we are fans of changing things up, hence a pretty drastic (albeit, awesome!) move to central illinos.

however, sometimes it’s not the most appropriate time for a change of plans.  like, maybe it’s not the exact time to come forth with the flu-like bug/fever/chills/body-aches, on Christmas morning.  except lucy and i didn’t get the memo.  i woke up feeling nauseated.  i held it together long enough to excite in all the fables. 

santa ate his cookies, check:

the reindeer ate all their food, check: (i had maybe a tablespoon left of oats, so our reindeer had quinoa and cous-cous. haha!)

and what do you know?  santa left behind presents AND snow cover footprints (which smelled an awful lot like baby powder).:

during the opening of presents, i sucked it up.  i didn’t even make mention to the husband that i wanted to hurl all over the place.  i was dead set on watching nathan receive his ever-so-longed-for wii gaming system, and lucy’s daily wished-for doll house.

there was a part of me wishing the excitement was making me nauseous and that it would pass.  except it didn’t.  it got stronger.  the husband said, “you look pale, go lay down.”, and i did.  i crashed hard for about an hour.

only to wake up to the husband saying, “lucy’s heart is racing, she is really hot, you’ve got to come check on her.”.  luckily, that hour sleep was enough to sustain me and i slept the worst of it off.  after assuring the husband that hearts race when fevers spike, and that i’ve felt worse, he was relieved.  i scooped up my sweet little love cup, pulled her hair into a quick pony, and held that  forehead tightly as she released her sickness. 

after she was done, i held her closely on the bathroom floor,  manipulated those bangs out of the way as i placed the most compassionate, mommy-wants-to-trade-places kiss across her forehead that i could muster up.  the kiss was saying, “sorry baby girl that you’re sick.”, and “so so sorry that you are sick on CHRISTmas day.”.

as we were leaving the bathroom, she says, “mommy, i feel better, i’m not sick anymore.”.  so i smiled.  i knew she was good at least for a bit because throwing up is quite a release when you’re miserable.  so we enjoyed her new tea set and doll house for a bit.

then i started getting all sorts of sad.  i was really hoping to spend the morning with just the five of us, but i was equally as excited to take our crew over to nanny’s house so all her grands could open gifts together, then we were all heading over to tara’s house where we’d dive into a comfortable chair, sit back, and let Christmas day run it’s course.  i had anticipated CHRISTmas day since we decided to move here.  surely we weren’t going to be sick and miss out? 

i made a phone call to my mother-in-law explaining to her that lucy was sick, as was i.  i told her it was obviously contagious and that i didn’t want to infect the family.  and in true family fashion, she calls back saying, “everyone said to come, sick or not.”.  i decided if lucy or i needed to lay down, then we would, but at least we’d still be around family.  it’s nice to have family that welcomes your germs just to ensure that you are present.  

after lucy slept for a few hours that morning, she woke up seemingly better, still warm, but had more life in her.  i was queasy but i just paid it no mind and carried on about making a pot of vegan chili to take over for our Christmas day chili dinner.  by the way, the Christmas chili idea was a hit, and we all agree that it’s a new tradition for sure.  everyone shows up with their favorite chili in crock pots, comfy clothes, and we just sit around; laughing, loving, and laughing some more.  i’m so glad our germs were welcomed, and even gladder that we didn’t spread them. 

i also see the start of another most precious and must-must-must do again tradition.  before we parked it at tara’s house for the duration of Christmas day, we will first pit-stop at nanny’s house so that she can pass out all her gifts to the grands.  it was so stinking perfect.  there are twelve grandkids, and two at a time opened their gifts starting with the youngest to oldest.

oh the sweetness, anticipation, and happiness encamped about that living room of hers.  i die.  i really do love having such a load of family at my fingertips.   

on the drive home from our Christmas festivities, i said to the husband, “wow, i really loved today!”, and he confirms with a sweet, “yeah, it felt like Christmas, didn’t it?”.  which i interpreted like this, “i’ve missed my family, it was nice to spend Christmas with them.”.  but i could be wrong. 

i bet i’m right!! 

lucy never threw up again after we left the house on Christmas morning, but she was definitely weaker than normal.  in fact, near the end, she straight up kicked mary out of the moby wrap and set up camp.  she even fell asleep in there.  and i happily held her close.

(this photo just wouldn’t rotate.  so, tilt your head to the right, and smile at the sweetness.)

later that night, after the husband and kids were soundly sleeping, i pop up the recliner, destined to find a cute little Christmas movie.  and what to my wondering eyes should appear? (yes, i just quoted, ’twas the night before Christmas lyrics as my question.)  DRIVING MISS DAISY!!  i quickly changed my mind about watching a Christmas movie, and gleefully switched gears.  it’s a classic in my book and i haven’t had the option to watch it in a very long time.  it felt like a small little present for me.  the perfect, light-hearted movie to end my sweet Christmas night. 

about five minutes into the movie, i hear my sweet lucy crying.  i hurry in there and she says, “mommy, i need you.”.  i placed her warm body in my arms, carried her into the living room, popped up the recliner-yet again, prayed over her, stroked her hair, and finished my little movie while she slept so peacefully. 

even though i would have wished she were well, i completely enjoyed the chance for her to sleep on my chest again.  she’s almost three ya know, so i chose to marinate on how little and dependent she seemed.  because reality is that yes, she’s little, but sister is fierce and independent.  i enjoyed pretending that she was brand new again.  she felt so good on my chest as i felt the rhythm of her breaths against mine.  they are much stronger than mary’s little breath-rhythms, so i cherished that chance to feel her this way again. 

turns out that i’ve put my new juicer to good use this week.  my little people have been medicated, naturally, by way of fresh squeezed antioxidant-infused fruits and veggies.  we’ve had a pretty sick crew on our hands this week.

thankfully, we’re all on the mend. 

okay, are you ready?

THE DOLL HOUSE: (drum roll please….)

this doll house deserves it’s own blog post.  but i’ll refrain and let the pictures speak in volume.  our girls will cherish it for years and years and years to come.  and so will their girls.

my favorite room is the mickey mouse room with the polka dotted carpet.  (bottom right!)

lucy is a total pink-enthusiast.  so daddy made sure she had her very own pink room.  her pretend-nathan is not allowed in there.  only mommy, daddy and lucy are allowed.  she’s hilarious.

CHRISTmas time is packed with such goodness; it’s forgiving, kind, charitable, sparkly, and fabulous. 

and that mess that is all over the living room floor after those gifts are unwrapped??  yeah, we keep those around for a while.  it’s a beautiful mess.

………..AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (am i the only one singing that?)

pause button please!

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  • k.mart

    Oh, bless you guys! Our Christmas times do sound so similar… I hope all your littles (and you both!) are healthy as can be now. I echo the down-the-street wishes. If only! Until then, I'm glad you're just a click or two away. :) And the doll house… great job, Daddy! A treasure.

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