Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. -Martin Luther King.

on monday, our nation took observance to a very deserving man.  i am not proud of the ignorance of our nation in the past-the hatred, the foulness of injustice that went on.  i have always loved the mentioned quote.  hatred wasn’t driving out hate. no, it was only bringing up more of the same kind.  it wasn’t until someone was willing to risk their life-who was solely driven out of determination and love.

way to go, america, for shutting down schools, banks, and other businesses to remember and honor such a fighter.  rest in peace, MLK.

it’s really hard to think about the segregation that took place.  it blows my mind that someone with a darker pigment on their skin was considered any less of a human than a white man.

i like to look at how far we have come as a nation since the civil rights movement.  i’m going to make an extremely optimistic and far-fetched conclusion…but, i truly believe that racism will fade into the abyss of the dreaded past and equality will be the new trend.  real equality.  not just because it’s in our constitution.  but mentalities will change.  hearts will open and people really will not see color any further than what it is.  just a different pigment.

this particular topic was stirred up in me on monday, martin luther’s observance day.  i went by and scooped up four kids from a sweet friend who just had a baby to let her rest while we played at a park.  while i was watching my babies play tag and laugh continually with these children, i marveled in the irony of the color of their skin.  my babies were white, and the other four babies were black.  it wasn’t until nathan proclaimed “tj is my best friend”, that i smiled so hard that it brought me to tears.  my boy hasn’t been tainted and filled with nonsense that tj is any different than him.  because he clearly is not.

i can’t imagine my life without these precious kids in it.  i can’t imagine them not being our equal.  i hate to think that they were once perceived as unsanitary.  i grit my teeth and shake my head at the very thought of such ignorance.  

i am soooo not sorry for going there!!!

oh, and girlfriend thinks that those bucket swings with leg holes are for babies.

sister graduated.

pause button please!!


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