mama’s know things.

like when it’s time to pull-the-chord on all the going, and relax.  at home.   re-connect as a family unit, and to ration out your attention to those extremely deserving babies.  it’s so much fun to go-go-go, but i need the balance of staying put, or this family unit falls apart.  and by thursday, this unit was a hot mess.  we thrive on a routine.

so come thursday, a quick text message to my friend basically stated, that i must cancel our plans for the next day due to a batch of overstimulated marshalls.  that was the best decision i’ve made in a long, long time.  simply because, mama’s know things.  

like when it’s time to wake up, sip on that first cup of coffee, and allow the praise music to set the tone for a new day.  which, may i add, i am extra thankful for new days when they follow those tougher ones.  

there were airplane rides accompanied with smiles that spoke volumes.  smiles that shouted, “i needed this, mommy.”.

we broke out our dress-up clothes.  lucy was a rain-boot-wearing kitty cat, and brother was a race car driver.

and yes, we went out like this.

and today we started a new tradition:  story time at the church with auntie jenni.  i love the way jenni loves my babies.

they certainly love her back.

as nap time approached, i began to feel connected again.  they were too.  lucy’s attitude wasn’t whinny, but pleasant.  nathan wasn’t reasoning with my every request, instead he was doing things because i said so-without rebuttal.  which was very nice.

after naps, i decided to run them a mid-day bath.  they played until the water was plum cold.  they were in two separate worlds.  lucy and her tea party, nathan and his dinosaur parade.  i sat right there, in the bathroom, holding mary, while they played so sweetly.

now usually, i take full advantage of bath time and do a rush-hour clean up.  and i’ve gotten really good at my ninja-like power cleaning.  i can unload and re-load the dishes, fold a load of laundry and put it away, prep dinner, and sweep up all the diced food that has been slung about, all in the time allotted for their baths.

my mary smiled a whole lot today, especially while she watched them splish-splash in the bubble bath.  something told me not to power clean, ’cause mama’s know.

by 4:00, everyone was all bathed and jammied up.  not only was i feeling connected again, i was peaceful.  and satisfied.  i was happy with my decision to chill today.

and i wasn’t the only one.  after nathan had dinner, he looked at me and said, “i loved today!!”.

me too bub…me too!

i seriously really, really loved today!!

pause button please!!


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