i welcomed saturday morning with a horrible nights rest.  being a mother, you are never guaranteed a full nights sleep.  and it somehow always falls on the night that you were really counting on some serious rest. this is when your little people have some sort of a night-waking issue.  be it a nightmare, a fever, a horrid cough, or in my recent case-a diaper blow out at 4:30 am that is so extremely blown out that you are to change her clothes, her crib bedding, and take a warm, soapy wash rag to the rest of her body.  after you compile those series of events together, you are wide awake…and so is your little peanut butter cup-just a smiling away.

with my fingers and toes crossed, i place her happy, seemingly well rested, and squeaky clean self right back in her crib with high hopes that she would find it in her little biological clock to know that it wasn’t quite morning and that this household wasn’t ready for saturday just yet. 
whew!!   bless her biological clock.  she drifted back to sleep and so did i.
it was still painful to wake up at 7 am, and i knew that i had to set the tone.  i’m really good at doing this so i wasn’t about to entertain a painfully exhausted feeling for the rest of the day.  this is where i start to dig.  deeeeeeeeeeeeep. after digging into my first cup of morning coffee, i started filling my mind with ways to make this day wonderful.  
rested or not rested…i still had a choice.  i could act like a slug-which wouldn’t benefit a single person in my family, or i could get to steppin’ and make things happen.  
naturally, i chose the get to steppin’ route.  always the right choice, by the way.  always.
i stepped right into a lucy daze.  i made her a plate of cheesy eggs-her favorite, and watched her drill those bad boys like it was her job.  i just stared a hole through her while she ate.  it was something so teeny but, so what…it made me happy.  she was happy.
it’s her last month at being in the one’s and i’m going to slurp her up through a swirly, hot pink straw.  she’s my lucy, and after feburary 2nd…she will never be one again.  sadness.  after she crushed her cheesy eggs, she started asking for some yo-yot (yogurt), and at this point, i was reminded that she was, in fact, still every single bit of a one year old-hence the messy face.

that was all it took for me.  coffee was doing it’s job and my baby made me remember that life was as good as you make it.  watching her enjoy those eggs with the same intensity that she enjoys seeing her daddy walk in from a long day at work, taught me yet another little life lesson.

which is this: just smile…about everything!!

thank-you, my favorite little lucy.  “you is kind, you is smart, you is important.”  (i just had to quote “the help” because i just lovelovelovelovelove that line.)  it is so true and our children should hear that constantly.  mine sure do.  
after my miniature life lesson, i let the siblings run free.  i opened the sliding glass doors that leads to our patio while taking in a perfect, sunshiny, florida winter morning.  i am convinced that no matter the air that would have hit my arms, i would have found it’s beauty.  i would have raved if it was a rainy morning, or a morning that was ice cold and called for my heavy robe and slippers. i am extremely thankful that i am faced with days that make me exercise my joy.  it’s always confirmed that life is just so much richer this way.

i left the sliding glass doors wide open to let the house grab up that fresh, cool air while i chopped up a few fresh veggies and boneless chicken breasts, and sent them soaking in the crock.

by 10:30 am…dinner was pretty much ready-if you don’t count the 6-8 hours of simmering.  i love not having to stop what i’m doing around 4:30 and think about dinner preparations.  
well look who’s steppin’.  BAM!
what to do, what to do?  i’m pretty sure that i tossed around taking the kids to a park, or to feed the ducks, or somewhere fun for them…but i had an even better idea.  i was going to treat myself to a new necklace-a cheap one, but a new one.  and maybe even two.  here lately, i love any reason to go anywhere and cruise the town in my new-to-me mini van.  it’s awesome and i’m so thankful for it.
so, shopping it was.  they love to shop because i always make a pit stop in the toy section and their excitement level is equal to pulling in at walt disney world every single time.  
win-win.  necklace for me, toy time for them.  

i found the necklace.  you know, the one that you don’t want to go home and lay around thinking “i should have bought it when i saw it”.  by golly, i bought it.  and i can’t wait to wear it with something fancy.  or wear it with a plain tee and spruce it up.

since i had promised my littles a toy department pit stop, i went searching.  would you believe that there was not a single toy in the building.  well, let me clarify. not a single toy for human beings in the building.

that’s okay because we found some pretty fancy chew toys that made neat little squeaky sounds and that tickled their little toy department fancy.  i started pulling doggie beds out of a bin and told my babies “let’s go night-night”, and they thought it was HA-larious to park it on a cushion, in the middle of the isle, and go “night-night”.

so stinking fun, those little marshalls of mine.  they make being totally exhausted almost all the time the most worth-it feeling in the world.

when a day tries to come in and sweep up your beautiful life, it’s fun to show it who’s boss.  i always do get a kick out of turning these days around.  besides, there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.


pause button please!

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