When life hands you a tropical storm the week that you have theme parks plans, the husband scheduled off work, and his mother in town…you brew another pot of coffee, appreciate the company, and realize when it’s all said and done that it was better this way. Our plans didn’t get ruined, just changed.

We stayed in town, ate dessert after every single meal, and laughed, a lot. If I had to wrap this week up in one word, it would be…delicious. ‘Cause starbucks’ blueberry muffins, fresh baked cookies, and extra servings of ice cream weren’t the only thing packing something delicious this week.

After all, before my mother-in-law showed up, I had just came out of a week that took every last drop of my energy and patience. I was tapped out, so yes, this week was, without a doubt, lick-your-lips delish.

All the storming did was make more room for lazy mornings piled around the living room, catching up. I love playing catch up with a really good listener, like josh’s mom. I admire that about her and am always challenged to be a better listener.

We did tropical storm inspired stuff while camped out in the house, you know, paintings that actually resemble an abstract version of the storm. Picasso would be proud (was he even an abstact artist?  probably not.).

Lucy and I decided that her babies were a little stir crazy so we had a very london-inspired tea party of our very own. The stripped socks were my version of a fancy hat, and the naked lucy was her version of a london rebel. Take that, tropical storm Debby.

We did venture out to some ole’ faithful indoor spots that are kid friendly. Our local mall is always in the running for a dry place to get some wiggles out,it’s complete with a bounce house and arcade.

Add a daddy in the mix…delicious.

I can’t think of a cozier place to find shelter from the storm other than the big screen with popcorn (that we bought),  juice boxes and fruit snacks (that I smuggled in.).

Again, delicious.

When the weather decided to turn around, it happened in true florida fashion,  just like that. As if it had never showered a single rain drop,  very typical.

By the time it cleared up, the husband was due back at work (boo!). I was so eager to fill up our first sunny day to the absolute maximum. I wanted to show nanny the turf her grandbabies roam and I only had one full day to cram it in.

I’m so good at cramming all kinds of awesome in one day, it’s genetic. My mama can pile on the funnest day ever, leaving your head spinning at the end wondering how on earth you managed to do it all.

Since I get it honest, we crammed the dickens out of Thursday.

First stop was dunkin’ donuts for some iced coffee, we were going to need it.

Then we headed straight to the splash park where nanny and I sipped our iced coffee’s, and watched those babies go.

Then we hit up my absolute favorite pizza joint where we shared a delightful goat cheese and spinach pizza, and a nice summertime salad.

While I’m busy cramming, I may as well shimmy on down to the local cupcake shop, pastries by design, and load  up. We weren’t disappointed.

The night was topped off with a quick beach trip to watch the sunset and eat subs, past bedtime. This was an exceptionally exceptional beach trip due to some nakedness. Just bare with me, I’ll get to that story in a jiff.

I had not one, but two laugh-until-you-cry moments, man I love those. One was during the movie wanderlust, and you better believe I road that good, hard, tear-jerking laugh out to the fullest. I re-winded the funny part at least three times over, and cried every time.

The other moment was when we were at the beach watching the sunset, and lucy pee’d her undies, which left her naked underneath her dress. No biggie, right? Later on, I’m sitting at the picnic table nursing baby and eating my sub, when I notice lucy going up and down the ladder and slide while shining her crouch to the whole island. There were two dad’s looking at her and I could tell they felt awkward as my little two year old is shamelessly showing her gloryland.

At this point, I totally forget I’m nursing baby due to my mind more concerned about the current situation.  So, I hop up (with baby still latched to my breast), and go apologize for my daughter’s nakedness, explaining that she had an accident earlier. WHILE I’M FREAKING BREAST FEEDING!!

Those dudes must think we are that family;  the naked, hippie, free-spirit kind. I look over and my husband and his mom, and they are breathless, speechless, and doubled over laughing at my scattered brain. I joined them, and tears immediately followed.

My husband has told this story so many times, and each time it gets better, like a good fish story. By the time he is finished telling it, I am being arrested for indecent exposure.  HA!!

That trip to the beach will never be forgotten. ever!!

Neither will this week,  it was so darn good. Nanny’s got this spell that she casts on her grand kids,  she’s electric. They forget I exist within 24 hours.

I lost count how many times nathan and lucy asked, “where did nanny go?”, after she took off. That always chokes me up. I wish she lived close by so we could pop in at her house-unannounced, raid her cookie jar, and visit for a bit, I would never take it for granted.  

I feel so refreshed and revived after her visit.  I’m now ready to plunge into all things red, white, and blue.

Did someone say holiday???

I’m on it!!

Pause button please!

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