it’s no surprise that i’m a fall loving, leaf-pile jumping, pumpkin dessert making kind of girl.  there is just something about the shift from summer-to-fall that makes the whole universe happy.  no seriously, it’s true, everyone gets jacked.

i’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that it’s because of the holidays.  all the festivals and festivities, the pumpkin and peppermint lattes, the red cup from starbucks miraculously shows back up, the favorite casseroles get made, the oven houses more baked goods, and you can’t hardly keep from singing Christmas carols a little early, and on and on and on .  fall makes way for bumper-to-bumper holidays.  it’s each family’s chance to create their own special traditions and memories. 

novemeber marks a very special family tradition in this house.  it’s random acts of kindness month.  each act of kindness involves our children and we do something kind for each day in november.  husband and i love this tradition the most.  we feel that it’s a perfect opportunity to show our children how it feels to give, and not take.  a month dedicated to experiencing the joy of making other people happy.

we are off to a very kind start.


we made some chocolate chip muffins and marched them over to our neighbor who i’ve been dying to meet.  nathan had the honors of ringing the doorbell and handing over the goods while prompted to say, “i wanted to bring these to you.”. 

nov. 2

nathan and lucy made birthday cards for nathan’s florida BFF, carter, who turned the big five that day.  rest assured that these cards were made with lots of love.  nathan explained that his card was, “me and carter playing soccer in the sunshine.”. 

bless it!!

side note:  my boy really misses his florida friends.  he asks to go play with carter and avery all the time.  it really breaks my heart. 

so, we pulled up a picture of carter on his mommy’s facebook page while they both pretended to give carter his birthday cards.  sealed with noise makers, duh.

nov. 3-4 

weekends are specifically for kindness in our home.  sure, we practice kindness daily, but i’m taking it up a notch.  for example, i grab up my lucy and say,  “nathan has been playing with the lego’s but i think it would be so kind if you and mommy helped him clean them up, don’t you?”, and she concurs without a second thought. 

would you believe me if i said that by practicing this type of behavior, i overhear nathan telling lucy, “i want to help you clean up your tea party mess.”? 

well, believe it.

i’m certain that kindness witnessed breeds a kind heart.  i want to raise kind little hearts.  givers.  helpers. 

i’ve got a great little act of kindness agenda laid out for this week.  it’s going to be so much fun to orchestrate. 

our weekend was turned up-side-right after a quick text from my brother-in-law asking me if i could keep my two nieces overnight.  i no sooner text back with a, “heck YES!!”, before i called to invite the other two as well.  i had been itching to have all four of my little lollipops over for an aunt-christy-style sleepover.  it was very impromptu.  but i can totally swing a last minute shindig. 

how does a beauty-queen-turned-silly-faces makeover sound?

it sounded pretty good to everyone except my sweet lucy.  she took one look in the mirror and was all, “it isn’t right, mommy.”.  she was expecting to see a little blush action, a little pink-tinted lip stain, and some sparkly eye lids.  instead, she saw this:

sorry, sister.

and how does a turbo-kick-turned-hip-hop dance party sound?

it was the real deal for my loves.  they had the full girls night in experience.  makeovers, mani’s, pedi’s, junk food, dance party, and girl talk. 

i’ve got them all stoked for our Christmas sleepover in december; complete with hot cocoa, candy canes, green and red colored mani and pedi’s, and a special Christmas craft that they will make to give to their mommy and daddy to open for Christmas.  i found a really rad and thrifty gift idea.  i. can’t. wait.

ha, i just caught myself smiling as i was typing.  i smile because of GOD’s sweet mercies in my life and how he loves me so.  how he gives me the ability to come right out of a heart-heavy and burden packed week, and into a week so rich that i could almost feel his hand on mine as i returned to my regular life-loving self. he is so real to me.

never-mind the fact that the message at church today was about taking that first step out of your comfort zone and into your right path.  it’s kind of cute when the pastors message lines up perfectly (hello, confirmation) to where your heart already was.

i’m starting my book tonight.  i have weekly goals in tact.  i’m ready to do this.

hello, future life-lover. <—-that is the title to my book.

oh boy-oh boy.  here i go.  deep breaths.

pause button please!!




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