overwhelmed mama here. 

everything seems to be piling up to no avail.  my emotions seem extra tender, my energy is totally zapped since i’ve had sick kids.  nathan and lucy do NOT like each other lately, constant bickering.  mary is teething.  lucy is super whiny.  and nathan is doing little things, intentionally, to antagonize lucy, which sends her on a tail spin, which sends the level of stress in this house through the roof. 

this week is when i need my spirits high and my energy higher as i get prepared for a hardcore, butt-kicking that i’m about to receive this weekend.  i’m getting certified to teach BodyPump.  it’s a killer.  and it’s two full days of getting prepared to teach one of the worlds best workouts.  strength training like you’ve never seen before.  this class will undeniably take your fitness to the next level.  i’m thrilled to have been chosen by the YMCA to get trained, but i’m a bit nervous because this will definitely be a challenge for me.  i’m about to be stretched to new heights.  and i’m so excited, scared, and so freaking ready for a two day mommy break. 

did i just admit that?  yeah, so. 

i’m an endorphin junkie.  i love to get to that certain place in a workout where i begin to feel like i’m flying.  and here lately, i’ve been getting that same feeling on family days.

people ask me all the time, “do you miss florida?”, and to answer that as honest as i possibly can, yes and no.   yes, i miss the wonderful friendships that i had built there and the bonds that were created.  it breaks my heart when nathan asks for his friends, and lucy asks for hers.  yes, i want to hit up our local splash park, beach it, and go grab a cupcake from the local bakery.  yes, i miss florida.  how could i not?

but no, no i don’t in the grand scheme of things.  my husband has a much less demanding job and we have two full days, every single week, that he is at home with us.  and florida couldn’t deliver that.  our family days were more like six a year.  now they are twice a week.  i’ll take more family days and more time with my husband any day of the week over splash parks, the sandy shores, cupcake shops, and friends by the grove.  besides, he is my best friend and nobody can make me laugh as hard as he can. 

husband leaves the planning up to me.  although when he does come up with something to do, it usually consists of dropping a hundred dollars, and if anyone knows how much moving can cost, then you know that there will be no dropping of a hundred dollars for us for a bit.  which doesn’t really bother me because i pride myself in being thrifty.  i pack lunches, i hit up yard sales, thrift stores, and all that jazz.  and when it comes to spending time as a family, i just do a little prep work and search out hot spots in the area. 

in all truthfulness, i rather enjoy the quality of an open park with picnic benches, new-to-us playground equipment, and a daddy in tow.  no better person to sit back and enjoy your children play other than the person that loves and enjoys them just as much as you do. 

we sit and we laugh at how lucy is over at the clubhouse trying to convince nathan to play her game, and if you give her another minute, she’ll have all five of us in there.  who can resist lucy? 

we can not.

this town offers the best nature center i’ve ever been to, husband agreed.  and the red carpet was rolled out for us because we were the only ones there that day. 

we saw the best puppet show by a rather adorable big brother who had no clue he was a dead give away.

i kind of wanted to butter up his chubby fingers and eat them right up. 

such a great place.  for free.  go me.

family days will never be a thing we squeeze in our busy lives.  oh no, never again.  there will forever be room for them.  non-negotiable.  those days don’t just mean the world to me; all five of us gain so much fulfillment from them.  famlies need this.  desperately

today is one of those days that i could get carried away in a complaining and negative attitude if i wasn’t aware of how utterly and incredibly blessed i am.

yes, i’ve rolled my eyes at the dishes in the sink, slammed the refrigerator after realizing i was out of everything and needed to go to the grocery store.  i’ve put the kids in the bath just to keep them out of things with no intention of washing them off.  i’ve been allowing that one closet that needs to be organized to just crawl under my skin because there is just not enough time in the day to do it all.  and yes, i do get tired of the daily grind from time to time.

but, there are many more things that i am not tired of.  oh dear, here comes a list.

things i am NOT tired of:

**lucy, mary, and the whole sisterhood they are starting to form.  i die.

**breakfast in bed from the husband.  just because he likes me.  well, that and because he knew i had a tough day before.  bless him all the more then.

egg and cheese sammy, sunny side up.  just the way i like it.

**tea parties with lucy, daily.  this one here was actually a sunday brunch, if you must know.

**getting all gussied up on sundays for church.  it’s the one day that i actually put on make-up.

**hosting slumber parties for my nephews.  nathan was in the highest of heavens. 

**my little people transforming blank canvases into wall art for me.  and it’s right in front of my eyes as i type.  i just love it so.
**and i might as well save the best, thing-i’m-not-tired-of for last, because to me, it’s HUGE.  (que drum roll, complete with cute little drummer boys)….husband decided to join me as a vegetarian!!!  and i couldn’t be happier.  he has lasted a full month and he swears he doesn’t miss meat.  he feels so much better, and to quote him, “i just feel healthy, and that feels good.”.  well, while i’m quoting him, he also said, “actually, my food has tasted better since i switched over to vegetarian because you really never did know how to cook meat in the first place.”
go ahead, laugh. 

i finish this post with stress knots still lingering around my neck and shoulders.  but, i finish this post grateful even still.  because even though i’ve had some pretty tough moments, my days are blessed beyond my deserving. 

what is it that you are NOT tired of?


pause button please!
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