This week was really, really good. I guess I expected it to have a shaky start given the fact that my mother-in-law left and that always leaves an unsettled dust in the air. It’s never easy to get back in the swing after a momma leaves.

But surprisingly, it was a smooth week. I dreaded her departure because I was majorly enjoying her constant company, all the extra doses of love my children were getting, and all the extra help throughout the day.

But this week gave me a confidence boost; an absolute, sure-fire amount of certainty. Almost seven weeks later and I’m feeling fully adjusted, and that, my friends, is 2 legit 2 quit–hey-hey. Now that song is stuck in my head, haha.

No but seriously, I’ve felt a lot of stretching and pulling take place these past seven weeks as my hormones were finding their new balance, my older two were settling into their new, big-sibling shoes, and as I grabbed the blessed reigns at mothering a new life. None of the above will come without a fair amount of growth.

We’ve all grown,  Lucy is being taught a great life lesson on patience. She must wait for me to finish a task (usually nursing) before her demands are fulfilled (usually juice). Something so simple is causing her to practice patience and it’s very good for her.  Just eight short weeks ago, she would ask for juice and juice would be immediately served,  sister is growing as well. She has probably been stretched and pulled the most, given her vulnerable, selfish age. Their demands are fired without any thought of anyone else, this is something she’s still learning but I’m proud of her thus far. My Lucy is so incredible.

Nathan is being taught empathy without any effort on my part, he is such a kind soul. I love watching this character trait bloom in him. It’s been blossoming for quite a while, but this new sister thing has put it in full throttle. He will bend over backwards to ease baby’s cry. I clearly see through his eyes that he wants to help her, and he does, he helps her a lot actually. I don’t know how I’d survive without him, my little side-kick.  I’m crazy-stupid proud of that boy.

Husband worked late every day except for the fourth of july, which meant it was just me, plus three, for the taking,  and we took off. I’m really finding that groove. It’s not that things are getting any easier, but that I’m getting used to my new work load. Not every outing was smooth sailing, but most of them were and I’ll take those odds over staying parked in the house any day of the week.

I got Nathan and Lucy all jacked up for a, “super awesome treasure hunt by the water!!”, with treasures including:  leaves, pine-cones, pine-needles, sticks, and heck, even dirt. If you call it a, “super awesome treasure hunt by the water!!”, in your most hyper-enthused voice, it’ll be a hit, and free of charge.

We splash parked-it. It’s definitely one of my summer favorites, we are regulars.

This was Lucy’s we-are-going-to-the-splash-park happy dance:

and baby’s make-shift bikini top.

Friday was the big outing of the week,  Nathan has been talking about all-things-fireman/firetruck lately.  I was left no choice but to phone our friend and ask if she would like to tag-along on a fire station tour. Real firemen, real firetrucks. Every little boys heaven.

Meanwhile, Avery and Lucy were on an important fire call.

I just can’t stand how adorable bailey is. She’s some kind of delicious, and always happy.

Our fire tour was extended to a local park where things got a little rocky with sweaty, fussy kids. Mine being the sweaty, fussy ones. Okay, Lucy being the sweaty, fussy one. You win some, you lose some.

Nothing cures a stressful outing like a nice dose of quality time. While the sisters napped, I took nathan on a living-room-quilt date, complete with board games, dark chocolate almond milk, and cheddar bunnies. Just the two of us.

The weekend was sweetened with a dear friend of mine’s baby shower. She was one of my first friends in Florida before I was ever a mommy. I am so incredibly happy for her next chapter in life. That’s a lucky baby in that belly, miss Madelyn Grace.

And to all good weeks, there is icing,  a perfect topping. This weeks perfect topping came in the form of nerd glasses. One of my best friends posted a picture to instagram of this cute little accessory store she stumbled upon in Tampa, Charming Charlies.  I quickly recognized the store and called her immediately (with fingers crossed that she was still in the store), and placed my order. She then delivered them to me this morning at church.  I love you, jenni.

All geeked out!!

Yes, I wear fake specs.  I must stay hip so that i don’t drown in mom jeans, stained up t-shirts, and diaper bags.

Pause button please!!



  • K8

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of you in your glasses!

  • k.mart

    So glad you have already found your new groove with those three adorable kiddos! You're awesome. And fashionable. :)

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