about five minutes after the husband left for work this morning, i called him up and matter-of-factly stated, “ya know, our morning thoughts determine the quality of our day.”.  he pauses for a minute, and before he could get a word in edge wise, i abruptly state, “i just had to share that with you because it’s just so darn true.  and i love you.”.

i wasn’t trying to dive into a deep conversation while he’s navigating to his first job (at 7:30 a.m.), but he already knew that by the nature of my call.  he knows that i randomly call with little pep talks (which are usually for myself) but i feel like if i don’t give it to someone, i’ll bust inside. 

this morning, as i was having my perfect, first cup of coffee, i began to purposefully stick my nose into the canal of my cup and take a whiff.  yes, that sounds silly.  and yes, i’m okay with being silly.  but, i did it with intention.  it was something that made my thoughts channel into something positive.  i thought, “ahhhhh, i love this smell…right here.”,  and that alone was enough to make me begin to determine the quality of my day.

(insert “A-HA moment”, and phone call to husband!)

people often say to me, “do you ever have a bad day?”, in a voice of admiration (or aggravation-depending of the person), due to my ability to always seem happy and together.  yes, i do have bad days.  i wake up with headaches, a fussy crew of littles, a financial burden that hovers, or just an unexplainable, crap-cloud from time-to-time. 

but this is the one area i lace up my combat boots, and fightAND WIN!!  i choose good days, intentionally.

this week was one of those persevering type of weeks.  weeks where i had to take extra whiffs of my morning coffee to ensure that my morning thoughts would determine the quality of my day

i’m a solid believer in hitting the ground, first thing in the morning, in a positive manner.  not necessarily full of energy and raring-to-go, but aware of anything that is pleasant.  and here is why:  every time i do not, i end up wishing i would have.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

and quite honestly, it just takes willingness.  i’m willing to put forth the extra effort to turn crap-clouds around. 

this week, i was willing to overlook my gawd-awful body aches and push our home school back for a little ping-pong balloon action. 

how can you even think about your little aches and pains when this amount of cute is bubbling over in your living room?

i was willing to say, “yes”, to an eager kindergartner wanting to have his morning lessons in-costume.

the morning sunlight was just the good Lord telling me that i was on the right track to a better rest of my day.  kind of like an applause from heaven.  so we shook on it (the Lord and I.).

and if this isn’t enough to squish the absolute daylights out of a crap-cloud, i don’t know what is.

all it takes sometimes is a good tune-up.  just like a vehicle needs to make sure all the fluids are full, so do our silly little minds.  we need to step back, and pay notice to all the things that are good, while dismissing those little things that are not. 

and not to sound just like my mom…but to sound just like my mom, “the bible says so.”. 

i did some dismissing this week.  and i feel that i’ve came out on top.  yet again.

nothing can get me in a good mood like placing one foot inside a health food store.  yes, they are overpriced, but they are pretty, fresh, and bright.  i love the atmosphere.  green juice to my right, dehydrated fruits and veggies to my left.  isles of wholesome, and organic goodness.  i’d rather food shop over clothing shop any day of the week.  

this week called for a play date at the fresh market with my best.  she even treated me to a, buy-one-get-one-free, pumpkin bread. 

is she not adorbs??

followed up with couch cartwheels at her house.  check out jene’s awesome form. 

and yes, early morning cup of coffee in pretend-ware will never (ever-ever-ever!!) be a bad idea.

later, crap-cloud.  you ain’t welcome ’round here. 

right, lucy?

pause button please!

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  • amy

    OMGoodness…I so need to catch up…I skipped down to the comments section to say this, haven't even read yet! Ok, going to catch up now! xoxo

  • amy

    Love it!! Your energy and great attitude are inspiring!! You're such a patient and fun mom. And after all of your energy you spend on your family, you still make such sweet time with your friends…like messages back and forth and never ending prayers…you are simply the best Christy!! Love you. xoxoxo

    • christy

      You're the inspiration. You have no idea…..xo

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