well, this screen was blank without a single word typed until this sentence.  a blank space just waiting for me to seize the opportunity to talk about one of my kids.  the birthday kid.  my time to reflect on just how awesome of a human being she is. 

i love birthday posts.  they are my favorite-favorite-favorite.

(here is lucy’s post from last year)
(and nathan’s birthday post too)

and i love that lucy.  i remember just three years ago, days before she was born, anxious to meet her.  nervous that my love for her couldn’t possibly match the degree of my love for nathan.  and then i lock eyes with her, and it was the silliest thought that had ever crossed my mind.  i was officially crazy.  i had managed to grow a brand new heart, filled to the brim. 

she was perfect.  she weighed a whopping five pounds fourteen ounces.  she wasn’t early, just a little bitty thing.  i remember the nurses coming in saying, “i was told to come see the littlest baby on the unit, that she was adorable.”.  they couldn’t believe she was full term.  it was much to much.

and to this day, she’s the bittiest little thing, finally fitting a 2T (baggy), at age 3.  and i emphasize on her littleness because of how much personality, spunk, and charisma that blasts out of that little body of hers.  she amazes me.  she’s fun to watch.  she’s magic.  she’s going to soar through her one blessed life. 

i am so proud of her.  she has such a compliant spirit.  she still has a mind of her own and an opinion thicker than honey, but i love her heart.  she’s just wonderful. 

how did i survive life without her? 

crazy how these kids come into your life and give such richness and fullness to your days that you can’t remember life before them. 

gaining a daughter was more amazing that i ever dreamed.  i loved that special mother/son bond, but i never realized the joys of having a little girl and how it was going to bless the socks right off of me.  leave it lucy to make all-things-girly just a little bit funner and messier and dramatic and bossy and awesome.

this year she totally fell in love with having tea parties.  she takes a few sips, she raises her cup for a cheers, and she motherly-like approaches each of her babies and gives them pretend sips.  she always has a baby wipe to wipe their hands and faces when they are done.  then, repeat.  every. single. day. of. my. life.

although i wrote that dramatic, i’m not complaining.  i’ll desperately miss these days.  so i cherish them like there is no tomorrow. 

thankfully her birthday party theme came easy this year.  sister was into tea parties.  sister was getting a real tea party.  with real people.  with real tea (or warm apple cider-it’s tastier.).
i decided to take every single toy out of the play room and transform it into a tea room.  i envisioned it to look just like the tea room that my mama and my aunt bonnie would take me to growing up. 

i can’t describe how much i enjoy throwing my babies a birthday party.  i love the hours of crafting and creating that i get lost in.  the spirit of celebration lasts the whole month leading up to the big day.  i lay in bed at night, smiling, while little ideas pop into my head. 

and i talk about the party to complete strangers if the opportunity arises.  and what if i told you that while i was in that thrift store, i had this dear lady helping me dig up tea cups and saucers.  true story.  i know, i’m weird.  but that lady just loved helping me and i think she wanted to come to the party. ha! ha!  when did i turn into my mother?  oh my…

after thrifting and borrowing awesome platters from local family members, i was able to make my tea-party-loving girls dream come true.

play room before:

tea room after:

each little corner was labeled:

and i’ve never seen a table surrounded by anything cuter in my entire life.  have you?

and these little girls took my list of tea room etiquette seriously. 

it’s a good thing i own a ridiculous amount of hats and flower clips.  those suckers were a hit!!

it was a blast.  so much so that this will be a bi-annual event at my house. 

i will re-invite this crew, twice a year, to sit around the table, and be happy.  together.  over tea.  because it was just that awesome.

happiest of birthdays, sweet lucy.  you sparkle, litte bit.


pause button please!  (for real)

(i couldn’t wait for all the pictures that my sister-in-law took to publish this post.  more pictures to follow.  and they are reeeeeeeeeeeeally good ones.)

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  • k.mart

    Happiest of birthdays, little miss! Simply adorable, you and all of your Mama's precious touches. Three girls in VA say they are lifting their pinkies in toast of your turning three!! xo

  • Cris

    Seems like you are a birthday planning queen (I'm sure there's a business venture out there for you!)I looked through the other ones too! I love planning birthdays too, but with our small house, we tend to stick to just family ones. Miranda's is coming up at the end of Feb and she has chosen "candy" as her theme… My wheels are turnin' – would love to hear your ideas. I have a board on pinterest just for this!

  • k.mart

    I am laughing right now because I only got a chance to read quickly last time I was here so I came back for a good, slow reread. Yep, broke the etiquette all the way from VA (lowering pinkies now). Haha. It was even cuter my second time through! :)

    • christy

      hahahaha! you did break etiquette. shame on those little martins girls. put the pinky down, that is a myth. ha.

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