this post has absolutely nothing to do with raising my little people, or any thing remotely close.

but, it has everything to do with a very important passion of mine.  a passion that i learn more about on a continual basis.  i’m using this particular blog post with high hopes that it serves to inspire just one reader to make a change.

i love health and fitness.  A LOT!!  it has changed my life.  i love to credit my good Lord above for giving us all the tools for a healthful, joyful life.  he is the true maker of organic and happy. 

i promote this way of living because of what it has done in my life.  i went from a nineteen-year-old with an eating disorder, to an advocate for all-things-healthy-and-happy.  and you better believe that i’ve never once looked back. 

i’d like to share a little bit about a special girl that i work with at the YMCA.  here it goes:

a few months back i would pop into one of the directors offices to chat.  her name is alicia, and she’s just precious.  and we always found ourselves chatting about our unending love for all-things-healthy.  i liked her, so i kept popping in to say hi.  she had that good, positive energy that set well with my crazy-positive self.

one day i noticed her wedding picture on her desk.  and what caught me off guard was how she was much, much thinner now.  and usually, it’s the very opposite.  people get married, get comfortable, and gain weight.

she then shared with me how between herself and her husband, they have both lost over a hundred pounds together.  she laughs and says, “we’ve lost a whole middle schooler!”.  

see, told you she was precious.

after spending many hours with her as we’ve became workout pals, i’ve learned quite a bit about her journey and asked her if she minded that i share it.  i always see all those before and after pictures, and i never know the people in them.  but i know this chic.  and i know that she has fought against her own genetics of obesity, and she is winning. 

she was 190 pounds, she now weighs 138 pounds.  i had to get a snap shot of her in the gym, slinging weights.  you go girl!!

she has struggled with her weight every since she can remember.  she painfully recalls being picked on and called the “chubby girl” in middle school.  to quote her, “you couldn’t pay me to relive middle school.”.

(side note:  middle schoolers are such freaking jerks!!)

she swam in high school which got her weight down.  then college happened.  her weight ballooned while she turned to food for comfort during those endless, stressful nights of studying.  she saw the above picture of herself and got discouraged, yet determinded.

she dabbled off-and-on with fad diets and losing weight in spurts.  but it wasn’t until april of last year, when she got her job at the YMCA, that she got more aggressive, determined, and focused to lose all that extra weight once and for all.  forever!!

in august of last year, her daddy passed away.  every time she speaks of him, her voice is so genuine and you can see the pain in her eyes as she chokes back tears.  she was, without a doubt, a daddy’s little girl.  her father was overweight and had health issues due to his lifestyle that caused him to pass so early in life.

with all the grief and sadness that she encountered during that time (and still visits!), she stayed focused.  she might not have her daddy here but i know that if he was, he would be so proud of her taking her health as serious as she does. 

she tells me that she does it for herself, first and foremost, while always making mention that she’s also doing it for her future children, and her daddy too.  she wants to lead by example so that her children have a healthy beginning. 

i didn’t know her when she was heavy.  i just know her now.  i know that she walks up in the YMCA with her skinny jeans on, a hot pink blazer, and owns her new life. 

girlfriend walks in her new found confidence.  she beams.

she swears by this lifestyle.  she’s never looking back.

she will be crushing her first-ever half marathon with me in april.  she’s doing it for her daddy.  she’s doing it for herself. 

i love people like her. 

every story is different.  and just like alicia, it takes dedication, determination, and one more strong will.  i believe in her.  i believed in me.

i believe in YOU!!

from the bottom of my heart,

alisa used meals from the south beach diet paired with consistent workouts.  if i ate meat, i would highly recommend this meal plan.  all lean meats, fruits, veggies, and whole grains.  a very great place to grab healthy recipes.   remember it’s a lifestyle change.  and you are the only one that can make the decision. 


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