we turned our home into a comedy club for a wicked awesome NYE party.

here is the “club” before any of our guests arrived.

edible centerpieces…delish!
countdown toasting glasses.
our first comedian of the night.
the second comedian had me drying my eyes from laughing so hard.
karaoke anyone?
we turned my living room into a dance club.  i only got one pic and i snagged this one off a friends facebook album.
counting down the new year by the fire pit.  CHEERS!! (pardon the blur…momma no likey)
doesn’t my friend in the pink shirt look so pretty?  i just love this picture of her.
i love our smiles in this picture.  :)
what a great night with some great friends.
i even got sparkly for church the next morning…on just four measly hours of sleep.  
see, i can still hang!!
happy 2012…hollah.
pause button please!!
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  • Stacy Uncorked

    Now that's the way to rock in the New Year! 😉

    Random 80mph Shots of Beauty

  • Anonymous

    Wish we could have been there I love you guys and hope 2012 brings us wisdom, properity and peace. :)

  • Felicia

    Girl, I wish I lived closer. (if you would invite me)

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