nothing like meandering on about your business, having a fun-filled and extra rich week, when bam, out of the blazing blue, you get sick.  i felt it coming on friday with a few sneezes here and there, so i did my regular combat-the-sickness-before-it-progresses protocol: double up on zinc and vitamin C, steer clear of diary and sugar since it weakens the immune system, eat lots antioxidant rich foods, and get plenty of rest (haha, that last one cracks me up because lots of rest is just foreign to me since i have a house (and heart!) full of littles.).

oh well, i gave it my best, but i still got it.  i wasn’t confined to the bed by no means but i was so weak, tired, sore, and just overall miserable.  i woke up sunday feeling like i did the day after i ran my half-marathon; except it wasn’t the lactic acid build up that was making me sore, it was a sick mama whose body was a-hurtin’.  
i took one look at the energy level that was residing in nathan and lucy and did what any normal, sick mama would do .  i got the crew ready for church.  and no, not because i’m holy and can’t miss a sunday.  no, that is definitely NOT the reason.  i knew that i could check my darlings into their little classrooms and go take a seat, for roughly two hours, without a single demand from anyone.  so i did just that.  
perfect way to get through a sick day.  wha-what!!
you know how superman can sense trouble, and while he’s walking he miraculously transforms into a superhero?  that’s kind of what happens to mama’s when their babies get sick.  lucy decides to steal my sick thunder and spike a 103 fever right as i’m at my sickest point.  and in complete superman fashion, i turn into a healthy, vibrant mama in no time flat.  i hold up a puking head, comfort a lethargic and extremely hot little body, while stoking that back with superpowers that only a mama possess.  
funny how that works, right fellow mommies?  as i was sitting there stroking my baby girl’s hot back, i began to slightly cherish that moment.  because i knew that when she turns into a woman and has a family of her own, she will still want her mommy when she’s sick.    
because earlier that day, i sure did want mine.  
but before our house got a visit from the flu bug, we were on a great little act-of-kindness roll.  i do so love the month of november.  it’s good for my soul.  it’s good for my childrens soul.  there is nothing like the feeling of giving.  last week brought us so much joy as we scheduled spreading kindness to others.  days 1 through 4 are in this post.   

day 5:

we took a little trip to the laundry mat to lend auntie dawn a hand with her laundry.  not to mention the crazy amount of fun they had taking rides in those laundry carts with the wheels on them.  it was a win-win!!

oh and never-mind the costumes.  we have a plethora of dress up clothes and it’s not out of the ordinary for us to go out-and-about in costume.  just because.

day 6 and 7:

we made shoe boxes with a simple little science experiment in them for the boy cousins, and a little baggy with some girly things inside for the girl cousins, and hand delivered them to their houses.  i especially love this particular act of kindness because my children are giving gifts while not being on the receiving end.  instead they had happy hearts because they were causing someone else to be thankful.

proud of my babies.

(we still have one more cousin delivery to make!)

day 8:

husband was off for the day so we spent the whole day together, just us.  they were out back spreading kindness as they helped husband with the yard work.  they gathered up all their toys, helped rake, and truth be told, they had a whole lot of fun in the process.

day 9:

we had a play-date scheduled so i had nathan and lucy pick out three coloring books from their art closet to give away to the each of the kids.  i also had them color pictures before we left the house for them as well.  then they marched right in the house giving each child their little something special.

day 10 and 11:

it was the weekend, and we keep weekends for kindness around the house.  this weekend in particular i wasn’t feeling my very best so i had nathan and lucy being all kinds of kind to me.  “nathan, can you play with mary for me?”, “lucy, will you give mary her pacci?”, “nathan, can you get lucy a snack?”, and the list goes on.

such kind little marshall tots.

here’s to a healthy, kindness spreading week.

be still my heart.  daddy and daughter pictures woo me.

pause button please!


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