the first few hours of a road trip are always the hardest, in my recent opinion.  it’s sorta like running.  the beginning takes work.  a push, a struggle.  then you find that pace, and float.

then you catch that runners high.  except this high came in the form of broken crackers matted to the carpet, crayons flung about, mangled pony tails, and the sweet reality that this mini-van was filled with my most favorite people.  my family.  i felt uncontrollably blessed.  like i could totally open the side door, throw my body out, and roll like they do on the movies, and not harm a single bone.

travelers high, yee-doggy!!    

my children were so wonderful on the road.  they were given my absolute, undivided attention for twelve solid hours.  they were loving life.  i sat in the back of the mini van while the husband tuned us out, listening to pandora with his ear buds.  and god forbid i needed him for any reason, he would take his buds out and look at me like i was the most needy, and utterly annoying person alive.  and mind you, i only tapped on him twice.  THE WHOLE TWELVE HOURS!!  i was torn between throwing my water at him, or appreciating how hard he works for us and how he deserved to get lost in his favorite thing, which is music.

i didn’t chuck my water at him, i like him to much.

i had a bag of tricks to keep us all entertained.  i put on puppet shows, had audio books, sticker books, regular books, coloring books, ipads, etc.  and besides, i got a free pass for the day to not cook, clean, do laundry, pick up scattered toys, and refill sippy cups on demand.  my only obligation was to drown my babies with quality time, which is my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

i like road trips.  a lot.

it’s so neat to see the excitement rush through my littles as we approach the mountains.  they get it.  they know beauty in it’s rawest form.  they appreciate it.  nathan calls it, “nana’s jungle”, and “tree mountains”.  i remember seeing the beach and thinking that it never ended.  ever!!  it was pure magic.  i love that they get to experience something equally as breathtaking.

this was definitely not a trip full of rest and relaxation.  it was more like let’s-see-how-much-awesome-we-can-cram-in-three-short-days-with-minimal-sleep.  and survive it!!

we were successful.  but boy did we cram.

i love cousins.  we connect on such an unspoken level.  we are all so very different, yet so much alike.  if you look and listen hard enough, you can hear your laugh, see your nose (or butt!!), and notice that you all carry the exact same excitement for life.  i love sitting around the table with my first cousins, exchanging stories.  

since our family believes in multiplying, my littles had plenty of company.

yay for second cousins!!

every time i go home to visit, it’s fall.  it’s always to cold to go to the creek.  i have wanted to introduce my childhood swimming pool to my little people but it’s always to cold.  but not this time.  i made sure to pack their water shoes so that they could romp around on those rocks like they owned the place.

and they did!!

i met up with one of my best friends, who has three kids the exact same age as mine.  we walked around wearing our littlest like it was the newest fashion statement.  personally, i think that wearing babies is totally hip.  okay well maybe not hip, but it sure feels good to wear me a baby.

they only thing that could make a day in the creek a little better would be to follow it up with a local cupcake shop.  and this one is family owned.  it’s cute, quaint, and owned by my cousin.  if you are a local, check out hey-hey cupcake in black mountain.  it’s the perfect way to wrap up a play date.  

my babies had so much fun this weekend.  they got to dig potatoes, shuck corn, and roam the hills.  you would never know that they are a pair of beach bums.  ’cause they rocked this weekend out in true country bumpkin fashion.  

i’m so proud to call asheville, north carolina my hometown.  it’s absolutely gorgeous.

leaving was especially hard this time.  i’m unsure of how chemo is going to affect my mama.  i hated leaving her.  i know she is in great hands and she will do great.  please pray that she isn’t sick and can still bee-bop around like she loves to do.  pray that cancer flees her body….FOREVER AND EVER!!!

i might not be able to be there to take care of her for the next six months, but i did leave her with the ability to rock a mean scarf.  i told her she was going to be the cutest little bald lady ever.  and i mean it.  she’s such a beautiful person.

this trip definitely had it’s fair share of tiresome moments, melt-downs and tantrums, and lots of deep breaths; but i have never been more aware of how incredibly blessed i am.

travelers high!!

pause button please!!


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