as mary has finally extended and locked out her arms into the crawling position, and she begins rocking back and forth, we all hover around her and cheer her on.  she’s something else in this house.  she barely takes a single breath that isn’t celebrated.  nathan and lucy totally get it.  they know that baby is about to embark upon something pretty cool.  they might not call it a milestone, but they know that baby is about to crawl.  and i’m certain that they will be just as excited about it as i am.  i sure do hope they are around to see her finally take off.  if they are not, i’ll make it seem that they were.  you know, keep it hush-hush and wait to re-celebrate the “first” time all over again. 

(nevermind the red eye, i was to lazy to edit.)

nathan and lucy are mesmerized by mary.  both of them, equally.  mary is mesmerized by them as well.  she seems happier around nathan because he’s five.  he plays actual peek-a-boo, shows her cool toys, and mimics me to the best of his precious ability when dealing with her.  lucy still tries to get on her back for piggy rides, while nuzzling her head in the baby’s face, and pulls to hard on her limbs to the beat of, old macdonald had a farm.  all lucy’s actions are with a good heart, which makes it bearable. 

lucy has been making lots of behavior strides lately, that i must make note of.  she is beginning to make excellent choices, her whining is lessening, and she has a magnetic personality to boot.  i’m so proud of her growth lately.  and i never let a single day go by without swarming her with kisses and compliments.  sister rocks!!

it’s hard to believe that she’s about to celebrate her third birthday……………………………………yes, i just took a long, blank, pause.  it can’t be so.  three?  like, not two anymore?  i’m not sure how i feel about this. 

but i do know how i feel about throwing her a birthday party that will make her heart soar through the roof.  my first daughter, who goes by these names: lu, lu-lu, ,luce, sis, sissy, sister, sister-girl, sister-friend, best lucy, favorite lucy, mama-girl…is about to have her very own royal tea party to celebrate her third fabulous year of life.  i already had the tea pots because i’m a hot-drink-loving kind of mama, but i’ve been slowly grabbing non-matching tea cups and saucers to complete her dainty tea room. 

have i ever mentioned how much i love thrift stores?  i know i have.  but i must make mention again.  i mean, where else can you find handmade afghans, and retro, happy face cups that state, have a happy day on them, for next-to-nothing?  i’m in love with my latest thrift finds.

good finds, huh?

we’ve dove right back into home school full swing this week.  a little break was much needed around here.  i’ve felt on my A-game all week in terms of curriculum and all-things-kindergarten.  i desperately need order in my life.  if i don’t have it, i’m edgy, tense, and annoying. 

funny and cute story:  while doing a reading lesson with nathan, we get to the word, ‘we’.  he reads it correctly, then stops himself and says, “hey mommy, this books spells it wrong, it’s actually W-I-I.”, (very matter of fact).  and i just squeezed his cute little body into mine and said, “you are so smart, bud, and you are right.  however, only your video game is spelled, wii, when you read it, it will look like this: we.  got it?”.  and he concurred. 

i love him!  smart as a whip.

we’ve been loving up some butcher paper.  it’s a new staple in this home.  tape it down, throw out some crayons, and i promise you will buy a good half hour to fold a load of laundry, put away clean dishes, or pick up a toy room. 

our family day this week was my favorite day.  i was set out to have a free family day.  i love having fun without breaking the bank.  it’s somewhat fulfilling as a stay-at-home-mom to be frugal.   

this week, we had the full downtown experience.  our weather lately has been super forgiving and extra warm.  and by warm, i mean forties (quit laughing, my dear florida friends!).  although still cold, it’s been nice.  we went to check out the old, historic museum.   it’s the old courthouse complete with exhibits that you can walk through.  on tuesdays it’s free.  that’s right, bloomington, illinois readers, it’s free on tuesdays.  and it’s pretty cool for a freebie, i must say.

this was the spiral staircase the wraps all the way to the top:

and this was nathan’s favorite:

and then there was the old court room that was left just the way it used to be.  and yes, husband and i took our turn in the judges chair.  and i’d be lying if i didn’t feel this burst of power run through my veins.  and i liked it.  it’s pretty exhilarating.

lucy was on trial:

husband is cute:

and would you please look at my jury duty? 

with the weather permitting, we took a quick jaunt down the street to a cutie little bakery and scarfed down some crazy-delicious milky way brownies and OJ.  not for free, by the way.  :)

we are having awesome weather and it’s starting to fuse together.   i’m a sucker for text messages that read, “today is so beautiful, want to go for a walk?”.   not only do i love the sunshine and the great outdoors, i love my sweet friend, dawn. she came over and we took a stroll down to the park with my littles, her dog, and the little baby in her belly (yay, that makes me smile just to type it out). 


my husband has always called me a fighter.  and he always refers to it in a positive light.  it’s actually one of his favorite things about me.  he thinks that the fight that burns within me is why my life operates the way it does.  he is SO analytical.  he has been picking me apart for the past nine years.    thanks to him i have the confidence to be who i am.  knowing that he adores the entire person that i am really makes me feel invincible to the rest of the world at times.  especially the times when my world seems shakable.

he’s reminds me of rocky’s (yeah, the movie) little old manager.  oh come on, you know the movie, rocky??  the little old manager?  cute as a button?  with the raspy voice, telling rocky to get back in the game, don’t give up, you’ve got this?  yeah, husband is my rock.  my manager.  and i just love every little bit of him. 

when i think about 2012, i really do have this innate habit to only look toward the good parts, the highlights:  i met some really amazing friends in florida that will be in my life forever, i just know it.  i got to feel each little movement inside my occupied womb, with the end result of holding a perfect little baby girl.  i had some amazing family vacations.  it was a great year in lots of ways, but there were parts that i had to fight like hell to come through the other side.  there were moments when i wanted to give up.  i didn’t.  husband wouldn’t let me.

my mom, my very best friend in this whole world, got diagnosed with breast cancer during my last trimester in 2012.  in that moment, my whole world crumbled.  thankfully, she is doing great.  my father passed away of a sudden heart attack, which brought about it’s own dose of sorrow in 2012.  my five member family moved from the beautiful sunshine state to be closer to family (which is good, but change is hard!), and my littlest baby got diagnosed with a neck issue as soon as we landed in illinois.  and again, her neck is almost 100% without a single worry otherwise, but the initial diagnosis was overwhelming. 

i say all that to say that even though there were times in 2012 that were burdensome and heavy, that there is still a delicious ray of sunlight in the middle of each storm.  and when i’m blessed with the eyes to look upon the hope of sunlight in the midst of each storm, surely blessing will abound.  they always do.

i guess the husband is right, i am a fighter.  it’s funny how all these years of him calling me that, i’ve defended myself, saying, “i’m not a fighter, i’m a peacemaker.”, and all this time he’s been sitting there saying, “babe, you fight for peace, you possess it.”.

so from now on when he calls me a fighter, i’m going to take it as the highest of compliments. 

have a happy weekend.  fight if you need to.  it’s okay, my husband said so.

pause button please!


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