we will miss you, precious CHRISTmas tree.

but, you were buckets of fun taking down.

the holidays are special.  and they are supposed to be just that.  a special time of year because lord knows that i couldn’t handle that much fun year round.  i reckon a good ten month break from all the bustle is deemed appropriate.  however, come august…i’ll be itching in a major way for all the bustle to start back up.

but for now, i’m at peace knowing that we executed a groovy season.  and we have welcomed this new year with a week that was full of laze and nothingness.  and i couldn’t have asked for anything more.

a low key week to really soak in a brand new year.  yeah buddy.

we played board games, pitched indoor tents, played hard with all our new presents, and ate ice cream in the middle of the day more than usual.  what?  we had to eat ice cream or i would have died.  no, seriously…i truly believe that i wouldn’t have survived if i didn’t have a bowl of blue bell vanilla ice cream around 3 pm everyday this week.  and lucy and nathan were just a few very lucky by-standards that witnessed an ice cream pregnancy craving…daily.

playing with his new play-doh ice cream maker.  that sucker is the bomb!!
being a great little mommy to her new baby.  while wearing her new dress-up dress and shoes.  see the cold in her little face?  bless it.

on the other hand though, here is why i dislike giving my children junk food in excess (like the daily bowls of ice cream): because now lucy can’t walk near the kitchen without stating  “eye-keem-peez” (ice cream please).  and GOD forbid you try to offer her a blasted pretzel.  she will take the pretzel, and throw it onto the floor and shout “NOOOOO…eye-keem”.

i just smile and say “no thank you, lucy” as i step over her limp body laying in front of the refrigerator in a very impressive attempt at getting her way.

for the record, lucy did NOT get her way.  i’m a softy…but i’m not a moron.

she isn’t near as strong-willed as nathan was at her age.  homeboy would have pressed the ice cream issue for nineteen solid hours, then he would pass out, and wake up pressing the issue yet again.  lucy, on the other hand, she pitches a fit for maybe thirty seconds until you redirect her attention to doing the hokey-pokey.

little does she know that big brother gave me the best training i could have ever asked for and i’m well conditioned and ready for her season of pitching fits and being all sorts of two years old…and then three.

bring it, my sweet little lucy.  i’ve got this.

she walks around the house taking things and placing them where ever her little heart delights.  so, i decided to take note of all the random findings and this is what i found throughout the course of one full day.

in my diaper bag:  one flip flop, nathan’s dirty underwear, one leggo, a hardened play-doh wad, and our television remote control.

i found another wad of play-doh in the potty-a bright orange one to be exact.  and a miniature dinosaur figurine in my nike’s.  ouch!

oh, and my frying pan was in her crib.  now how she managed to get that one past me has me totally baffled.

switching gears so go with me.  i had just slaved over a nice, cold, home-cooked bowl of cereal for the kids for breakfast.  i run off to my bedroom to get dressed for the gym while they eat.  i hear “help me” coming from lucy.  i run down the hall in my sports bra and workout shorts to make sure she wasn’t trying to climb out of her high chair (which she loves to do) and nathan catches a glimpse at me and states “why is you belly getting so big, mommy?”

i happily confirm with a smile “mommy’s belly is growing because our baby is in there…remember?”

his smile had me over-joyed at the very thought that his little mind was processing what my body was doing this time around.

he says “it’s going to get SOOOOO big…(looks pretty confused at his next thought)…and bust out of you belly?!”

and this is the part where he has the whole process figured out.  he is certain that this baby will, in fact, be busting out of my stomach.

“that’s right, bubs…the baby is going to bust out of my belly and we get to keep it forever.”

little does he know that since i’m a cesarean victim, that is exactly what will be going down.  or something of that nature.

lucy is so funny lately with some of her little shenanigans.  she absolutely, one hundred percent, without a doubt, knows that she is uh-dor-uh-ble.  she does this new little thing that makes me just crazy-crazy-crazy for her.  when i am talking, in general-to someone else, she chooses to repeat a word that she hears in the sentence that perhaps is new to her.  she just blurts it out.  as she’s blurting, she pauses with a mischievous grin that is begging to be noticed.  when she is positive that all eyes are on her, she repeats her new word- over and over.

then she waits for the crowd pleasing “yay’s”, “good job’s”, and “you”re awesome’s”.  and then, she is satisfied.  a few of her blurt outs have been “intentions (ten-ten-tons)”, “clorox (core-oss)”, and “remember (beem-ber)”.

little does she know that at that very moment, she can get away with just about any rule we hold in this house without any form of discipline.  you heard me right…if she walks up to me and spits right in my face, i’ll drop all charges.  she’s that good, y’all.

i am so thankful that this week slowed down so that i could really catch all these sweet moments, random lucy findings, and extra helpings of ice cream.

it’s fun to go here, go there, do this, and do that.  i’m a huge fan of it, actually.  but, it’s the smallish moments that mean the whole wide world to me.  moments like finding bright orange wads of play-doh in the potty, or frying pans in the crib-while taking in a giant smile that you might not have enjoyed as much in the midst of hustle and bustle.  or being present while nathan’s little mind grasps the most amazing gift-a new life.

yeah, those are the moments that deliver. 

well, those moments…along with these:

pause button please!

how did i forget to mention that this momma got a new set of wheels this week.  i’ve got two words for ya: MINI…VAN.

i’ve got two more words for ya:  LOVE…IT!!

and so do they!!

plenty of room for more babies.  as in ONE more baby.
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  • Anonymous

    You are so intersting and amazing!!! you did not get that from your mom!!!! just glad you are blessed!!!

  • christy

    i might not have got my writing skills from you, mom, but if there be anything amazing about me…you better believe that i gained it from you. you are so awesome that i can't hardly stand it sometimes. so, there!! take that. your previous comment had me itching to clarify all this for you. i love you like crazyness.

  • Amy Orris

    To Christy's mom u had to do a amazing job to have a daughter like Christy, she is just one of those authors that u just start reading and don't want to stop. I love waiting for "the next chapter". After reading their adventures I always wish I had a "rewind button" to push to do things differently.Her children will always remember those fun times. Blessings, Amy Orris

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