in the eyes of a stay-at-home-mom, TGIF isn’t really a term that makes a difference in our world.  we don’t get saturday’s and sunday’s off.  it’s just a continuation of the same ole’, same ole’.  but hold up…not this stay-at-home momma.

we love us a weekend.  there is just something extra delicious about a saturday, as opposed to a wednesday.  you add in an extra friday that i don’t have to take my son to school…and we have ourselves a spicy three day weekend.
and we rocked it.
friday was kicked off with a double-header of play dates.  one in the morning, and another one immediately following naps.  we survived on the crock pot this weekend and i sorda want to marry that sucker.  it’s one of my favorite things, fo sho.
our morning playdate on friday was plum perfect.  i met this little family at carrabbas about six months back.  i stopped this lady in her tracks because i just had to tell her something that i couldn’t keep to myself.  i basically just walked up to her and told her something like “holy cow, girl…you got a good looking pair of kids”.  she just happened to have the most bodacious personality ever and muttered back something like “hey, we should totallly get together…i’m sorda new to this area”.
uhhhhh, okay!!!  i’m always down for new pals.  we had originally planned to take the kids to the beach but it was a little to chilly.  we opted to go to her house and play instead.  it was the usual playdate.  you know, partial conversations that never got finished, exchanging “does your kid do this” kind of chat, and just random let’s-get-to-know-each-other talk.  
i’ll spare all the boring details of them playing in the tee pee, or zipping around the yard in big wheels and jeeps.  but i can’t leave this one part out.  it’s just way to good of a story.  and it’s freaking funny, y’all.  
here goes.  so as i was leaving, i buckled my littles in the van, chatted a few more minutes with the mom, and shut the van door.  i went to open my door, and my heart sank.  i did it.  my worst nightmare.  i locked my keys AND my kids in the car.   
in panic mode i went.  my friend immediately called AAA and assured me that they will be there quick since kids are in there.  her husband works from home and he came out with a coat hanger trying to work his magic.  
meanwhile, about fifteen minutes had passed and my babies are smiling and waving, totally clueless that they were stuck.  her husband has the hanger in mid swing, and AAA was on their way.  that is when a light bulb goes off.  i embarrassingly announce through the van to my 4-year-old son, “hey nathan, come open this door for me.”
yeah, homeboy can do things.  he’s four.  he marched right to the door, and opened it for us.  go ahead, get your laughter out.  i’m not afraid to admit that i’m a lot scatterbrained.  it’s actually one of my husbands favorite things about me.  only because my shenanigans make him laugh all the time.  
moving on.
play date number two was with friends that we always play with, the infamous lady with nine children.  my darlings are building quite a bond with her babies and it makes me so happy.  unfortunately, i have no steller story about how i locked my kids in the van or something equally dramatic.
but, we did have a great time and i felt extra grateful on my way home from that particular play date.  i was thinking about how much i appreciate my husband for working so hard for us so that i am able to stay at home  run the roads, and build great memories, and a strong and confident foundation for our children.  i love that man.  big time.

saturday, we meet again.  saturday’s are my favorite.  we had an extra jam packed day planned and i wasn’t sure how i was going to swing it all.

well, i swang everything on my list.  except i left out blow drying and styling my hair.  whatev.

first up was nathan’s hair cut that he sincerely asked for.  my boy has the best, long, curly head of hair and i’ve always loved watching him bop around with his locks trailing behind.  but, brother had a request the other morning.  he looks up at me while i’m brushing his hair and says “can you please cut my hair, mommy…off my neck?”

“absolutely, bud!!”

it’s his head and if he’s annoyed by the hair on his neck, then so am i.  besides, he deserves comfort and i wouldn’t deny him his request just because i thought his hair was so cute and long.  those toddler and tiara moms would have totally ignored their babies for fear that their looks would be jeopardized.  that show freaks me out, by the way.

right after we cut his hair, we went to get him all spray tanned and his teeth whitened.  JOKING.  just totally bashing that idiot show that makes me want to vomit even though i catch myself watching it, out of pure disbelief.

and for the record, his looks were only magnified.  i can finally see my boy’s face.  i’ve been marveling over him every since.



while we were there, i asked the barber if he could transform my side swiped bangs into blunt bangs.  i felt pretty bad-to-the-bone for getting a trim with both kids in the salon.  lucy in lap, nathan swiveling in the chair to my right.

BAM!!  i love my new bangs.

the highlight of our saturday was most definitely the manatee county fair, that is held yearly.

we fed and admired all the goats, sheep, llammas, cows, zebras, and camels.

sister was all about letting those bad boys eat out of her hand.

nathan was perfectly happy to observe from a six foot radius.  brother was pretty mesmorized.

yes, we sat still for a good twenty minutes while we watched some pot-bellied pigs race around a track.  talk about cute.  i didn’t get a picture of the actual race because i was to busy watching my kids who were watching the pigs.

here is us waiting on the race.

they were majorly amused.

rides, rides, and more rides.

the carasuel is always my favorite.

i love me a classic fair ride and since the farris wheel is out of the question this year (and probably many more years to come), i’ll keep carosuel-ing it up.  but when my littles reach that specific height limit, we will make a bee-line from the front gate to that farris wheel.  and we will ride it five times, at least.

nathan was timid last year and we had to stop one of the rides that he went on because he was crying.  but, this year…he rode that same ride and when he got off,  he confidently remarks, “i’m not scared anymore, mommy.”  those little memory boxes are much bigger than we give them credit for.  i was floored that he remembered being afraid of it last year.  he is so cool.

sister had her share of being a little scared this time around.  luckily for her, we didn’t have to stop the ride because mommy was there to save the day.  that was all she needed…to be scooped up and placed in the crook of my shoulder, followed by a soft kiss to the corner of her eye, and a whisper of “mommy’s got you, you are okay, sweet baby.”

and she was.

this next picture is the absolute best.  ever.  both of my babies were smiling so hard that their cheeks must still be sore for containing such a burst of happiness.  these moments always draw a tear out of my eye.  always.

can i just tell you how hard it is to pick out which fair food to go with.  i wanted elephant ears.  i wanted fried butter.  i wanted cheese fries.  i wanted pizza.  i wanted my babies to have a hay day in a bag of cotton candy.  i wanted it all.

but then, i saw the light.  i knew that we were going to scratch all the above choices and dive into a massive bag of kettle corn, complete with a freshly squeezed lemonade.


but lawd, i was whooped.  i couldn’t get home fast enough and put my babies to bed so i could stay still…until morning.  and i did just that.  i took my iphone with all my fancy apps to bed and didn’t move.  unless you count the sixty three trips to the bathroom.  that is definitely a pregnancy symptom that drives me bonkers.  i think that is God’s cute little way of preparing mothers of the sixty three times that we will be waking up to feed and check to make sure the baby is breathing.  i’m positive of this.


stay tuned.  sorry, i’m dying to tell but i can’t.


pause button please!!


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