I married the laid-back, quiet type,  he married the busy-body, not quiet type. We couldn’t be any more opposite, which is so perfect. I need him to balance out my free-spirit, and he needs me to free his spirit. He calls me his little firecracker.

He credits me for keeping our lives fun,  I credit him for keeping our lives a-float.  
Our fourth of july was really, really fabulous. I was all for painting our faces, waving american flags, fighting all the traffic just to join the crowd. I had this vision of a perfect (albeit, crazy) fourth of july on the beach, with patriotic snacks, and all that jazz.
That is so me.
He opted for just the opposite.  
That is so him.
I gladly declined my over-the-top festivities, and jumped right on board. A seven dollar trip to walmart later, and we had just the right amount of holiday in the comfort of our front yard.  
Smoke bombs?  Check.
Sparklers? Check.
Patriotic parfaits? Check.
Cute little patriotic kids? Check.
A really cool daddy? Check-check.
Because really, family is plenty, I’m so thankful for mine.
And i’ve decided that Mary is so cute it’s annoying.
Am i right? Or am i right?
Happy birthday, America.
pause button please!
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  • Dan

    Mary is so annoying…. NOT!

  • Kam

    I love this line, "and i've decided that mary is so cute it's annoying." ha ha ha. You have the funniest sayings 😀 Your 4th sounded splendid!

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