this week sure did show me who’s boss.  and quite honestly, i kind of won…except i did not.

i am always reading articles and books about parenting.  or you can find me in a corner talking to a fellow mommy about my weaknesses and strengths while trying to grab any thing good from her, or heck, hear another mama tell me that she’s just as stressed out.

i’ve noticed that when i do not continue to keep my mind focused on positive parenting-by way of reading up and staying fresh, that i do not deal with my children in the way that i desire.  and by reading up, i’m talking about the word of God.  that is where i begin to operate in HIS sweet and perfect peace.  the kind of peace that even though mary is screaming, lucy and nathan are fist fighting, dinner is being burnt, and the house is a complete and utter mess, simultaneously, i can still walk in a perfect peace.  when let’s face it, that should not be obtainable during such madness.

but it is.  i’ve obtained it.  but not this week.  but i needed to feel the effects of it all.  i needed to remember where my help comes from, and to realize that i can not do it alone.  mama’s can get so carried away in a servant mentality that they forget to ask for help.  and me personally?  i live for serving others. it’s actually one of the ways i show that i love you.  nothing makes me happier than a house guest sitting around my table, sipping hot coffee, eating some of my freshly baked banana bread, while cracking little jokes as an effort to make them happy. 

i’m learning when to allow others to serve me.   i’m getting there.

the bible says in matthew 5, that blessed are the maintainers and makers of peace.  which speaks volumes to me.  so your telling me that if i maintain my peace, as well as make peace, i will be blessed?  well then, allow me to pursue maintaining my happy place.  ’cause this mama wants to be blessed.  actually, i already am. 

i have a burning desire to give these powerful, child raising years the very best that is within me.  i realize the huge impact that i have on these little minds and hearts.  i want to teach them how to maintain their peace above all other life lessons.  because i truly believe it’s the most powerful lesson to be learned.

and by-golly, mama wants her babies blessed.  and blessed are the maintainers and makers of peace, right?

i sit here writing because i can not forget this thought.  i shouldn’t be blogging right now as sticky little fingerprints are on everything, laundry is flooding over, and i’m so tired it’s annoying; but when my children are grown, they will not remember the amount of laundry that was spilling over, or the crumbs on the floor, but they will recall how to maintain their peace.  and if i don’t maintain it for any other reason, you can bet your sweet touche i’ll do it for them.  and since i’m not a martyr, i’ll do it for myself first.

part of my current frustration was how i didn’t feel like i was spending adequate time with lucy, which was causing her to act very out of control.  at first i allowed it to get the best of me, then i began to assess the situation.  instead of barking back at her and dealing with her in an unkind tone (although i did react this way at first), i began to feel empathy for her little heart.  i knew that the level of her intensity wasn’t just the whole, oh, she’s just being two drama.

as soon as i started to search out her heart, i saw that all she was needing was me.  she wasn’t getting that quality time that she so desperately needs.  nathan gets it during home school, baby gets it during nursing moments, but here lately, i’ve noticed that lucy was only getting shared time.  for instance; we would all bring out a board game and play, or we would all go out back and kick the soccer ball, or everyone plays dress up, etc.. 

so i fixed it, and what do you know, the whining drastically decreased.  it didn’t stop, because she’s two, but it was a big-fat-huge-mega difference.  sister needed me.  glad i was able to see inside her heart, and behind all those fits and tantrums, that a little girl was in there asking for a little more attention.

i decided to not do nathan’s morning lessons this week during baby’s first nap. only his reading lesson during the girls’ afternoon nap, and explained to him that mommy needed to give that special time to lucy and that he got to pick between a few activities to entertain himself.

sister and i had picnics and tea parties and girl talk and laughter and lip gloss and plenty of praise along the way. 

and as it turns out, i needed her too!!

oh how i love that first daughter of mine. 

pause button please!



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  • k.mart

    Can I just write "amen" all over this post?! Love you, Christy Marshall!

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