My Weekend.  Unplugged.
making the decision to delete my facebook and instagram apps from my iphone, temporarily, was an idea i’ve been wanting to try out.  i wanted to embrace a weekend that was completely unplugged.  i’m glad i deleted the apps because there were numerous times when i went scrolling through them, trying to find the icons, subconsciously.  i’d smile as i caught myself trying to get my social fix.  but couldn’t, unless i re-downloaded them.
i’m a little bit of a social-media-aholic.  some people could care less about what other people are doing, and i’m over here all, “oh my gah, how freaking cute are her shoes, i need those!!”, and, “look at her as a new mommy, i remember that first day like it was yesterday.”.  it makes me happy to see people i love and it’s one of my social outlets as as a stay at home mama.  however, i felt that a nice weekend unplugged would be nice.  i also wanted to see how much of a hold it had on me.  would it be hard to let go of, and so on and so forth.
but i did not miss it one bit.  i honestly didn’t.  it was just what i needed to revert my focus on my priorities.  because lets face it, those sites can suck you in and take up all your free time if you aren’t careful.  husband and i began to de-clutter our minds of all those goals that we’ve set for our new year.  and me personally, i dove right into this book that i’ve been excited about getting my hands on.  it’s called, (Push! by: chalene johnson), it’s designed to do just that.  i need a little push in order to achieve my full potential.  and self-help books have always served to motivate me to no end. 
it felt good to put a ball point pen to a note pad and crank out a list of my top priorities, in order of importance.  it was actually pretty easy to list.  a priority is something that if i was ever stripped from, my life would be devastated, unfulfilled, and i’d be living without purpose.
so that list was easy for me to bust out:
1.  my faith.
2.  my five member family.
3.  my JOY in life.
(here are my late night, freehand notes; converted into this blog space): all about my first priority, my faith.  if you do not believe the same way as i do, it’s cool, you can keep reading without feeling judged.  i promise.
my faith is an easy first priority.  i have been able to walk out this one blessed life with a very hopeful heart.  i have found forgiveness, peace, joy, long-suffering, hope, and so much love through my beliefs.  i always feel God’s presence in and around my life.  i’ve never fought one single battle alone.  i would truly be lost without my something to believe in. 
i will honor my faith by way of being selfless, giving, serving; while spreading joy, peace, and good cheer.  i strongly feel that being an example of goodness (pure-hearted goodness), is the mightiest message you can spread. 
in order to honor my number one priority, i will limit certain things in my life that cause a negative affect on me, or fail to build me up.  because if i’m not built up then i am to drained of my personal energy to pour into my little world.  my children! 
if they see a mama that is edified-not broken, confident-not double minded, and sailing through this one blessed life with a happy heart, they will follow suit.  i want the husband and i to pave the way for our children.   they soak up every move we make with those curious eyes.  we have got to show these babies our best.
in order to achieve my full potential, i will need to make certain changes: 
*when other people hurt me or i find fault in something about someone, do not keep talking about it. instead, try and see other people in the same eyes as God sees them.  when my eyes are unclouded by my own opinion and interpretation, and replaced with Gods opinion and interpretation of them, there is freedom in those eyes.  goodness reside in those eyes.   i really need to adopt God’s grace for other people. 
*continue to protect my desire of a patient heart with my children.  i get a little less patient as the older two have embarked upon sibling rivals.  especially when their battles awake the baby.  yeah, i lack patience at times.  i want to possess such an overflowing amount of patience that even in the midst of three children throwing tantrums, while pouring out a whole box of cheerios, and spilling grape juice on my white carpet, that i am able to sail through without throwing a matching tantrum.  when you find a certain peace in your heart that only comes from HIM, this is possible.  i’m seeking after that kind of peace to reach my fullest potential.
*stay encouraged.  stay inspired.  and keep inspiring others along the way.
i wholeheartedly believe that if my priorities are in check, that i will be able to achieve my PUSH goal for 2013.  i’ve noticed that with a clear mind and an abundance of faith, the rest of my life naturally aligns.  there is always room for a tune up, extra fluids, and an oil change.   always!
i am a Christian, yes, but i don’t pass judgement on those who see things in a different light than i do.  no. matter. what.  my relationship with God has always been personal, and by personal, i’m to busy judging my own heart to be judge anyone else’s.  trust me, i’ve got a list a mile long that i’m currently weeding through.  i’d hate to be worried about someone else’s problems to the point of missing out on fixing my own. 
i can appreciate and respect those who see life different than i do.  is that not how Christ lived out his one blessed life?  he was such an excellent example of an advocate to those who weren’t like him.  i tend to cringe when i see Christians (my people!) pass such harsh judgement on anyone who lives life different than how they believe.   
i just want to scream out, “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!  please, just love!!”
because check it…that girl on the pole, stripping, and shimmying up to drunk men for a twenty in her G-string?  yeah, i bet she has a past that would break your heart.  she could probably use a little more love and a lot less judgement hate.
and i bet that Jesus would rather hang with her over those judging.  i know that i sure would!!

i have decided to love, hate is too great a burden to bear.  -martin luther king jr.

and just like that, a weekend unplugged did my soul some good. 

i’m unplugging more often.

it was almost a picture-less weekend.  almost! 😉

pause button please!



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  • k.mart

    1. Most importantly, hope your crew is feeling better!
    2. Loving your vintage wall! Love.
    3. Social media. God has taught me SO much through giving that up for a little while. I could write a long time about this, but His obvious nudgings have proven so good, even if I miss it from time to time. I love encouraging others on FB (that's all I ever had), but the negativity (often from professing believers!)and judmentalness and such was so troubling to me. It made me wonder at times if, unknowningly, I too was leading others to feel badly or looking for validation in places other than Him. Most of all, the TIME! Oh, the time that is now filled with books and other worthy pursuits of elsewhere encouragement!! A friend did it with me and she also feels so much more fulfilled. This doesn't mean I won't ever pick any of it back up, but for this season it has been so good for my soul to set limits. I think when/if I do, it will be in a much more healthy light… and I didn't even really consider myself "addicted" in the first place.
    4. I'm buying your book.


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