do chores and my little ones are sprawled out on the floor, making art.

while wearing a jazzy arrangement that only a fashionisha herself could come up with.

i like the balance of needing to learn a new turbo kick routine for my class, and turning it into an opportunity to exercise with my babies.  balance, baby.

i like the balance of putting on a movie for the littles while i gussy up for their daddy, for a special dinner night in.  this, might i add, is a new little thing i’ve added into my balancing act as of recently, and i’m not a bit sorry that i did. 

this was valentines night, and it will not always be this gussy, but the occasion called for awesome measures. 

it means the world to him.  it might be cheesy to some couples, but the husband and i are into the romantic stuff.  and i’m certain he likes to look at me without my yoga pants and stained t-shirt on from time-to-time. 

we added a little double-date action this week with husbands brother and his wife.  such fun company.  we had a blast.  coctail dresses and all.

husband is trying to find his brothers harmony.  little muscians.  i love it!!

i like the balance of turning stay-at-home days into fun little ways to do things together.  like make freshly squeezed orange juice.  nathan’s favorite drink ever-ever

i like the balance within our little five member family.  i like how we celebrate one another.  our littlest lovecup has started to crawl.  baby finally took off.  nathan, lucy, and i sat around cheering her on all day when she decided to go for it.  we were all so incredibly proud of her.  it melted my heart to see them equally (if not more) excited than i.

baby felt the praise.  so much so that she upped her new crawling act, and raised us a pulling-up-to-standing.  ALL IN ONE DAY!!

i didn’t see that coming…

’cause we celebrated our baby, and she knew she was awesome.

i’m going to keep striving to live out my purpose.  with balance.  and the only way i know how to do that is to celebrate life….

and celebrate others!!

pause button please!

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