i’m not a complainer.  i always feel this stupid guilt if i complain, like i’m being ungrateful or something.  and i try to polish up a complaint with an immediate positive response.  that might sound weird, and it probably is, but it has been a great little way to turn some rotten days around, quickly.

i’m blaming my recent crap attitude on daylight savings time.  is that okay?  until this morning, my days have started at 5 a.m. (DISLIKE!!).  first day i was all confident that it was only going to be for that day.  then monday came and i was greeted at my bedside by two very rested and eager-to-rise lovecups.  
then tuesday.  same story, different morning.  then wednesday.  same story, different morning.  and by this time, i’m seriously getting slightly majorly angry at the 5 a.m. business.  these littles needed to figure it out.  ASAP!!  mama was hurtin’.  yes, mama has energy, but only if mama gets her rest.
so our day started.  i was dragging but we managed.  as the day progressed, i let the dishes pile up, the toys began to overtake the living room, and my laundry baskets were in full volcano-eruption status–which in turn just sends me on a tail spin.  i’m a bit of a neat freak.  i like the way a nice and clean house makes me feel, so i keep it that way.  when it’s not to my standards, i begin to freak out a tad a-whole-whole-lot.  
i was also getting stir crazy so i asked nathan what he would like to do today, and he replies in a very, i-know-you-can-deliver-my-request tone, “SWIMMING!!”.  and the first thing i wanted to do was to call up my florida friend, julie, and ask if we could come on over for an afternoon swim.  which only made me miss my sweet little florida friends, which only made me even more aggravated.  
thankfully for nathan, his mama works at the YMCA (hello, free gym membership!!) , and they have an indoor pool.  so i was quick to put my littles in their swimsuits.  then i began to layer them with long sleeves, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, socks, and shoes.  now mind you, i’m used to putting on swimsuits and slipping on a pair of crocs and heading about our business.
so naturally on a day where i’m so tired i want to throw something, i’m annoyed at how long it’s taking to go freaking swimming.  not to mention how hard it was to pack back up.  again, i’m used to towel drying them and allowing the florida heat to dry them off completely by the time we get home.  not the case anymore.  we are to totally switch into dry, warm clothes in order to make it back home without catching the flu.  
but (here i go, in total christy fashion, polishing up my complaint with something positive), i’m ever so thankful for the option of a heated pool to take my lovers-of-swimming to any day of the week.   i’ll totally get used to all the layering that inevitably takes place, it’s really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

one thing i do love about not being a constant nagging and negative kind of gal is how that when i do get negative, it speaks volumes to the husband.  he will go on a freaking quest to fix it.  he likes his happy girl,  his positive girl.

so, leave it to the husband to turn a pretty blah and gloom-doom week into something to freaking blog about.  gosh-darn it, he has no clue how much i needed today.  no clue.

bless his sweet little blessed and totally precious heart off!!  he had the day off work and took the opportunity to actually give me the day off.  i wake up to the whooshing of the box fan in our bedroom.  he stole nathan and lucy’s fan when they woke up to drown out all the morning noise to ensure that i would catch up on some sleep.

that alone was plenty enough to consider myself the luckiest.  but no, not stopping there.

as i drift back off, with a sweet smile as i realize how precious he is,  i wake to him bringing mary to me.  after i nursed her, he scooped her right back up and told me, “go back to sleep, i’ve got it from here.”.

then, at 10 a.m., i wake up to three loads of laundry washed, dried, and folded on the kitchen table.  the kids had already had breakfast, mary was taking her morning nap, and they were all outside doing yard work.

so there i stood, starring off my back porch with hot coffee in hand with the the most thankful and happy heart.  i was thankful that the husband knows me so well.  i was thankful that the Lord loves me enough to orchestrate a fabulous day for me.

today was just what i needed to put things back into perspective.  i’m thankful for weeks that i have to choose to be happy that a heated swimming pool is, in fact, an option; instead of focusing on the layering it takes to get there. 

even though daylight savings time can totally cram it, i still took a golden opportunity to enjoy some of that 5 a.m. deliciousness.  i mean seriously, wouldn’t you???

i also made it to my church’s zumba class on wednesday night, albeit tired, i went anyway.  the class was so much fun and i’m totally counting down till next wednesday.  i mean, what’s not to love about praying before a workout (awesome!!), silly girl chatter during class, and extra silly girl chatter after class.  umm, i loved it!!  i needed it.  yay!!


it brings me pure joy to still be the only source of food supply for my sweet little baby girl who just passed her five month birthday.  i love our intimate nursing moments that happen oh so frequently.  i’m not rushing this whatsoever.

and speaking of baby, i’m happy to report that her little neck issue (congenital torticollis) is on the mild side, and the physical therapist was extra confident that mary’s neck would make a full comeback (PRAISE THE LORD!!).  and our little therapist is just precious as they come, right?

nathan’s reading is taking off.  i’m so incredibly proud of him.  it’s a complete honor to have this special time with my boy, watching his little mind take off.  i especially loved how i overheard him telling lucy, “do you want to do a reading lesson with me?”, as he grabs up the reading book. 

she says, “sure”, and off they go.  he begins to teach her in the same little way that i teach him.  it was so dear to my heart to hear him praise her with such enthusiasm after she would repeat after him.  it showed me that he was soaking in those little efforts i make at letting him know i’m proud, and that he is totally awesome. 

i felt so honored in that moment.  because sometimes i hear him copy me in some of my not-so-proud moments. oops!

oh how i love new days, fresh mercies, and crazy weeks that help you remember just how blessed you really are. 

no matter what, i’m going to dig deep, find the good, and make a conscious effort to make this one blessed life, blessed.


pause button please!

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