(this post was supposed to be about crafting, house guests, and an awesome perfect family day, but i got vulnerable instead.  oh well, it started out that way.)

when you decide to add glitter to a craft, you have decided to commit.  you fall subject to glitter showing up in your stir fry later on that evening, and only God himself knows how it got there.  and, even though you did the glitter project at the kitchen table-which is three doors (and a hallway) down from the master bathroom, you will still somehow notice glitter sitting there-shiny as ever, on your toothbrush. 

so, if you ever receive a gift from us with glitter on it, near it, or around it, please note that we love you and you were worth the clean up. 

our recent glitter crafting was to transform our fall, pine cone leftovers into Christmas tree ornaments. we are delivering them this week to certain family members. 

now listen, when things make me happy, i just run with it.  and crafting has a very cute little way of making my world merry and bright.  but here lately, i’m unstoppable.

on thanksgiving i wanted to bring all my nephews and nieces a little something out of the ordinary. and i wanted it to be extraordinary.  i knew that none of them really believe in santa anymore with the exception of my two, and the exception of poor little anna-who, is trying to hold onto to the fable yet her older brother keeps squashing her hopes and dreams.  but, make-believe never gets old and those babies loved the whole gamut. 

aunt christy brought a reindeer food bar.  (click on this link for the printables if you’d like to do something similar.)

and it was a hit.  there is a secret ingredient that i did keep a secret.  it was the magic flying powder.  i will let them know what it is after Christmas.  you should have seen them try to get it out of me. 

alright alright alright, if you must know, it’s flour.  shhhh.

in my constant quest of creating my best life, i think that crafting plays a very crucial role.  it is satisfying on so many levels.  therapeutic even.  i don’t think that it makes me a better mom since quality time is way more crucial than a piece of darn construction paper, but i still feel that it’s icing on the cake.  and since icing is purely sugar, allow me to go ahead and quote my favorite line from the movie, ELF, “i love sugar.  sugar is my favorite.”

which is why my little brain took our most recent Christmas craft directly in front of the Christmas tree.  because, you know, sugar is my favorite.

yay for making snow globes.  yay for icing.

another area that makes me so very happy is health and fitness.  i’m drawn to articles and books that provide more knowledge in that area.  i like what it has done for me, globally.  i remember when i was fresh into college (gained the freshman fifteen) and i began to desire being skinny again .  i cared less about health, i was way to vain to see past my gap jeans.  i wanted to be little.  so i took off on a road that led to an eating disorder.  i’m leaving the details out of this (it will be in the book!!), but after a dark, and short-lived season of unhealthy choices and mistreating my body by not eating appropriately, i show up for this one class that changed my life.  health & fitness 101.  it just happened to be one of my prerequisites. 

furthermore, i just so happen to believe that God had a different path for me.  HE had a much more fruitful plan for me.)

i remember struggling with my eating disorder while simultaneously listening to the plethora of information that was being tossed at me in class.  i remember that battle in my mind as clear and plain as day because i wasn’t quite sure i wanted to go that route.  i wanted fast results.  i didn’t like the idea that it was a “lifestyle” change.  i didn’t want to change, i just wanted to be skinny, dang it.

but then the adult-in-me started to override my silly, i-just-want-to-be-skinny, teenage mind, and i started to dominate this area in my life though knowledge.  i began to apply the things i was learning and slowly started to desire being strong rather than skinny, healthy instead of tiny. 

and to this day, i like the way healthy feels. 

i haven’t (and never will!) stop learning.  i contribute a huge chunk of my happiness and joy to making this major “lifestyle” change nearly thirteen years ago.  when you begin to treat your body well, that is the first step of housing inner peace.  and when you are truly at peace with yourself, you are pretty much invincible. 

the depth of this post comes from my heart being poured into my book lately.  i’m baring it all to be able to be effective.  i could care less how i am perceived if i am capable of lifting just one person out of some of the places i’ve been in. 

that is why i love being a fitness instructor.  sure, i love being a complete spazz and motivating a crowd, but i love this little avenue i’m given to spread the good news of health, and living your best life. 

i’m very thankful to have a passion that burns inside.

because the place i am today is exactly where i want to be. 

sugar is my favorite.

pause button please!

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  • Anonymous

    this touched me and took me WAY back in the day. gonna have to inbox the rest of my thoughts about this. LOVED IT

  • amy

    I think your transparency about this situation is admirable! I can't even begin to think about what an eating disorder feels like, or how hard it is to combat. You've come so far C-Qui and I'm one proud friend. You're an inspiration…always remember that!!

    (you're writing a book? awesome!!)

    • christy

      you are so sweet, amy. i appreciate this sweet comment more than you know. and yes, i'm writing a book…my story. i'm ready to help other people turn their past wounds into their greatest accomplishments. i've been on my journey for years now and it's finally time to share my little secret to possess a powerful, and genuinely happy life. it will be titled: hello, future life-lover.


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