oh that first snow. 

it’s happening. 

like, right this very minute.  i haven’t seen snow in almost nine years.  nathan and lucy haven’t seen snow…………EVER!!

until today.

after a little living room sistah-slam–oh wait, you don’t know what that is?  well, it’s what i call my weekly workouts with my sister-in-law, chandella.  she comes to my living room gym and her membership is free.  ’cause we sistah’s yo.  and we workout together.  and i like it. 

okay, back on track.  after our workout, i begin to hear rumors of the first snowfall.  husband and i were polishing off our CHRISTmas shopping  (we’re DONE, by the way!!), and i kept looking up in the sky, allowing the gloomy, separated clouds to take me back to the days when we’d hover around the windows in north carolina, waiting.  waiting on snowfall. 

i no sooner get home from shopping, put all the littles down for a nap, and head to the grocery store.  i googled olive gardens minestrone soup and decided that i was going to warm our home up over fresh soup while the snow fell.  and besides, i don’t remember a single snowfall from my childhood without my mama’s homemade soup.  just trying to keep that tradition alive in this home, too.

my babies were about to be captivated with one of mother natures finest ingredients. i couldn’t hardly wait to see those bitty jaws drop open with amazement, while their little noses press up against the window as they watch it accumulate.

care to hear a few quotes from today?

nathan: “holy amazing!!” (i’m prrrretty sure he picked that line up from me.)

lucy: “i love the snow, it’s cute.”  (can you even stand her cuteness?  she slays me.)

nathan: “are we in the north pole?”  (umm, my personal fav.)

lucy: “nathan look!…mommy look!!…DADDY LOOK!!”

i know, they’re awesome. 

in florida, we had tropical storms that kept us indoors for the day and i always kept a rainy day box.  i would keep little odds-and-ends in there, only to be pulled out if it was rainy.  one thing i do not like is to be stir crazy.  if i can keep everyone nice and busy, then nobody gets stir crazy.  instead, we spend a very intimate, full day indoors.

in illinois, we have snow days that keep us indoors for the day.  so, i’ve been waiting for this day to arrive.  and waiting.  and waiting.  and waiting. 

we get to break this little box-o-fun out tomorrow.  take that, stir crazy.  we’re on it!!

enough about the snow, we had a fabulous week.  here are some highlights:

we managed to go Christmas caroling at great-grandma’s nursing home.  seeing the pure and sincere smiles draped across those sweet elderly faces made my heart so very happy.

our little crew did awesome.  these kids make me crazy i love them so.

grandma was so proud.  she was crying and laughing and nodding her head to the beat.  she was proud of her great-grands.

papaw came into town for a visit and it was just the most awesome day.  my babies are used to seeing him three and four times a week, until we moved here, so they were ecstatic to see him.   

we had cousin izzy over this week and we all really enjoyed his company.  we made an angel craft in front of the CHRISTmas tree, we colored, we played dress up, we danced, and we thoroughly enjoyed our little house guest.

my husband was on a job about two weeks ago and knew that i was looking for a bookshelf to transform into a doll house for lucy’s and mary.  as he was in this customers basement, he notices this handmade doll house, and made small talk, saying, “my wife wants to make a doll house for our girl’s this year.”.  and they offer this amazing, handmade, dollhouse to him as a tip.

are you for real???!!!

next thing i know, husband spends a whole morning grabbing supplies to repaint, wallpaper, and re-carpet this adorable gem.  he later informs me that i am to stay out of this.  he wanted to take the reigns.  so what was meant to be my project quickly turned into a daddy-made project. 

and there isn’t a single thing in this world sweeter than watching a husband pour his heart and soul into such a project.  he is clearly driven by love.  he can’t wait to present this to his girls come CHRISTmas morning.  i’m so happy he’s their daddy.  they are the luckiest.

it’s almost complete but i’m not showing it to anyone until after lucy sees it.  my favorite room is the mickey mouse room with the polka-dotted carpet.  i kind of want to live in this friggin’ dollhouse.  it’s the coolest project ever!!  i can’t wait to show it off.

and lastly, i’m very happy with the way that last weeks horrific tragedy has sparked a trend amongst our country.  a trend to not exchange that hatred with more hate.  rather to spread love.  i love to see good being spread.  i’ll happily do my part. 

i’m still praying for those families every time my mind takes me there, which is quite often.

instead of focusing on the horror, use it as ammunition to love someone with the same intensity of that horrible act.  i am seeing so many like-minded people on this same giving train.

i think we’re on to something. 

pause button please!

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  • K8

    love the doll house and its renovations!

  • k.mart

    All of this is so crazy precious! And I must know… what did Miss Lucy think of that fabulous doll house? Hope your Christmas was wonderfully merry and you have a happy New Year's to follow!

    • christy

      OH MY STARS, KB..SHE LOVED IT. (PARDON MY 'ALL CAPS'). it's amazing. it'll be featured in the next blog with all the fabulous details. i'm hopping over to your blog now in hopes to catch up on your beautiful world. oh how i need your awesome words in my life. i love you more than you know, lady.

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