i’m making headway over here.  and i like it.

i’m growing in ways that i truly believe will only positively affect my life.  you see,  i used to care what other people thought about me. to a fault.  i still care what other people think, however, it’s not to a fault anymore. 
it doesn’t turn my world upside down when someone might misunderstand me, or if i rub someone the wrong way.  and well, i’m completely fine if not everyone likes me.  gasp, did i just say that?  and beautifully enough, i mean it.   
this is huge for me.  HUGE I SAY!!  
but most importantly, it’s freeing.  i’m currently walking in this new found confidence i have within myself that as long as i love myself, and am seeking inner growth on a continual basis, other people’s opinions of me aren’t valid.  i’m validated in Christ.  he knows my downfalls and my strengths.  he knows the true intent of my heart.  and quite honestly, he’s pretty much the only opinion that matters.  that’s actually pretty good news considering he holds a very high opinion on us all.  so, bam, we are all pretty freaking fabulous!!
this has always been one of my biggest downfalls.  i have been so broken in this area and have tried so hard to seek approval from people who just don’t approve.  i’m so thankful to not seek the approval of others and to thirst after the approval of Christ.  in that thought, i am free to grow.  the old thought was a trap.  a dead end.  i’m seeing this growth and i’m very thrilled about it.  and i can honestly say that i knew this day would eventually come because i’ve been prayerfully asking for freedom in this area.
like i said, making headway, and liking it.
i live with awesome people (a.k.a.: husband, brother, sister, baby)!  hypothetically speaking, if i was told that i had to rid my toy room of every thing and could choose one thing to keep, it would be our dress-up stash.   since the beginning of october, my two oldest can’t hardly leave the house unless we are in a costume of some sort.  so if you see buzz light year and a kitty cat coming toward you, don’t panic, it’s almost thanksgiving, halloween has passed, and you are not losing it.  
i must admit that when people see a little person trotting around walmart, in a full blown costume, they tilt their heads and smile.  i even catch some of them rubbernecking as they pass by.  
i’d rubberneck to if i saw this amount of cute heading my way.  and by cute, i mean the little people in costume, not the pajama-wearing mommy who should never have left the house looking like this.   
we have home-schooled in costume since halloween.  true story.
friday was just what the doctor ordered for me.  i needed my friend dawn (who just found out that she’s pregnant..SOOOOOOO happy for her!!), her dog rosy, nathan, lucy, baby in the moby wrap, and a two mile walk around the lake.  
what beautiful weather we had!  hello, vitamin D and hop-scotch.
i enjoyed it so much, in fact, that i took full advantage of a sunset run that same evening when the husband got home from work.  i just had to get back there.  it’s such a lovely spot only two blocks from my house.  
 last weekend i scooped these two little gems up off the side of the road.  now mind you, this was two separate locations.  i whip my car around in pure excitement when i find such potential.  jackpot!!
after much thought and several different ideas, i transformed my entry way into a bright, cheery, and welcoming vibe.   
i wrote, “Welcome, Coffee?”, because any guest of mine most certainly gets offered a fresh cuppa joe.  and a cookie.  
come on over, i’ll brew a fresh pot of coffee.  and please, bring your dog.
pause button please!
(this post will have a part 2.  i’m waiting on pictures from josh’s grandparents’ 59th wedding anniversary, as well as an act of kindness post with amazing things that have been happening in my children’s hearts.  but for now, that’s a wrap.)
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    Miss you and the kiddies Christy!!! I love your little furniture redo's, you know thats right up my alley! XOXO


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