since Christmas day, our family has been battling a pretty vicious, whatever-the-heck-ya-call-it virus.  it started with lucy, then nathan, then mary, and then bam, it blasted me through the roof.  our last week looked an awful lot like this:

this particular sickness created lethargic, tired bodies.  and whatever it was, my babies slept and slept and slept and slept.  it was wild.  the house stayed picked up, and i piddled around the house like a little old maid (the days i was well), with little bouts of tending-to, cold washcloths, and back rubs along the way. 

i took down the Christmas tree (insert sad face), and put up my little vintage corner in its place.  i’ve been collecting vintage-like picture frames and things of that nature.  i had just the perfect amount to start my little vintage spot.

it’s my new list making corner.  it’s right by the bay window where fresh morning light seeps through, and a little table to hold my hot coffee while i write out my daily to-do’s.  i just love it.  it’s cozy.  it’s cute.  and it kind of completes me.   

taking down all the Christmas decor was a bit sad so i snagged the lights from the tree and didn’t put them into the storage bin.  i streamed them in nathan and lucy’s room.  year ’round lights?  we voted yes.

it’s way happier in there.  and i plug them in first thing in the mornings so that it seeps light through the hallway throughout the day. 

all the extra time on my hands had me sorting, cleaning, re-decorating, and de-cluttering.  i began to manage my busy-bee-syndrome with little odd jobs around the house to keep the mundane routine at bay.  including, but not limited to, organizing my tights and winter sock drawer.

i did get to sneak in a hot little date night with the husband, which was just what we needed.   my favorite thing about going on a date with him is when he begins to get me laughing.  it happens every time we go out.  i laugh so hard that i cry.  and the best part is that nobody else would think it’s funny.  i usually have to tell him to stop because i’m about to pee-my-pants.  seriously!!

i also got to squeeze in a nice little new years eve, intimate, candle light dinner with josh’s cousin and his awesome wife.  i always like to host a little shindig on new years since it’s not the best night to ask someone to babysit.  heck, i don’t even bother.  i just bring the party to my place. 

we sat around my dinner table, with andrea bocelli softly whispering in the background, candles flickering, as we enjoyed a delightful spread of sushi, bruschetta, edamame, excellent wine, and frozen grapes.  it felt like we were out to at a nice restaurant, just like i had intended.  it was a perfect evening. 

ahhhh, which brings me to the deep part of this post.  the new year, new goals, new start, clean slate part.

2013 really couldn’t have started a single ounce richer as lucy and i were playing with her doll house, while nathan played with his little batman figurines.  the husband had cranked up the blinds near the bay window, pulled up a chair, and was sipping his coffee, feet propped, looking out the window. 

it just looked so inviting.  especially with the right amount of snow that was covering our back yard.  i quickly hopped up from the doll house, pulled up a chair, propped my feet upon his, and we began to set family goals.  good ones.  silly ones.  deep ones.  and forever ones.

i’m such a planner, but mornings like that-the ones that aren’t planned, are the most profitable.  after that morning with him, i’ve never felt more ready to achieve all our goals. 

mine.  his.  and ours. 

i love having a man that has his own dreams.  and i love that he supports mine. 

josh and i have always had our own separate goals and dreams, which is great, if there is a balance of moving toward something together-which we have lacked in the past.  but here lately, our dreams are starting to connect, align, and unity is starting to form in a way that i’ve never seen in our whole eight years of marriage.  it’s freaking wild!  awesome!  and it’s also biblical that in this path of one accord, greatness surely follows.

two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. (Eccl 4:9)

well…the bible tells me so!!

husbands’ goals are for him and i to knowour goals are for us to know.  but, i’ll at least disclose what’s been burning deep inside my goal-setting, resolution-making heart.   i’ve had lots of idle time-since this house has been sick, to reflect on my weaknesses, my strengths, and how i can continue to progress.  i refuse to stop growing.  oh, i’ll fall short. and i’ll fall short again.  but i’ll grow from those falls.  i’ll be stronger through those trials.  i welcome those bumps in the road.  i always come out better.  wiser.   

here goes my little resolution list.  some serious.  some silly.  but first, allow me to say that last years resolutions were all silly and i totally nailed them (except one!).  lets see, i perfected that pan of cornbread that i so longed to do by using a cast iron skillet, i left the husband more love notes in his packed lunches and work pants, but i still totally sucked at laundry this year.  ah, well.

My 2013 Resolutions:

1.  pray more during free time instead of social media; instagram, facebook, blogger, etc.

2. quit being so over-protective with my children.  AND, teach my kids how to do more for themselves. 

3.  be a better mother and wife.  always pursuing that.  always!! 

4.   finish my book by fall of 2013.  i’ll have someone come in to help me with my kids (twice a week) so i can come into my little office, and write without interruption.  it’s burning inside of me and i must get it out.  i’m ready to pour out what has been restricted for so long. 

5.   wake up, daily, with someone else on my mind instead of myself.  look out for those who might need a little invite somewhere, or a funny text message, or a kind phone call.  i will daily spread kindness in some form or another.

6.  to get stronger, physically.  i’m looking for 2013 to show me what i’m really made of.

7.  to find fellow health and fitness lovers in my new town to mingle with.  i love like-minded people.

8.  to build a packed-out, TURBO-kick, and BodyPump class this year at the YMCA.  i love being an aerobics instructor and i hope to help others achieve their fitness goals.  i inspire to be effective. 

9.  continue to quit trying to live up to anyone else’s expectations.  i’ve realized this year, thankfully, that that is impossible.  this has been by biggest victory in my entire life!!  i hope to continue to carry this though 2013.   i’ve never felt free-er than i do now.  and that feels so good.

woohoo!! isn’t that awesome??  yay for this new found growth.  i’m loving living in it!!  you have no idea the freedom i have to be me; this energetic, optimist-mama; who loves life, fitness, organic and vegan/vegetarian foods, who is empathic, kind, and a fighter.   it’s amazing to FINALLY embrace exactly who i am.

10.  to grow even more.  to allow those flaws that i am not even presently aware of to grow and develop in a healthy and vigorous way.

and here is possibly my biggest, most desired resolution:

11.  it’s my greatest desire to lead a life so rewarding and happy that anyone that crosses my path, leaves feeling better about them self, and happier in general. 

exicted about 2013!!

pause button please!


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