how can i help?

that has been the question that has taken precedence in my brain since i’ve heard about this awfully unfortunate shooting.

and sadly, there isn’t anything i can personally do for any single one that was affected, but pray.  and even then, i don’t know what to pray.  so i just cry instead.  the bible says to weap with those who weap, so i weap. 

i’m saddest tonight for all those parents.  coming from a mama’s heart, i’m just devastated for all the moms and dads that lost their little nathan, lucy, or mary.  it makes my stomach knot up and my eyes pour of tears.  i just hate this reality for those families. 

how can i help?  it keeps ringing in my head.  i can’t escape this need that is burning inside of me to help.  and there really isn’t much i, or anyone, can do.  the damage is done. 

just like 9/11, i remember exactly where i was, this past friday, the moment this act of hate was taking place.  however, i had no idea at the time, as i was having a snack and roasting miniature marshmallows-by way of pretzel sticks, that a raunchy and devilish act was being committed. 

i had no idea. 

in my mind, the world was all as it should be.  little did i know…

my heart is burning, and there is a part of me that feels guilt– since i’ve heard of this tragedy, when i’ve enjoyed myself.  how can i smile?  how can i carry on like life is good?  noble?  just? 

because really, it is not.

and that is where i begin to process.  and battle.

no, life really is good.  noble.  and just. 

 how can i help?  how can i help?  it keeps ringing…

well, easy.  we can all help.  obviously we can’t re-do anything that happened on friday, with great misfortune, but we-as a human race, can make a difference.

i refuse to look at this as, “what is our world coming to?”, and, “this is only the beginning?”, kind of crap load. 

NO!!  i have faith in humanity, even against all inhuman acts.  i still believe that this country-if united, can drive out hate.

i believe wholeheartedly that the shooter was completely mutilated by way of a mental disorder.  i know this because these things do not happen to the right-of-mind. 

then i immediately think, why did he break?  what could have saved him from breaking?


those things may have saved him.  sorry but i can’t help but think that if someone in his life showed him the proper amount of those three listed ingredients, then he might of had just enough human goodness to sustain him from such gruelsome acts. 

which just shows that we can-in fact, help.  i know that as a mother to three of the most precious little beings on this planet, that i can instill in them to love those that do not love them back, because it drives out that unkind and hateful spirit. 

i can be an example of joy by way of living life without complaining so that hopefully they will be a positive light to someone, like the shooter, who can’t find much good in their life. 

and i can give every thing i have to raising three little lives that crave peace, and want spread it. 

i will encourage my babies to reach out to the afflicted.  i will teach my children how to offer hope to the hopeless. 

i know that there is so much more that needs to be done in our world (not just america!), but all i have is my little nest to start with.  i will walk out each day more cautious of who seems to be struggling. 

i believe wholeheartedly that if we all seek to reach out and lift someone up, daily, and on purpose,  that we will make a difference.  and tonight, that gives me hope.

i still believe in goodness.  how could i not?

spread it!!

pause button please!



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  • k.mart

    Yes, fill them up with love and mini marshmallow mornings and goodness and Jesus. And may we all fill up those who are broken, hurting, and in need of just one somebody to show them Jesus too. From my broken Mama's heart to yours… I'm holding onto love, peace and joy with prayers for those mommies and daddies and families who must need some hope so very badly. xoxo

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